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kitty companiona

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Windy Day

Fall is here!
It's a lovely 60 degrees outside, the sun is shining, the air is cool and clear. It seems like I can see every individual tree on the mountains. Ant it's WINDY!!! Really windy!!! A few medium sized branches have broken and fallen from our trees. More yard work! But I do love this time of year!

As I'm sitting here typing, I can feel a major draft from the door behind me. Time to tape the cracks. We have used the woodstove a few evenings already. Yesterday I made applesauce from some of our apples. So far I haven't canned any because we have been eating it as fast as I make it. The garden is finished except for some turnips and swiss chard.

Two weeks ago I bought a new embroidery machine. This one does ONLY embroidery, no normal sewing. So far I haven't done anything too creative. It takes time to learn the software. The on-line user's manual is only 660 pages long. It will take me a while to get through that!!! LOL!

Here I'm still playing with designs for my rug labels. Haven't produced one yet that I really like!
Keep on trying....

Got this desk during Bulk Trash Days. Zip did a great job of cleaning it up and painting to match my kitchen chairs. My first idea was to set up my computer in the kitchen, but decided that really wouldn't work. So it is going to be a nice place to do paperwork and pay bills. Might make those boring chores more enjoyable!

And in the evenings I've been working on my rug. Since I haven't dyed my background yet, I'm making good progress on the border. I think this is the first time I will have ever finished the border before the rest of the rug!

It's so relaxing to sit and hook and listen to books on CD. The long dark evenings are not a good time for me, but as long as I can keep occupied with interesting projects, the winter is bearable.
Until next time,
Happy Hooking!


  1. Hi Pat - your border looks really pretty - I think the whole rug will be beautiful. I've had my woodstoves cleaned and am looking forward to them early chilly mornings! Hope to see you in Chambersburg.

  2. Hey Pat! Ok, "lovely" 60 degrees??? Hmm, I'd have to argue with that one. Toooooooo cold for me LOL. Glad you are enjoying the weather. It's definitely changing. Love, love, love your rug. And that table you got is too cute! Great spot to make the boring jobs more fun!
    Hope to see you soon..., and enjoy figuring out that machine. WOW!


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