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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I Miss My Babies!

My babies, Izzy and Penny were just dropped off at the vet for their spaying surgery.  Zip and I didn't get much sleep last night worrying about them.  Having one of our kids having surgery is stressful enough, but two is over the top!

Now that we have returned home, there are no little happy faces waiting at the door.  Deiter and Tippy have had breakfast and are upstairs somewhere sleeping.  The house is so quiet!  I remember now that's why we decided to get the little ones.  Not enough cat action.

I am very much in favor of neutering and spaying.  Every cat we've ever had live with us has had the surgery.  I wish there were an alternative to having to cut them and the risks involved.  So please say a small prayer for Izzy and Penny that everything goes well for them.

Speaking of the sleeping Deiter, he is through taking his antibiotics and is back to his usual outgoing friendly self.  Like the good guy he is, he made no fuss about taking the pills.  Though I must say that I'm very skilled at giving cat pills.  We had many years of practice with our dear Sophie.  Thank you all who have emailed and asked about him and gave him 'get well' messages over the past few weeks!

Starting Over.....
That's what I did with my knit shrug. 

I knew I would never wear it the way it had turned out.  I had several suggestions that I give it as a gift, but with not liking it myself, I wasn't going to give a defective garment to someone else.  I unraveled the whole thing and wound the yarn neatly back into balls.  Then I did some redesigning on paper using the elements I liked the most ie. the shawl collar and the deep ribbing at the bottom.

Then I did the math to give me the necessary amount of stitches and the decreases for the armholes and the neck.  Check out my calculator.  It's a scientific one with square root and all kinds of algebraic formulas.  It was required in college when I took chemistry (not my favorite subject!) and now I can't remember how to use all the functions.  But it's lasted for twenty years and that makes me happy!

I've been in a kind of funk for the past week, so all I've wanted to do it sit and knit.  And in two days, look how much I got done!  I am working down the left side of the sweater and then I'll finish the right side in the same way.  Along the front edge and the neck, I'll pick up and knit deep ribbing like I have around the bottom only it will run horizontally and go up around the neck to make the shawl collar.  See, it's possible to be productive even when depressed!  Hahaha!!! 

I think my anxiety is coming from the holidays creeping up on me and as usual I'm not ready.  I'm NEVER ready!!!  Plus all the family stress of who we will visit and eat with, and when, and all the required reunions, etc.  Zip, Brad, Kami and I have already decided that instead of cooking for Thanksgiving, we will go to the church near Brad's to eat and volunteer our services in helping to clean up afterward.   It will be a bummer not to have the much-loved turkey leftovers, but we will eliminate all the beforehand cooking, cleaning and decorating that none of us really want to do or have time for.

Happy Birthday!!!
Today is Zip's birthday.  He's sixty eight (I think!).  I asked him how old he is this morning right after he got up and he said he would have to do the math!  After a couple of cups of coffee.  LOL!!! 
Give the man the calculator!  I know he doesn't have that many fingers to count on.

I think he's looking pretty good for an old guy!

It's now 5:30 p.m.  We just picked up the little ones and they have come through their surgery and seem to be doing well.  Both are a little bit groggy and unsteady, but up and walking around.  They are confined to the bathroom so we can keep them out of trouble.

Zip and I are so happy to have them back home!


  1. I will keep your kitties in my prayers. And Happy Birthday Zip! With a name like that he will be young forever! SUE

  2. What an AWESOME photo of Zip! Happy Birthday and many more to come for you sweet Zip! ( eat a piece of cake for me too ).
    Wishing you all good thoughts and prayers today! The kitties will do just fine and after a few days will be back to their kitty antics! It is a loving thing to do for them although I know how you are worrying!
    Pat, you are the smartest cookie on the block! To figure out that formula for changing the sweater is waaaay beyond my brain capacity! It will fun to watch your progress!
    Keep us posted on everything and esp. the kids!
    Birthday wishes, Hugs and Prayers!
    Love Cathy G

  3. Happy Birthday to Zip
    Happy Birthday to Zip
    Happy Birthday Dearrrrrrrrr Ziiiiiiiiipppppppp
    Happy Birthday to Zip

    Pat - just be glad i typed that and not actually sung that!

    I'm sure your babies will be fine but will keep good thoughts going. Unfortunately it's our job to worry about them! They at least have each other at the vet's when they are away from home. I always think when one of mine go how scary it must be for them.

    Good for you figuring all that out on your sweater - i would never know where to begin! Can't wait to see the re-do!

    Now get out of that black hole - i know how easy it is to fall in but just give those furbabies a hug and the world seems better!

    Is that pic of Zip taken today ? Great pic - but I'm jealous - we have had pouring down rain ALL Day so far (so you know what my kitties are doing!)

  4. The picture of Zip was taken during the summer. (I dug it out of the archives!)
    It's raining buckets here today. Yuck!

  5. Happy Birthday Zip! I do say that you look really good for an old guy!!!! Pat, that Penny has one of the cutest faces I have ever seen. Both of the kitties will be fine - I think that us pet mommy's have more nervous breakdown then our kids do. I can't stand it when Els is at the vet's so I know how you feel. The house is to empty. All will be well - believe me.

  6. Happy Birthday to your Zip! I love that name! You're an ambitious girl to unravel that sweater and start over!! But you would never have liked it so knit on!! I hope your babies will be okay ~ they might not raring to go when they get back home but that doesn't last long!!

  7. I am glad your kitties came through ok. I love the tri color cats. I have a 16 year old cat. who just would not have any other cats in the house. She goes out and chases every cat off her land.
    Happy birthday Zip!
    You are so good I would never pull it all out I would throw it in the closet and forget it. You did the right thing but patience is not my strong point.

  8. Happy birthday Zip. Glad to hear the kitties are home safe and sound. Our house seems empty when Millie is at the vet. Did you bake Zip a fancy birthday cake?

  9. Pat and Zip, I'm glad that your kittens have had the surgery behind them and that they have you two to care for them. They will soon be carrying on with what kittens do best and it will all be behind them before you know it.

    Is Zip as zippy as the name suggest? HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZIP and I hope that you stay young for a long time to come so you can enjoy all your cats and Pat too of course. Birthday hug Zip...

    Pat, I'm amazed at how you could design this sweater and turn things around as if it was so easy. I would have been totally lost. JB

  10. Happy birthday to Zip and many, many more. What a handsome devil :)
    I'm glad the kitties are home safe and sound. I'm sure they will be their normal selves quickly.
    I agree with Acorn Hollow Cathy. I would have cursed the shrug, thrown it in the closet, and forgotten about. To be able to figure out how to rework it ~ WOW!
    Pug hugs :)

  11. Happy Birthday to Zip! So glad the little fur kids made it through their surgeries ok!

  12. Happy Birthday Zip!! Have a wonderful day, and do something special for yourself. Throw the calculator away :)
    Pat, glad the cats came through everything ok. never would have gone through what you went through with the shrug. Look forward to seeing the re-vamp!!

  13. What a relief the kitties came through the surgery and are now safely at home. I wish them a speedy recovery :-)

    It is fortunate the Deiter is a good pill-taker, but in future if you rn across a kitty who isn't I have had great success with "pill Pockets"!


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