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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Productive In-The-Kitchen Weekend

I think I've mentioned before that there is nothing in the kitchen I find more enjoyable than baking loaves of bread.  The 'ultimate loaf' is an illusive fantasy that keeps luring me on.

I have been fascinated by the efforts of Thomas on the A Growing Tradition blog to find that same wonderful loaf that I am seeking.  He has been using several books to guide him.  Last week I ordered a few books of my own.

The Bread Bakers Apprentice is quite technical.  I hope I have the brain power to do it justice.  After reading and debating I decided to make a one-day recipe to start out. 

This is my cranberry pecan bread.  It's yummy, with a nice crust and moist interior.  It makes a superior breakfast toast. 

I think next time I will tackle one of the breads that you start and put in the fridge overnight and then do the shaping and baking the next day.  But that takes planning....

Then I decided to make a cheesecake for Kami's birthday dinner that Mom was making today.  For years I've used a Cooking Light recipe that has turned out good every time I've made it.  It's not quite as heavy and calorie-laden because you can use low fat creamcheese and some egg whites in the crust and batter.

I cooked a sauce from blueberries I had frozen during the past summer.

I'm sorry my pictures aren't the greatest.  It was very sunny in the kitchen yesterday.  I have a very small simple camera.  With the flash, things got too light and bright and without the flash they seemed dark. 

During the down time, while waiting for bread to rise and things to bake, I did some hooking.  My Amish couple is finished except for the binding.

In the natural light coming in the window.

Without the flash.

The true color is somewhere between the two. 

I'll save the binding to work on at a hook-in.

I've signed up for an online challenge on Rug Hooking Daily and also joined a few others in a knitting group at Knitting At Large.  The RHD challenge piece I won't be able to show as it progresses.  The knitting is not a secret challenge, so I can post progress.

Stay warm everyone!


  1. I love baking bread, as well. The cranberry loaf looks really good. My favorite to make is an oatmeal that is pretty easy with molasses, so it is very moist. I'll have to post the recipe on my blog soon. Your Amish couple rug came out great. I love the whole image they portray.
    Your cheesecake makes me long for a piece right now!

  2. I love bread and that looks wonderful. your rug looks great. and mmmmmmmm for cheese cake.
    have a great night

  3. Your bread and cheesecake look so yummy. I like the colors in your Amish rug as well. Great job.

  4. Gee, I wish I was closer. Two of my favorite things are the smell of fresh baked bread and cheescake!
    The Amish Couple look great. I hope the RHD challenge isn't too long because I really want to see what you are doing. :)

  5. Gosh that bread looks wonderful. My brother bakes a lot of bread, I'm not so good at it. I have never tried to make a cheese cake either.
    Oh I like the Amish couple, and I understand about the pictures, I have just a simple Kodak and I get the same things when I take pictures. But thats OK I can still see the rug is great.

  6. Pat,
    You are making my mouth water for home made bread! Your loaves are beautiful! I can imagine they taste divine!
    The Amish couple rug turned out very very nice! I love the colors. I am going to see if I can figure out some solutions to all the problems we girls are having photographing our rugs. The point and shoot camera's are not picking up the colors like they should. Photoshop is a must but there has to be something we can do! I am going to ask Dave for his expertise. I am having lots of trouble photographing mine lately too.
    Can't wait to see what your challenge rug is this time! That's a fun subject!
    Have a wonderful week baking and hooking!
    Cathy G

  7. Hi Pat, your cranberry pecan bread looks fantastic!!! I love bread; all kinds, and your cheesecake turned out beautifully. I like a recipe that doesn't require the "full fat" ingredients because frankly nobody can ever tell the difference and who needs the extra calories :-) Nice to see our Amish friends are completed!

  8. Hi Pat
    Thanks for the comment on the feather, it was hit and miss but turned out okay in the end.

    I just love the Amish couple and Mr.T wants to know if its your own pattern, ( I said I think it is, is that right )
    How big is it and what are you going to do with it?

    What about that bread, I would love to make some more bread but my digestion tells me I shouldn't, looking at your pictures makes me want to go straight into the kitchen and make some. lol

    Send some of that sunshine over here please, we are just about fed up with battle ship grey skies......

  9. Your Amish rug finished up great! Love the color plan and the simplicity of the design. I'm always in search of a good bread... though never decide to put the time aside to try and bake some. Your cranberry bread looks and sounds delicious... mmmmmm, cheesecake! :-)

  10. Hi Pat, The bread is yummy we all agree! I can almost smell it. I love the Amish couple, the border turned out great. I'm having trouble getting good pics - maybe its the time of year - this gray light is terrible.

  11. Your bread looks so yummy Pat!!! Well....... the cheescake does too! Yum!

    Love the rug! Hope to see you again sometime at the hook-in!

  12. I LOVE the amish couple!! And your bread has me drooling!! Thanks you for stopping by my blog!!! I am so excited to have joined the Antietam guild!! I'm self taught and there is just so much I want to learn now!

  13. Pat your bread reminds me of my mother's bread. When she was raising her family she made bread every day and the house always smelled of fres baked bread and we kids took it for granted. My mom made her bread until she became too ill.

    Congratulations on finishing your Amish Couple rug. It looks fantastic. JB

  14. I bet your house smells wonderful with all that bread baking! Sounds wonderful - love your rug! Were the kitties noses all going?

  15. Hi Pat.... Your Amish rug looks wonderful ... And that bread I almost can smell it through the computer mmmmmmmmmm bread is one of my trigger foods and so is Swiss cheese, once I start eating them cannot stop... I have been fighting an infection for about two weeks now, thought it was my tooth, but now I think it is my sinuses either the dentist or Dr. better make up their mind. Have a great day! And best wishes for!

  16. Do not ask me what that ( for ) is at the end of best wishes... I am just a little loopy with my medication "-)


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