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kitty companiona

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Done! Finished!

It's been sooo cold here!  I am sitting around the house not wanting to go outside for any reason.  The temperature has been lingering around the freezing point with very blustery winds that make the wind chill down into the teens.  Even with the woodstove going strong, it's cool and drafty in the house. 

I've been bundled up in my warmest clothing.  Sometimes I even wear a scarf because my neck and ears get cold.  A good time to just sit and knit.  As a result, my sweater vest is finished.  I'm rather pleased with it.

Closeup of the collar.

It fits well and looks the way I hoped it would.

The back view.

I'll be adding these interesting buttons that I found at Joanne Fabrics.

If I ever use this pattern again, there are a few little tweaks that I would work on.  I would make the armholes a little smaller.  I fudged them by pulling them in a little with a row of single crochet.  I added some increases about two inches from the edge of the collar to make sure it was full enough to lie flat.  I'd do those increases in a way that blends them in less noticeably.  But on the whole, I like the result.

Christmas is fast approaching!  We are keeping it quiet and stress free this year.  We have a little two-foot tree that we put into an antique crock that we will be using this year.  Hopefully it will be too small for kitties to climb! 

Deiter wants to remind everyone who has kitty companions that poinsettias are poisonous to cats (and maybe dogs too?)
The plants in the picture are really attractive ARTIFICIAL ones I got on sale at Joanne Fabrics last year.

Please keep the holidays safe for your dear furry ones!


  1. Hi Pat, Deiter is so cute! Looks like she is posing for the photo....I like the vest you made by the way...I have been cold also and trying to get used to the weather! BRRR! Hard to get used to!

  2. Pat , the vest truned out beautifully. I love it and it should help to keep you warm. My only suggeston about it is to make another one! Dieter as always is so regal. I don't allow poinsetta's in the house because of Eloise. I am afraid that they are poisoness to dogs as well as kitties. I do hope that the dear little ones are doing well and getting into a lot of mischief!

  3. Congratulations on the vest finish!! Very nice!!
    I just told my husband that I need earmuffs ~ for the house ~ trying to keep the house at 70 deg. but I'm freezing!!
    I bought a poinsettia last year, forgetting about the cat ~ it wasn't in the house 5 minutes until he started chewing on it!! I had to set it up on a high cupboard ~ so high, we couldn't enjoy it! So ~ note to self ~ don't buy one this year!! I love them ~ but I love my wild cat more!!

  4. Wonderful job it looks great! you are patient to take it out and do it again.

  5. Wowie Pat! I LOVE how your vest turned out! Those buttons are awesome too! I wish I had time to pick up knitting again. I used to knit a lot of things a long time ago! You have inspired me to look around and see if I can at least FIND my knitting needles! LOL

    Hey, I'll work on trying to send you some snow before Christmas!

    I'm off to chuck a couple of logs into the wood stove!
    Cathy g

  6. Pat, you did an amazing job on your sweater vest. Maybe you better knit another one with long sleeves this time because it's gonna get a lot colder before the winter is in full swing.

    I'm sitting at the computer with a throw wrapped around my legs to keep my ankles warm. It's gets cold in the house as I'm too cheap to pay big bucks for electricity for this big open concept house.

    It stays cool in the summer but harder to heat in the winter.

    What a lovely picture of Deiter with the Poinsettias. JB

  7. Hi Pat, I think your vest looks very warm and cozy, the buttons are just beautiful and will be a nice touch!

    Bravo Deiter for reminding everyone about Poinsettias!!! I never have them in the house. Some of my other favourite flowers are also very harmful too, like lilies and hydrangea so I enjoy them at the office instead.

    Good luck with your tree, I hope the kitties leave things alone. I'm getting mine tomorrow so I'm sure to have a post about the reaction around my house. I'll be looking for yours too :-)

  8. Way to go Pat on your vest - it looks wonderful! Worth the hassle of a re-do I'd say!

    Oh that Deiter - handsome as ever!

    Was reading to put orange peels in your poinsetta plants to ward off kitties and change every few days - i still wouldn't do it though - my boys would probably still go after it!

  9. You did a great job on the vest Pat! I like the color too and those buttons will definitely add to it!

  10. I peeked ahead at the photo of Deiter before I finished reading and just about panicked. Then I saw the word artificial! Whew...
    And the vest looks lovely.

  11. The vest looks fabulous, Pat!!! I'm totally and completely in awe of anyone that can knit items that have shape! lol! So much counting, increasing and decreasing... Great find with those buttons! And, love the kitty in the pointsettia's!

  12. Vest looks so comfy and fits you to a "T". Love it!

    Just enough snow to make the roads a slippery mess. How about you?


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