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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Day....NOT according to plan

What a day!  A classic example of best laid plans sometimes going awry.

Zip and I, Brad and Kami and Mom had decided to go to the church near Brad's.  They were offering free dinners to those who couldn't afford and were accepting donations from those who could.  They asked that anyone attending make a reservation.  Kami called earlier in the week and put our names on the list.  We were scheduled to be seated at 12 noon.

When we arrived, Mom had gotten there before us.  She was in a fluster because they did not have our names on the list and told her that we could be served anyhow but would have to 'wait a while'.  Mom blamed Kami for not making the reservation.  After fifteen minutes she kept looking at her watch and complaining about how long it was taking.  The place was packed.  They were trying to accommodate special needs people first.  Brad and I suggested maybe we should go elsewhere.

We approached the hostess lady, thanked her, and said we would be leaving.  Not upset or anything, we just couldn't wait.  As we were explaining, I glanced at the list of reservations. There, about a dozen entries down the page was our name!    Apparently the hostess lady missed it when she was checking the reservations.   Mom and Zip were already out the door and headed for the car.

We went back toward town to a Chinese buffet.  Kind of reminded me of the old movie 'A Christmas Story'.  Remember, 'you'll shoot your eye out!'.  And how at the end the neighbor's dogs steal the turkey and they all go to the Chinese restaurant for Christmas dinner.  At one point Mom and Zip are standing at the buffet looking at a pan of these very large fried drumsticks, asking each other 'do you think they're TURKEY???'  LOL!

We sat at the table and chatted for a while, then Zip and I went back to Brad and Kami's and talked some more.

On the way home Zip kept wondering if this or that restaurant were open today and if they maybe had turkey.  He doesn't usually even like turkey that much, but the lack of it on Thanksgiving was apparently causing severe trauma.

Last week we had gotten our way-low-cost turkey from Weis market and I had roasted it, pulled the meat off the bones and put it in the freezer.  I assumed that we wouldn't be needing it for a while since we were having turkey on Thanksgiving day.  WRONG!  I got a bag of the meat and a jar of the broth and we had T-U-R-K-E-Y!!! for dinner.

Hot turkey sandwich with cranberry relish I bought at the store earlier this week.
Turkey!  Just not according to plan.

I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day and that it was EXACTLY as you planned it!


  1. Pat, I'm so sorry that your Thanksgiving dinner plans were fowled up by the hostess. Pardon the pun. Your hot turkey sandwich looks so yummy. It's my husband left over turkey favorite dish. It looks so tender and juicy. Happy Thanksgiving Pat and Zip. I hope that your next Thanksgiving dinner goes smoother next year. JB

  2. When it is not as planned it makes a memory. so you have had a day of memory making.
    happy thanksgiving.

  3. Tell Zip that's my favorite way to eat turkey....on a hot turkey sandwich with gravy........ for some reason it doesn't seem like Thanks giving without a little taste of the bird. Sounds like you all had fun together no matter what happened to the plans!
    Pat it seems like our weather here eventually reaches you folks out there in Pa. I just want to warn you that what we have here you will probably not be wanting any time soon. The temp as I write is 8 degrees and bone chilling today. I'll try and send it north or south! LOL Get out your long johns!
    Cathy G

  4. Oh, Cathy!!! Eight degrees!!!! OMG!!!
    I'd have to pack up the kitties and head for Florida! Zip is getting his long johns ready. DO NOT send that our way!!!!

  5. It may not have gone according to plan, but it sounds memorable. I'm like Zip - it wouldn't be Thanksgiving without some turkey. I remember one year someone suggested we should have baked ham instead - I was horrified! lol We usually get a 15-20 pound turkey (there are 3 of us and sometimes 1 other guest). We like to eat it for days, hot sandwiches, cold sandwiches, eventually a casserole. Yumm

  6. Belated happy Thanksgiving Pat, sorry about the mix up on the day but as you say, the best laid plans and all that.
    As you know we do not celebrate Thanksgiving here but Christmas is a big event and already the shops are heaving with people, I try to keep away if poss.
    As for the weather, we have the snow and freezing cold weather in the u.k. but as we are in the far south we are usually the last (if at all) to get it.
    So far so good but it is forcast for Sunday.
    Better get lots of bird feed in.
    Monkeys are all fine, hope yours are too.

  7. Sometimes plans aren't as interesting as reality! Loved to hear the travels of your day! A Christmas Story is played many times in our home from now until Christmas! Fa-rah-rah-rah-rah! :-) I totally understands Zip's perspective... we had Ham at my Mom's house for Thanksgiving dinner... and, although the ham was delicious... This morning, I really want some turkey with stuffing and cranberry sauce! LOL!

  8. Even tho it didn't go as planned, you had a chance to spend it with family. Glad that Zip got his turkey. I'm looking forward to a "leftover plate" for dinner this evening. Love to all.

  9. Pat ~
    You've got such a great attitude! I'm glad it all worked out in the end and Zip still got his turkey. Like others have said, this is one Thanksgiving you will remember!
    Hugs :)


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