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kitty companiona

Thursday, February 24, 2011

It's Baaaa-aaack!

Last week we had a few warm days in the 50's and once even up to 60 degrees.  The snow had melted and there was a green tint in the dry brown grass.  Spring is coming!

Well, here we are with snow.  AGAIN!  And temps down into the single digits at night.  I guess the good news is that it is supposed to get gradually warmer through the end of the week.  Maybe this white stuff won't last long.

Meanwhile I've been waiting very impatiently for yarn and books to come in the mail. 

I'm not sure what has possessed me.  I signed up for an online rug hooking challenge on Rug Hooking Daily in January and have the idea drawn on paper with it almost the way I want it, but am not moving along too fast on that.  Then I joined a sweater knitting group on Ravelry that was initiated by Julie on the Knitting at Large blog.  It's a really lovely cardigan that can be seen by accessing the blog on my sidebar.

Plus I have lots of sewing to do for Brad and Kami.

I'm not sure why I'm piling up so many 'to do' projects.  Sounds like a good formula for lots of UFO's!  And I doubt if I'll have time for housework.  Since I have all this fun stay-at-home stuff lined up, I needed audio books to listen to (and drown out the constant strumming on the guitar!) so I can concentrate.  I've been wanting for a long time to show pictures of our local library.  I love this place!  Shippensburg is so lucky to have this lovely old building for it's library. 

For me, a new modern library just would not have the same appeal.  This is the side entrance hall leading to the desk.

The main reading room, with computers available for public use.

It's so comforting to sit and read by the fireplace.  A friend of mine holds her Thursday evening knitting group in this room.

Cumberland County has an excellent library system with a user-friendly online system for ordering books from anywhere in the area.  If the local library doesn't have what you need, you can order from any library in the county and have it delivered to your local one.  They encourage educational programs for both adults and children.  The South Cumberland Fiber Guild meets here for their spinning and fiber-related meetings.  Most days the parking lot is full.
For a small-town library, this one is very well used!

Plans are being made to expand the library (and hopefully the parking lot!).  I just hope they don't build on too much of this lovely area behind the building. 

It doesn't show on the picture, but there is a stone patio with seating available in summer for outdoor reading.  The lovely little Branch Creek runs alongside the building.

OK, that's the mini-tour!

My box of yarn has arrived.  Time to knit up a swatch to see if I can get the correct gauge for the sweater.

Hmmmm!  Did I mention that my yarn is the same color as a cardboard box?  LOL! 

Meanwhile the kitties have a few yarn projects of their own.

That blur at the top left is Reggie, wrestling a ball of yarn into submission.  He must have been measuring something, because there's my tape measure!  They love twisting the yarn around the legs of the chair and ironing board.  It's that much more exciting!  Check the tops of the chair legs- that is the Official Scratching Chair.  They don't have a scratching post like most cats.  About ten years ago, someone started using the chair and it has been the scratching place ever since.  Cats make their own decisions!

Guess I better start knitting.
Have a great weekend!


  1. the library is lovely. and you have certainly lined yourself up with projects so you can tuck in untill spring really comes.
    stay warm

  2. Pat, I love the library and so many books! Our library is a new modern building but they forgot to buy books. Here it seems to be all about lovely building, forget the reason! You are going to be one busy girl. I am watching Julie's blog - the sweaters are lovely - I know you will do a good job.

  3. Wow Pat,
    You have many projects lined up. Sounds like cabin fever to me! ;) Look forward to seeing the progress. I'm still trying to finish a second mitten! Your library is lovely. I grew up in an old town and George Washington actually slept in the building that became the library. I love historic places. Happy knitting!

  4. Oh, I love that old building. So much charm and character. New buildings are just not the same.
    Your cat adventures crack me up. I suppose you never know what you will find around each corner. They seem to be quite devilish!
    I know it must be sad to see the snow cover again, but to make you feel better.....we still have at least 3 1/2 feet depth on the ground. The tiny melt we had last week was quickly replaced by another small snowfall.
    I feel like a friggin eskimo!

  5. Hi Pat, I love your Library, we used to have one like that attached to the Brighton Pavilion in a really old building, (I believe you visited once) and then they decided that we needed a nice new shiny modern one. WRONG..... The new one is horrid, all glass and elevators, so bland and cold. I loved the old one.

    We have several scratching posts dotted about the place but that doesn't stop them all using the sofa and any other surface that takes their fancy.

    Phew, you sound as though you are going to be a bit bogged down for a while with all those projects. Here's wishing you luck.

  6. Pat,
    Your Library is a treasure. A friend of ours is studying library science at the Univ. in Madison WI and was telling us how everything is going so digital. The books are slowly disappearing! It's a horrible thought! Fight to preserve what you have there! They tore down a lovely old Carnegie here quite a few years ago and moved our Library into an old remodeled building on main street.
    The package of yarn you received in the mail will be well received by the children too I think!
    Hang in there....... the white stuff will be making it's exit one of these March days....... or April for sure!!
    Cathy G

  7. ohhh wish I had a library like that to go to, how lovely! Love the cat and yarn photo. I have an ironing board just like that!
    Have a great day,

  8. Cathy, I know what you mean! I was sooo upset when they took away the card catalog! Not so much for myself, but for older people who are not computer literate and would now have to deal with the machine. I was afraid it would deter them from even trying! And more and more I see notations on new books that say 'electronic resource' instead of BOOK or CD. What the heck is that??? I don't want to read a book from my computer screen!!! Or have to download to an ipod!!!
    We're already too dependent on technology!

  9. I am worn out just reading about all of your upcoming projects. LOL. but maybe this will inspire me to get moving on my own ufo's.

  10. Your library is wonderful!!!
    It's awesome you've trained your cats to organize your yarn the way they do (LOL)

  11. Lovely old building for a library. Nice yarn but I hope that you will do the Grandmother 's trunk challenge. I just started my drawing last evening and all I need to do is transfer my drawing to the backing and dye some yarn and start hooking. I know that I'll never have time to finish it but I'll have something to show unfinished. I just hope that I can execute my plan.

    You are lucky that your kitties allows you to stay in the house as they seem to have claimed it as their own. They are too cute.

    We are expecting another 10 inches of snow overnight and I'm going to the next town for a n overnight meeting and banquet and will be away from my computer until sometime tomorrow. Stay safe and warm. Blessings, JB

  12. Pat ~
    What a gorgeous library. Hopefully everyone appreciates the treasure that it is!
    You are going to be one busy girl. Keep us posted on your progress.
    Hugs to the furbabies :)

  13. Hi Pat! Your library is beautiful, nothing like sitting beside a nice fire with a good book :-)

    I think it's perfectly reasonable to want to knit and hook rather than housework!!!

  14. I love your library and mine too. Of course its so much smaller but like yours the parking lot is always full. We can order books on the internet and pick them up when we get there. I have a Zen Stone, small MP3 player from Wal Mart that I can down load books right from Dauphin County's website. I see Cumberland County can do that to.

    Hopefully the rain we're suppose to get tonight will wash the snow away.

    Hope you get all your projects done,

  15. Hi Pat.... Your library is so beautiful. I can see myself sitting in front of the fireplace reading some great books... My are you going to be a busy lady, taking on all those projects is really ambitious.... We are expecting bad weather the next couple of days, so that will give you some time to get started, I know you will get everything accomplished you put your mind to... Hope to see you soon.

  16. Very inviting library! I would love to sit by that fireplace and read or crochet..... or nap! lol! We're getting a boatload of rain here in NJ... hopefully it will wash away all the snow... have a great day!

  17. It is a sweet library Pat. When I moved here and took the kids in, I was amazed at how quaint it was. AND tiny compared the enormous one in NJ. Fits so well in this town.
    You are setting yourself up for some major hand work!! Sure hope you share pictures as you go along, look forward to seeing them all..

  18. Hi Pat! I was out your way for a couple of days - hoping you would show up yesterday! Your library is wonderful - looks so peaceful! Wonder what Reggie was measuring - probably some trap for the others! They do have minds of their own don't they - right now I'm getting the "cold paw" from being away! You amaze me all the projects you take on!

  19. Pat....What a wonderful old building for a library! Isn't it sad when they start tearing them down to build something new? Not even the same feel,look,etc...If the building could talk huh? Oh my on the projects you have! I need some of your energy...Love your photos!!!


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