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kitty companiona

Thursday, November 4, 2010

NOT the Best Week Ever

The worst thing this week was that Deiter has not been feeling well.  I wish I could blame it on too much Halloween candy, but that is not the case!  He was kind of lethargic on Monday, just laying around and doing a lot of sleeping.  On Tuesday I knew there was a problem when he didn't want to get up and eat breakfast.  He just looked at me through half-closed eyes and seemed miserable.

I called the vet right away and got an afternoon appointment.  When they examined him they found he had a fever, but couldn't find anything else significant.  They drew blood and gave him an antibiotic injection plus oral antibiotics to be given over the next ten days.

He seems to be feeling better now, thank goodness.  I am a basket case when one of my kids gets sick!  I have spent a lot of time sitting with him and talking.  After all, when I had the bad head cold, he kept me company.  I'm glad he's getting back to his usual happy outgoing self.  I just wish I knew what kind of infection it is- urinary, intestinal, what??? 

While I was comforting Deiter, I did get a few things finished.  My little logo rug for one.  I was ready to photograph it and went to the dining room table (the all purpose repository!) to get it was GONE!!!  Isabell had it back under the table and was laying on it.  She had done some reverse hooking in several different spots!  Oh, Isabell!  You can see her handiwork near the top and in the lower right corner, plus there were a few smaller boo-boos in other places.

As I was trying to fix the damage, she comes up on the table and lays on it again!  I can't be mad at her!!!
But it is now repaired and finished.

My other finish was my shrug/vest.  My expression says it all!  I'm just not quite happy with it.  I like the way the ribbing looks in the back, but would like the armholes better if they were shaped.

I think the front is too small looking compared to the back.  I would like to put a closure on it, but I don't think it would look right and probably pull too much across the chest.

Oh, the one thing I do like is the shawl collar.

I think the whole thing is going to have to be ripped out and I'll start again.  I want to see what Julie at the Knitting at Large blog thinks before I go the drastic route.

I haven't done any serious knitting in years, so this can be considered a 'learning experience'!

The other bad thing that happened was that my mouse went bad.  The left button would no longer click.  Bummer!!!
So I must apologise to all of you for not leaving comments.  I got a new mouse and am now back in action!


  1. My Goodness Pat! You have had quite the week! I know exactly what you're going through with Dieter! Hopefully he's doing better with the medicine. If only they could talk! Or at least we could understand doggy and kitty talk better! I think Isabell has claimed the logo rug as her own! It looks great BTW! I like your shrug and I can't even imagine knitting something like that! Where do you get all your talent? I can't imagine you would pull it all out either! Now make a cute wool santa pin and wear it on the lapel! It does look so warm and cozy for the holidays! A very nice color on you and your hair looks marvelous!
    Cathy G

  2. Pat, it does sound like a rough week. Maybe Deiter had the flu. There was a vet interviewed on the news tonight talking about that exact thing. They say our pets can get the same maladies we do.
    I like your shrug. If you are not sure, gift that one and make another. Ripping it out is a shame.

  3. Hi Pat, You sure have had a busy week. I do hope that Dieter is OK. I know from experience that our pets can get what we get. I hope that it is a mild case of flu and only lasts 24 hrs! I love the shrug. Don't rip it out - make another just a little larger across the front and it will be just right. I've missed e-mailing you this week. I also have been busy but at home doing things. Hope to talk to you soon.

  4. Does your Dieter go outside? the same thing happen with my Sadie. She was 15 at the time and I thought for sure she was on her way out. but she got better and is great but the vet said it could have been anything outside. She goes out when we are out she is good about coming when we call her in. I do not knit much slippers and mittens that's it.

  5. Pat, so sorry that you had such a rough week. Hopefully the coming week will be much better for you and your cats. I hope that Deiter is feeling much better.
    I think that Isabell is jealous of you spending so much attention on Deiter and the only way she could feel close to you was laying on something with your sent on it and it happened to be your logo rug. I'm thinking like a cat now, ha, ha...

    You did a beautiful job on that shrug and I just love the blue color. I'm sure someone would be happy to receive this as a gift and like Kim said you can always make another one. You are talented. JB

  6. Cathy (Acorn Hollow),
    No, Deiter doesn't go out. So I have no idea what He came in contact with. Zip and I have both had severe head colds, but Deiter's doesn't seem to be respiratory. I didn't know that cats and dogs could get the same viruses as humans. Maybe I better stop kissing him when I get sick!
    I'm glad your Sadie recovered!

  7. Oh give Deiter big hugs from me and the boys and hope he feels 100% percent! I feel the same way wtih the kids - when a kitty gets sick chances are he/she has been sick for a few days already - they are tough! If it was urinary infection you would know from his trips to the litter box (constant in and out!) So glad you caught it and got him some relief!

    Your knitting is wonderful - I'm thinking a shrug does sit apart in the front - that's probably the way it's supposed to be?

    Oh that Isabel! Too much she decided to try her paw at hooking! (Okay so she didn't quite get it's supposed to stay in and not be taken out!)

  8. OMG, Pat! Methinks that Isabelle is lucky she's so dang cute! LOL! Beautiful knitting on the shrug shawl! I can't knit a stitch.... but have done some simple crochet! Sure am glad that Deiter is feeling better!

  9. Hi Pat, don't you just hate it when you get times like this.
    I do hope Deiter is going to be okay, I well know the heart stopping fear that comes when one of the little ones are ill. I used to will my lovely Kitty to never die, how silly, but I loved that cat so much.
    As for the rug, isn't it amazing how tolerant we are with these beautiful animals, our lot can literally do anything they like and get forgiven in a trice.
    P.c's, I won't even talk about them, its a love hate relationship I have with mine. We are just about to connect a new printer, watch this space, we have never yet managed to do it without hassle.
    Will be sending out my love through the air to Deiter,

  10. Pat you inspire me to blog about the bad days, Just wait I can really be blogging then!! I agree with Kim up above...give it as a gift and start a new one rather than ripping it apart. I bet Joanne would like it ;-) I already could tell by her comment she was secretly telling you she wants it!!
    Give Deiter a squeeze for me!!!

  11. Pat, I'm so sorry that Deiter isn't feeling well and hope he's much better. Did I ever tell you that Bill has a family of cousins with the last of Deiter?

    I love your shrug! Looks like it would keep your back and shoulders nice and warm.

  12. HI Pat,

    I hope Deiter is feeling much better by now!? We do love our pets don't we? Also you made me want to come to PA and try all of the lovely food from the restaurant! OMG! Sure looks good other than the seafood. Hubby and I lived in Fl. for 22 years and I found out quick I was allergic to it. The dishes you have on here look awesome...Have a wonderful day!


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