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kitty companiona

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Much-Needed Day Out

Yesterday I ventured to Chambersburg for the meeting of the Cumberland Valley Hookers.  We had a room full of ladies, even a few new recruits.  I think everyone wanted to have a nice day out before the Big Storm arrived.

I'm just going to show the pictures and let you enjoy.

I took my Amish Couple project, but with talking and catching up on what everyone else was doing, I didn't get much done.  I hook so much better when I'm home by myself with an audio book. 

This morning I did get some hooking done.  What else can you do (housework, I think NOT!) when it looks like this outside?

I was getting nervous about running out of colors because I'm using up little pieces of 'stuff' in my stash.

There was just enough to do the sawtooth edge if I was careful with the placement of a few of the colors.  I'm still debating the border.  Are they at the 'used buggy dealership'???  Used car lots always have those colorful little flags decorating the the place.  Hmmmm!

What I was trying for was a quilt-like border, but I don't think it turned out that way.
I'm going to put a 3/4 inch border of black on the outside yet.

Meanwhile the kitties are up to their usual mischief.

They have modified their fountain.  We had this for a few months and it was a good investment for both drinking and entertainment.  Sometimes they take baths here.  Once in a while mousie takes a swim.  Or are they trying to drown him?  But there was something about this cap that fit on the top and controlled the water flow that needed to be 'fixed'.

See, Mom!  It works so much better since we removed it!

I can't even wash the thing without them all hovering around the kitchen sink watching and waiting for it to be put back on the floor.

Here they are in the trash can.  They love to play in it after being emptied and a new bag was put in.  Penny's headlights are ON!

 Innocent-looking Isabell is the little hoarder of stolen goods.  On second thought, she does have a certain look in her eyes.

She was seen running through the kitchen with this in her mouth!

When Zip yelled at her, she promptly scooted under a cupboard where he couldn't reach her or the socket.  Planning a destruction project, Izzy?

Penny is helping me at the computer.

This is a little smile of satisfaction because she knows I can't do a darn thing with her sitting on the keyboard.

Hope the Big Storm does not cause you too much inconvenience or extra work.
If at all possible, stay home and hook!


  1. I love looking at the nice rug projects that everyone is working at but I like what you did to your Amish couple rug. It looks really nice.

    I'm still at my daughter and I don't get much computer time. I can never get through all my emails,RHD and Blogger and only do what I can.

    The baby takes a lot of care and cuts in into our sleep time too. everyone is tired. JB

  2. Ah what great pics again! Too funny about the water fountain! Ours is used as a foot bath a lot- Maybe Isabell needed that socket to fix the fountain????? So happy you got out even though it was cold - now you best come to Grant Street next time I come out (which will be when i wonder?) Love seeing the pics of all the rugs = I think yours is looking great!

  3. Pat,
    Your pictures of your group hooking are worth thousands of words! It is comforting to see others hooking! I am noticing the varieties of frames being used. Frames are on my mind as I decide what to use for my class. I think I have it figured out..... have lost a few nights sleep over it... !!
    The fur brigade is keeping busy these snowy winter days I see! You must wonder what they will decide to entertain with next LOL!! Just too precious and too cute! I wouldn't get a thing done for watching and playing with them all day! Looks like you may be doing a bit of dyeing in coming days too!
    I really like the border on the Amish couple rug. The colors are great!
    How are you coming on Sunnie's challenge rug? I opted out this time for fear I wouldn't have time because of this class thing. I miss being in the group! It was so much fun last time!
    Stay warm and safe! Feb. already!!
    Cathy G

  4. I think the sawtooth edge looks great...not like a used buggy dealership at all! The whole rug is coming out nicely. The cats are a riot. My Corgi would love to herd them up!
    Stay warm and happy hooking!

  5. Good for you for getting out to the hook in Pat! The pictures are great! Love your rug too, and I just had a thought. for the border, what if you took just one color and filled in the other half of the triangle? Would mean some ripping for you, but I thought it would make it look more like a quilt patch with 2 triangles instead of 1. am I making sense or has my cold got the better of me lol? anyway, just a thought. Love the colors of the worms you used for the border!!

  6. Love all the pics!! I like the triangles bordering the Amish couple. And I LOVE your wastebasket! What a cute idea and why didn't I think of that!!
    Stay safe and warm!

  7. I love the border! And I love those cats !~ they are so fun and really good entertainment, aren't they?

  8. Hi Pat
    Do hope the storm isn't too bad for you, looks like you've got the bad weather over there now.
    I think the black background will set the Amish couple off real nice and your ladies looks so relaxed doing their hooking.
    Funny how you mention Izzy running away with the socket.
    Rupert picked up a pin, one with the pearl head, and ran down stairs with it in his mouth, I was frantic and ran after him yelling to Tom to get him, fortunately he then dropped it but he is such a dim wit I was worried it would stick in his mouth.
    They must be worse than the kids .lol

  9. Pat I laughed at your "used buggy dealership" crack...I don't think it looks like that but I do get the reference! I'm glad you got out and about before the big storm, Toronto is supposed to get slammed with snow overnight, I'm secretly hoping that I won't have to go to work tomorrow and can enjoy the day safe and warm inside with cats!

    Love the kitty pics you posted, yes Penny is looking quite smug :-) Isabell is so funny making off with the wrench socket, what a character.

  10. I really like your Amish couple and I think the border works. But I did get a good laugh over the Used Buggy Dealership!
    The cat in the garbage can is a hoot too. I really would like to know what Izzy was planning to do with the socket.

  11. Pat ~
    Unfortunately tomorrow I can't stay home and hook. We have been getting freezing rain for hours and since I work in the Street Department, the department that does the snow plowing and salting, I must be at work at 7am and I know we will be working late again!!! I'm sure we will get even more complaints than we had today, but hey, I have a job and for that I am thankful!!!
    Stay warm and keep on hookin'!
    Great kitty pix, especially in the trash can!
    Hugs :)

  12. If it weren't for this pesky job thing... I hope to take a Thursday off and join y'all in Chambersburg (I'm 15 miles south of Hagerstown)
    I love the sawtooth border!! It looks quilt-ish!
    Your cats (I'm partial to calicos) are adorable. I need to look into that fountain thing cuz they LOVE running water.
    Our Callie (a tortie) likes to hoard stuff in her secret stashes. I swear she's a magpie. Sometimes we find a stash and it's like--OH--so THAT"S what happened to that pen/earring/whatever!

  13. Wow, you sure do have a lot of talented women in your group.

    Amish buggy dealership - why not they have to buy their buggies somewhere. Now that you mentioned it the border does look like a quilt.

    Keep warm. Bad stuff has passed but now we have such strong winds.

  14. Hi Pat glad you ventured out to a hook in ,hope to see you too when Joanne and I come to Grant Street the next time....your amish rug is looking great ,love the colors and the triangles it really works great together...still didn't start my new project....Keep warm ,they want 15 degrees tonight in Barto brrrrrr!

  15. Your design is outstanding and I love your color combinations!

  16. Dear Pat, Deiter and the gang,

    What a wonderful photographic journey you present us with. We think that it is a wonderful way to pass the time among friends. Of course we agree that it can also be distracting when one is busy taking pictures and talking with the other women there. As much as we like company, there is nothing better than 'good old home' with an audio book.

    We were thinking about the border and feel that black would be too much dark. The colours in general are towards the dark side and of course we are not suggesting going with anything bright, but either one of the lighter rusty tones that you are already using in the rug or even a gray.

    The antics your lovely creatures are getting themselves into makes us smile. It reminds me when Ms K was younger and had her nose into everything. Know I mostly sleep, waking up only to eat.

    Congratulations on the award you received a few days ago. We are very happy for you.

    Warmest regards,
    Miss Kitty and Egmont

  17. I LOVE the photos you posted of all of the rugs you girls are working on! Your cats are adorable also but I am sure you know this...Isn't it wonderful to stay in regardless of the weather and rug-hook? I saw where you left a comment on my blog today...I wish you lived closer also...I feel we would have alot in common...Stay warm and cozy.....Blessings to you and your family.....


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