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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Digging Through the Past

When Brad was digging through boxes in the attic on Christmas Eve he found a quilt top that I had done back in the late 70's.  I have been wanting for years to unearth this piece and quilt it, but hadn't found it.  Maybe I just wasn't looking hard enough!

When I first started quilting, I bought a few already constructed tops and quilted them.  I also took antique blocks I found at flea markets and put sashing between them and made quilts from them.  I found that I loved applique and started making my own tops.  This was one of the last ones I did during that period.

I didn't realize it was quite so gaudy!  This was a time in my life when I was really into COLOR.  Hahaha!  Somewhere between then and now I went into my 'drab period'.  I could only get about a quarter of the quilt top in the picture without going outside and hanging it from the porch railing.  Way too cold and windy for that!  I still think I'd like to quilt this one.  There are two others that may have to be given to someone else because they are *boring*.

I used to love stitching historical samplers.  I started out in the early 80's with a kit from the Scarlet Letter.  Just last year I finished that first piece.  It's not framed yet, but some day I'll be able to show it.  I became hooked!  I bought so many leaflets and patterns, that I could not finish them all in two lifetimes!  I found original samplers at antique shows and flea markets and started charting them and selling them as kits.  I designed several of my own and marketed them at craft shows.

The Yellow House is one of my designs.

I put fake names and dates on them but explain in the labelling on the back that it is not an original sampler, as I do with all my reproductions.

This is a partial repro of an antique sampler.  It had a very long and involved verse extolling the virtues of education.  The thread count was somewhere near 45 threads per inch.  Way too fine for my eyes, so I used 32 count linen and just used the lovely design motifs and lettering in my repro.

The Anne Parry sampler is an exact copy of the original.

I just love this sampler!  It has so many amazing details.

With all the genealogy information available on the web, I should do some research to see if I can find info about some of these girls.

If there is any interest I will post more from time to time.  I have a lot!

And if I ever get my weaving website up and running, I plan to once again offer these samplers for sale as kits.  But that's a big IF and WHEN.

Maybe the past should just stay in the closet!


  1. I love the samplers and think you should quilt that top. way to much work to not finish. I love found treasures.

  2. The quilt is "bright" but I love it. It just made me happy looking at it. I went through a cross-stitch phase a few years ago. I did find a bag of semi-finished pieces a few months ago and should have taken pictures because now I don't know where I put them.

  3. Pat,
    Your talents never cease to amaze me! Our energies back when we started these projects were so new and 'bright" like our work. Bless your heart for saving and sharing those treasures. May they rekindle that fire and inspire new works or perhaps encourage your heart and hands to complete one!
    Cathy G

  4. We all have a past ~ a creative past!! Yours is unending!! The quilt top is really nice ~ I love the border ~ quilt it and let us see!! You are a wealth of knowledge ~ wish you were close by!!!

  5. I love your yellow house in the sampler! Are you aware you like Georgian architecture (a particular favourite of mine) as all the houses are similar in style. I wish I could create these amazing things like you do :-)

  6. Pat, your past is catching up to you, lol. like so many of us who still have some unfinished UFO that we put away when life got in the way. By the time you quilt that colorful quilt it will be back in fashion. Some like a lot of colors. It reminds me of the quilt I have on my frame. I started that quite a while ago and still have it on the frame but haven't touched for a long time. My sister in law gave me an old pattern and I like the green and salmon color so I decided to buy the material the same as on the pattern. The sales lady said"Oh they don't use those colors anymore. I said, I don't care, I like them and by the time I'm done it will be in fashion again and I'll be ready.

    I love your cross stitch samplers. I had to buy a pair of magnifying lenses to work on my cross stitch as I couldn't see what I was doing. JB

  7. Pat ~
    You never cease to amaze me! Your talents are unending!!! Your samplers are amazing, especially the Anne Parry. I think my days of working such a complex sampler are long gone! Please share more with us.
    Happy, Happy New Year!
    Hugs :)

  8. Wow Pat, lovely stitcheries! You have a wonderful talent. I think the past should be the beginning of your future in creating! You have the gift... Use it to the fullest.. The rewards would be great!!

  9. Oh Pat - I'm always in awe at all you do - you do have the gift for whatever you put your hands to! Love your samplers! Hey finish the quilt - colors are always in! Big hugs to a happy New Year to you and Zip and the kids!

  10. Pat it never ceases to amaze me when I see the paths that have been taken in the handwork world. Such a variety of works to get us where we are today and so many of us have found rug hooking. With me it started with knitting and gained momentum from there. With you it became such a wonderful variance of talent that all of us are in awe of your talent. Thank you for sharing the samplers - they are beautiful.

  11. Hi Pat...You are multi-talented!!! The Samplers are just beautiful....Happy New Year to you and your family....

  12. Yes, there is nothing like some youngsters around the house to keep us on our toes!!! I am very happy to be starting 2011 with a new friend. I look forward to reading more about your fur family and all the wonderful handcrafts that you do; you are so talented!

    I wish you and yours a healthy, happy 2011 filled with cats and love and creativity!!!


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