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kitty companiona

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

WOW! It's Raining!

We are getting torrential rain!  It started yesterday and this morning is even worse.  From the weather map, it looks like the storm will be over this afternoon.  If this had been SNOW, we would be buried under about three feet of white.

On Monday I went to the Cumberland Valley hook-in.  We had a nice sized group.  I guess everyone was glad to get out and hook after all the Thanksgiving festivities.  I know I was!  Currently I don't have any hooking I'm working on.  It was nice to see what everyone else was doing, even though.

Ann is hooking this cute kitty.

Marian is working on her sun, moon and stars.

Lots of serious hookin' goin' on!

I didn't get to see Joan's rug before she put it on the frame, but I know it will be lovely.
Ruth is working on an apple mat.

Her name escapes me.  I think this might be her second chicken rug.

Joyce showing her acorn pad.  Ann always brings jokes along for our entertainment.  I think she's contemplating which one to tell first.

Thelma was working on her kitty rug.  Isn't it beautiful!

By the end of the meeting, Ann had completed her kitty face.  Great job, Ann!

On the home front, I've finished the back and front panels of my sweater vest.  Since I knit it all in one piece, blocking it was not going to be easy.  I finally decided to wet it and lay it out on the screen insert for our front storm door.  Then I put it over the bathtub to catch the drips.  It seemed sensible in theory. 

The reality was a bit different!  The minute I had it all arranged, the heathens appeared!  They walked all over the sweater, pulled the loose ends that I planned to weave in later, and clawed at the screen.  After the little guys had gone on to better things, Deiter arrived on the scene.  Mr. Triple XL is so heavy the screen started to pull out of the frame.  You can see where it separated at the upper left corner of the photo.

The sweater was dripping wet, yet he laid there on it for HOURS!

It was still wet the next morning.  I gave up and put it in the washing machine and spun it and then into the dryer it went.  So much for blocking sweaters!  Now when I get some free time I'll sew the sides and start on the center front and shawl collar.


  1. Pat, we seem to be getting a lot of precipitation this late fall with either rain or snow here too. Wishing you better weather but like you said, it's a good thing that it didn't all come down as snow.

    I think that your cats love you so much that they just want to be part of anything you do. They are just trying to help soak up the excess water and press it with their body heat. They are really good cats. It all depends how you look at it. The cats have a different perspective than us human. The cat wins... every times. JB

  2. What a beautiful picture of Deiter. Aren't they funny,fancy sitting on the wet.
    Its very snowy here and freezing cold, so what did Rupert and Rowan do, go out and sit in the snow on the garage roof, they stayed there even when it was snowing, I think they don't feel the cold so much as they have the longer fur. The shorter haired one's stayed tucked up in doors.
    I really hate this awful weather, so boring and dark, but then I don't like it in the summer when its boiling hot, there's just no pleasing me. lol

  3. Oh Pat - I was laughing at your description of the screen and kitties (before I was reading that I thought wow my boys would be picking at that screen over the tub!) I know it's not funny but it is (i know you know what i mean!) Too funny with Deiter - maybe he thought he was protecting your sweater (get him some sunglasses and an earpiece to go with the "protect and serve" look) So you going to Grant St tomorrow - i'm hoping to!

  4. Oh, boy!! So much for the blocked sweater ~ hope it all works out!! I have only one crazy cat ~ thank goodness!!! Can't wait to see the sweater finish!!

  5. Hello Pat, it will be an interesting Christmas that is for sure, and I know you will be experiencing the same with three youngsters in the house.

    I think the tree will be very plain or perhaps I will add some unbreakable ornaments. It is terribly unfair to put out all these glittery playthings and then not let the cats have fun with them!

  6. hi I've stumbled onto your blog & had a read - your cats seem to have special personalities. They were very lucky to move in with you.

    Nice to meet you.

    Love Leanne

  7. Hi Pat, Dieter as usual is his regal self on the screen. I'm sure the little kids had lots of fun with your sweater! I do hope to see it finished. Thanks for the pics of Cumberland Valley - I just had to much to do to go. All of the projects look interesting. Hope to see you in Gettysburg.

  8. Ha ha, silly kitties!

    What size strip to those ladies use? It's so thin it almost looks like yarn! Very impressive detail in those rugs! I'm a wide strip girl.

  9. "The heathens" Pets are like magnets to stuff we don't want them to touch. Deiter looks like he is guarding the sweater and might take a swipe at his siblings if the go near it again. Very cute story.

  10. Hi,
    TOO funny abdout the cats! They are strange little creatures but we love them don't we?
    I love the hooked rug! I am meeting with my rug hookers Monday and can't wait.....AWWWW...girls day out.....Have a good weekend and watch them kitties! ha!

  11. Hi Pat,,,I wish I could send you some snow! Isn't it funny that we got it first and one would think PA would? Strange like you said
    on my blog...Hope you had a wonderful day today...Blessings to you...

  12. Hi Pat,
    I agree Ann's kitty faces is beautiful as is everyones work. What a bunch of talented woman!!!

    Still windy here but at least we aren't getting any snow.

    Hope Zip is doing well,


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