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kitty companiona

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Stash

Sometimes cats are behaviorally so much like humans it's scary.

I've been getting ready to whip the edge of my little Amish mat.  I was sure I had a little ball of brown yarn left from another rug but have looked everywhere and couldn't find it.  No great surprise in my messy house!
So Kami had a skein of brownish variegated yarn that she donated to the cause.

I was saving this project to take along to the Blue and Gray hook-in on Monday.

On Sunday I noticed Reggie in the bathroom playing with SOMETHING, running and jumping and thrashing around with something BROWN.  Would you believe it was the long-lost little ball of yarn???

It had been months since I had last seen this ball of yarn, but suddenly it was out in the open and being played with. 
Which brings me to The Stash. 
Cats, like so many of us, have their stashes.  They are hidden away where we don't often look, behind cupboards, in the back of the closet, under furniture where only they can go.  We give them toys and think they've lost them when we no longer see them, but they KNOW where they are!  My first cat, Woody used to have food stashes.  His favorite was a partial pack of saltines that he kept under the kitchen cabinet and when I wouldn't give him something he wanted, he'd go eat from his stash.  There are stashes of toy mousies under Zip's desk and an oak cupboard in the living room.

But darn it!  I wish they wouldn't appropriate things from MY stash!

Here they are helping me finish the edge.  Weighting it down counts, right???  Adding a little extra fiber is a good thing???

Extra fiber!

Double kitty weights!

Izzy daydreaming of the next project.

Stealing the yarn, again!

The innocent Penny.

The mat is finished.
I took pictures with different color settings on my camera.  The differences are amazing and NONE of them are accurate as my eyes see the color.  What to do???

The pictures I took at the Blue and Gray hook-in seem to have more realistic color.

Our featured rug artist this month was Lina W.  Here is a sampling of her work.

This is Doris's lovely Adam and Eve rug.  It's all finished except for binding the edge.

I didn't get to the hook-in until late.  Things at home conspired against my best efforts.  But it was a good time with a nice crowd of ladies attending.

I'm happy to report that the thyroid medication seems to be working.  I have more energy!  Things are getting done without so many 'tired' days where I'm totally nonfunctional.  With the days getting longer and the cold weather easing up a bit, I feel like there's a light at the end of the tunnel.

Onward to Spring!


  1. Ah Pat - too funny about Reggie - love all the kitty pics - aren't they funny - we always joke they have a bachelor pad in the overhanging ceiling - we can only image what's in their stash up there! Great rug pics too! Are you going to Grant St tomorrow - Hope so and hope to see you!

  2. Pat, I love the kitty pics. I told you that Reggie was a star! I'm glad you got pics of Lina's rugs that I missed. She put on a great show. I had no idea you took a pic of A&E - thank you. I think I finally have figured oout what Richard did to my computer so I can add pics again - whew! Kiss all of the kitties!

  3. Great rug pics! And pics of the kitties are always enjoyable... I'm thinkin' Reggie is my fave! ;-) I can't get good pics of rugs in the house either. I usually take them outside on a cloudy day and take the pic in the shade. Even then, sometimes it picks up a contrast that my eyes don't see... Glad you are feeling better! Friday will be 60! yay!

  4. Your posts are always so newsy I don't even know where to start with my comment!

    I guess first and foremost I just LOVED your story about Woody's stash of saltines, it gave me a very good laugh (out loud by myself) on a particularly crummy day!!!

    I think your Amish couple turned out very nicely regardless of the differing hues of the photos. Your friend Lina's rugs are breathtaking, I especially like the swan, tulips and squirrel.

    Good news about the thyroid meds, glad they are helping you! I'm fantasizing about spring too :-)

  5. Wow Pat!
    More gorgeous rugs! Your photos of them are really nice! The coloring seems accurate. When you photograph your rugs at home are you near a window? Get some natural lighting on them but not direct bright sun.... make any sense?
    Those kitties! I never new cats would hoard things like that! They are truly more like us than we know! LOL Love the photos!
    Glad the thyroid meds are helping. Sometimes it takes quite some time before they kick in and then time for the body to regulate itself...... and sometimes ( like in my case...... seems like it's always a little off! Or is it just me?!)
    Enjoy these nice days..... almost 50 here today but sounds like possibly more snow early next week :-(
    Cathy G

  6. Funny cat antics!! Your rug came out great. I just love the pattern. Glad to hear the thyroid meds are back on track. I, too, have issues with the thyroid and last year they were way off. It's always a bit of an adjustment, as they never quite settle completely!
    Enjoy your week!

  7. If you ever need more help with a ball of yarn let me know!

  8. Your kitties are just too funny. Little yarn thief. Millie likes to hide some French fries when she gets treats slipped under the table. Before I got a much higher bed, I sometimes found a cold wet fry under my pillow! Blechh.
    The photos of the Amish rug look like 3 different rugs. It is beautiful.

  9. funny to hear about the furry one's stashes.. I bet you could be surprised at any time not knowing what you will find!
    Your Amish rug looks great Pat, no matter what lighting. Your hooking is always so neat!
    Glad to hear that your thyroid medicine is kicking in. I'm still waiting :(. But I know it will happen. I'll just wait some more!
    Sure hope to see you at the hook in tomorrow :)

  10. Pat ~
    What great kitty pictures. Furbabies sure steal your heart, don't they?
    Thanks for sharing more of Lina's rugs and especially for showing Doris' A & E. It is beautiful.
    Glad your meds are kicking in and you are feeling better. Hopefully spring will be here soon (that groundhog better be right!) and we all can feel a little more alive.
    Hugs :)

  11. Funny kitties! I love all the rugs and it inspired me with color.

  12. Pat-- I love your kitties!! I am partial to calicos! Our Tortie is a "stasher"--we occaisonally stumble on the new location and are amazed by what she hoards.

    The rugs are gorgeous--i want the one with the raccoon!!

    I can't wait to see Doris's in real life!

  13. Wonderful photos!! I love the Amish couple mat.

  14. Pat, your furry feline pictures always tell a great story.
    It looks like your beautiful finished Amish rug has been fully inspected and claimed by one of the cats.

    Your group is always working on gorgeous rugs.
    My mom had difficulty getting her thyroid med adjusted but felt so much more energetic after she found the right dose.

    I'm still in Ottawa and don't get on the computer for very long and I'm returning home on Monday the 21. JB

  15. What a wonderful post this time! And thanks for the many beautiful pictures. Wool Love. I totally agree about the camera situation. I cannot photo green!!! I even try to photoshop it to make it close, but it won't!!! I've tried natural light, incandescent, light box~nothing!! One thing I did notice lately is that my new Iphone takes the colors the best!!! Just in the living room with natural light. Might try that if you have one.

  16. Kitty pictures are so cute and along with there adventures.

    The Amish couple is so nice!!!! As are the other rugs.

    Glad your meds are working!!

    Fingures crossed for warmer weather!!


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