kitty companiona

kitty companiona

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

This is a Test

Can you find the cats in this video???
No that's not the test!

I took the video off because it just was not working!
Guess more research is in order.
I knew it was too easy to be true!
Will have to try again at a later date!

I've never done this before.  Obviously (duh!) the camera needs to be oriented on the horizontal.

But what I would like feedback about is how long it takes to load when you click on my blog.  If it takes forever, I won't be doing this!

Does the video work on your browser???

Thanks for any input you leave!!!


  1. I think I see 4 cats? lol! Took same amount of time to load your blog as without the video there. I am at work now using Firefox as a browser on an iMac with Verizon internet service.

  2. Loads just fine Pat! Looks like we're in for some cool vids of the kids! Yay!
    Cathy G

  3. loaded right up - but it was over by the time i turned my laptop to watch! You going to GS This week? I'm planning on it!

  4. Loaded superdooper fast, worked great! I wanna see some of Zip playin the banjo!!

  5. Hi Pat
    No problem this end, video played quickly. I use firefox browser.
    Just got a nasty crick in my neck though. lol
    Lets have lots more please

  6. HI PAT . . . video loaded very fast and I did see the cats. . . . good job!

  7. Hi Pat, your blog loaded as it always does and the video played instantly without any let's see more!

    PS - If you have Windows Live Movie Maker you can rotate your video and edit it with music, captions etc :-)

  8. Could not see the video on Google Chrome. :(

  9. I reloaded it and it seems to be working again.
    But maybe this wasn't such a good idea. If it's going to be a P-in-the-A, I don't want to deal with it!
    Technology! YUCK!!!

  10. Pat , it was the quickest video I ever saw and I didn't even got a kink in my neck. lol... The cats were cooperating the best they could sideway and did a marvelous job.

    Keep on trying. I applaud your efforts for trying and you for getting the cats in a video on your blog and I look forward to more. PLease don't give up. Practice makes perfect and you can practice on us all you want. You are smarter than me for trying. Big Hugs, JB


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