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kitty companiona

Friday, October 9, 2009

Thursday at Grant Street Woolworks

What a lovely fall day! Perfect for a trip to the Grant Street Woolworks hook-in! Linda made a tree from bittersweet vine to celebrate the season. It doesn't show up in the picture, but she has swirled strings of little amber lights around it. A lovely display to greet anyone coming up in the elevator!
And GOURDS, too!
Joanne came all the way from the Philly area again, and we
are glad she makes the long trip! How else would we get to see
the wonderful primitive designs she works on?
This week she brought a tree skirt with lambs and
stars, which she says she's tired of working on and wants it FINISHED!
I'm sorry my pictures aren't arranging very well today! I am in a hurry and nothing wants to go where I want it! Oh well...

Kathy is working on a cute cat and
pumpkin design. She and Barb both
had birthdays this week.

Linda brought the cake decorated in cheerful fall colors. Chocolate!
Thank you Linda!
And many more happy years to Kathy and Barb!

This is the first time I have met Jenny.
She was trying out several different frames that Linda has available to see which feels most comfortable. She was really making progress on her border!

Doris was unable to come this week, but I wanted to show a picture of her lovely pillow. Linda had finished putting it together and sewing on the trim. I just took a shot of the center because I want to save the whole effect for Doris to see first.

This time I stayed late enough in the evening to get to see Sherry
who joins us after work. She's working on a very primative looking rug with kitties on it. Yes! Another cat person!

Linda brought her fruit basket rug in fine hooking out just as I was packing to leave. I wish I had gotten a picture of it, because she is doing a wonderful job on it! I am soooo envious!!!

And here is the happy ending! Joanne finished her tree skirt!
Check the picture above to see how much she had to do yet.
She's amazingly FAST!!!
OK, Joanne, what's next????

Until then,
Happy Hooking!


  1. So good to see you Pat! Thanks for the Birthday wishes. I had a great week long celebration again.. I know you hook as fast as Joanne. I can't wait to see how much you get done between now and the next time I see you. Hope it's soon! Have a great weekend..

  2. Pat - always fun to see you - I just love love love your rug! It's gorgeous! Can't wait for the next hook-in I can get out to! Oh I started a new rug tonite to take with me tomorrow! It's actually called "Kathy's Garden"! Primitive and lots of hit and miss which I like to do.

    I will get those recipes to you this weekend too!

    Take care and give those 4-legged ones a big hug from me!

  3. Pat - sorry I missed a good time. I am dying to see the pillow finished. I know Linda did a great job. Your rug looks like its coming along in great fashion. Hope to see you soon.


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