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kitty companiona

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Project Optimism!

I think I'm going nuts!!!  There are so many things I want to do right now!

Between sweater projects, while waiting for my yarn to arrive from Knit Picks, I finished this beret.  I used Paton's silk bamboo yarn. It's sooo soft and wonderful to work with, but slightly pricey.  I wish I could afford to make a whole sweater from it.

So that's my ONE finished project.
Now for the MANY that I want to work on in the next few weeks.

Proposed Project #1
First is The Doll!  I've been following a blog by an artist and dollmaker from Maine named Dixie Redmond. For the past five years she has been documenting and studying Izannah Walker dolls.  Ms. Walker was a dollmaker in the mid-eighteen hundreds and made the most delightful folk art dolls.
You can check out originals and dolls made by Dixie's students here

Recently Dixie has published an e-book detailing her research for making a representation of an Izannah doll.  Of course, I had to purchase one!  And yesterday we went to Michael's and collected all the supplies for sculpting and painting.

Way back in my creating history, I made reproductions of antique porcelain dolls.  This endeavor required hundreds of plaster molds, jars of liquid porcelain slip, a kiln, wigs, eyes, shoes, fabric for dresses and scads of other supplies too numerous to mention.  The molds and kiln are still cluttering up the basement and the rest of the stuff is taking up space in the attic.
But I still love old dolls!!!  So here I go again!

Proposed project #2
The Braids cardigan by Deb Gimmell at Cabin Fever.

I love her designs because they are knit all in one piece and there are no seams.  A knit along for this cardigan will begin on Nov. 7 on Ravelry and I'm gonna do it!

Proposed Project #3
Start a rug!
Since I missed Halloween and Thanksgiving is fast approaching, I thought that going straight for Christmas would be the best idea.

Better transfer the pattern to backing.  Is there hope of finishing by Dec. 24th?

Proposed Project #4
For quite a while I've been wanting to make a tailored jacket from a Connie Crawford pattern (Butterick).  In fact I have FOUR different pieces of fabric set aside for this purpose!  I think I'll start with this herringbone twill.

It has a nice winter look.

That's it!  Project Optimism!  Ha-ha!  Maybe two out of four???
Oooops!  No time for housework!  He-he!

Deiter will have plenty of opportunity to sit by my side while I work.  And chew the cord on the camera.

I love these big fat furry paws!!!

Have a great week!


  1. Deiter is the King of the Kitties! lol! The hat you knit looks so soft! I'll be checking out that doll website... haven't tried paperclay yet. I know your hooked rug and sweater will be mahvelous when completed! Happy creating!

  2. Hi my dear friend, I'm back in business and I've been going through 169 email backlog and just want you to know that everything is working fine now. I don't have time to read your blog post just now but I'll return. It feels like I just got released from prison.ha, ha. Hugs. JB

  3. If anyone can get all that done - you can! Especially with Deiter there cheering your on! Is is a gorgeous hunk (of fur!) Love your hat! you do such wonderful work

  4. Love your new rug pattern. Get hooking honey. I want to see your color choices!

  5. Wow, you've said it now, we'll all be waiting for the results you know.
    I like the look of that fabric for the jacket.
    Lovely Paws........

  6. Had to smile at Deiter daughter has lost so many headphones due to felines nibbling through the wires.
    When I have lots of projects that I want to do, I get stressed that I cant do them all at the same time ....then I flit from idea to idea ...and dont do any of them ...and get more stressed ...maybe I need to list them as I think about them ...and try to do atleast a
    I love your Xmas rug pattern ...cant wait to see it worked.xx.
    Btw ...your mum looks so good for her age ...would never have guessed correctly.

  7. Forgot to say the hat ...I can so see you in it.

  8. I love your knitting, wow, such energy, if only you could bottle it and use it for fuel to warm your house! Teasing, I think if anyone can accomplish all those projects, it would be you! You are very talented, and creative. I hope to see your doll when completed. i love those style of dolls!

  9. Pat ~
    You are a woman of SO MANY talents. Your new rug pattern is too cute. I am anxious to see your doll. I hope you take lots of pics to share the process with us. Pretty please!!!
    Love the Deiter pics!!!
    Hugs :)

  10. First of all Pat, I want to thank you for wanting to help me get my blog back. It was so very sweet of you.

    I LOVE that beautiful knitted hat. I does look so soft and feminine. I love the little tassel on the top. You sure are not bored now and it's good to see you so interested in so many projects. Winter will go by real fast for you.

    Years ago I wanted to take up making porcelain dolls but being too busy with my own ceramic shop, I thought that I would get into it when I would retire but of course lost interest and like you I have so many things I want to do, I can't do it all. So far, I think that blogging brings me a lot of joy.

    Sorry, my comments are always too long. Hugs, JB

  11. Deiter rules and I love his sweet paws! That knitted hat you made is too cute I tell ya. I can see that you are a very talented gal. Enjoy and give your furry companion a big hug for me!

  12. phew I am tired just reading this.

  13. Wonderful hat Pat, it will keep you cozy this winter! My gosh so many projects, I guess you don't like idle hands. Speaking of hands, Dieter's paws are adorable like a big polar bear :-)

  14. You are going to be a busy lady!! i'm anxious to see your progress with the Walker Doll. I'm going to check out dixie's site!

  15. Pat,
    That hat is awesome! My you sound like me! Ideas and projects lined up forever! You at least get started on yours! LOL! I know you will have the rug done before Christmas!! Cute pattern!
    Can't wait to see your doll creation! It looks complicated to me..... but I know everything you do is to perfection and I marvel at how you aren't afraid to tackle anything! You are my inspiration!
    Wish I had a little helper like Dieter! He's the best!
    Cathy G

  16. You have such nice projects lined up! I would like to see that Christmas rug when it's finished! Cute!

  17. Hi Pat ...TY for the prayers and good wishes you sent my way ....I hope I can get up to Grant Street in Dec. ....
    that knitted hat is so pretty ! you really have a talent!
    love Nettie

  18. Pat,
    I sure do admire you!!!! Your hat is lovely!!!! What are kind of yarn are you knitting your sweater?

    I can't wait to see your doll. I had not idea you are a doll maker too.

    Love the pictures of Deiter. Did I ever tell you Bill has some cousins with the last name Deiter?

    I love the santa riding the chicken. How clever!

    Barb F.
    (only way I can post a comment)


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