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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Deja Summer

I know this is supposed to be a rug hooking blog, but some weeks I just don't have any new rug stuff to show.

I've had a stiff neck this past week, mostly from being cold which makes me stiff and tense. So didn't get much hooking done, did not get to Grant Street on Thursday and did not go to the Brandywine hook-in on Saturday. Thus, no hooking news.

So I decided to warm up by enjoying summer again! These pictures were taken on a warm afternoon in August along the Big Spring which flows through the town of Newville. It's about 6 miles from where we live. It's Zip's favorite flyfishing spot and one of my favorite evening drives.

This is one of the lovliest places in our area. The spring flows through lush grassy areas, with water birds sitting waiting to feed.

All along the road are beautiful old homes that have been tastefully restored.
Most of these were built in the mid 19th century.

And some newer homes that have that wonderful historical look. This is only one of the log homes that are prevalent on Log Cabin Road.

This one is set on a large grassy area with nice old trees all around. In fact, many of the homes are partially hidden by the huge old trees making it difficult to get good pictures.

I just loved this interesting and welcoming looking doorway!

The Big Spring Watershed Authority now owns this old mill. Zip says he doesn't know what plans they have for it, but they have done some restoration to keep it from further deterioration.

This is part of the channel that once fed water into the mill.

This is the catch and release flyfishing area where Zip spends many of his evenings. No, that is not him down there along the stream. In this area, any fish that are caught are to be put back into the water unharmed. Further downstream fisher people may catch and keep fish according to the game commission rules.

And here is the head of the spring where the water just comes bubbling up out of the ground at the base of the hillside. The water is a constant 50 degrees all year round. I find it totally amazing that all the water that flows down the stream comes right from here!

Hope you have enjoyed the mini tour through one of my favorite places.
Hopefully I will have some rughooking news again soon.
Until then,
Happy Hooking


  1. Golly Gee Pat what a beautiful place to live! Arn't you lucky. Thank you for caring about Els - your phone call was most welcome. It is definately her right rear leg - bad again today and we are back on the aspirin therpy. Hope to see you soon - loved talking to you - happy hooking.

  2. What a lovely place to live! I just love looking at the old historic homes. Thank-you for sharing your photos! Cathy g

  3. What a wonderful place to call home. The log cabin is beautiful, but those stone homes always capture my imagination... simply gorgeous! Thanks for sharing pics with us! ~Sharon

  4. What great photos!! I see we have a lot in common ~ rug hooking and trying to lose weight!! And dying wool ~ it can be a challenge can't it!! Will stop by again for sure! Alice

  5. Pat - wow love all those homes - i so wish I had one like that to live in - wouldn't that be a great place for our rugs to live? Hey no worries if it's not hooking related blogging - whatever you are up to is always nice to hear about! Hope your neck is feeling better and you were very missed on Saturday - we mentioned missing you often! See you soon!

  6. Ditto the missing you on Saturday! Love the pic's you took Pat. Just lovely, and makes me want Summer ALL over again!! I love that entry on that house too. It says Welcome all over it.
    Hope you feel better soon, and hope to see you on Thursday!!

  7. oh pat!! I got on here to leave you a message and got so sucked in by this post!! I love the houses. ANYHOW... Friday I am having some ladies from the willismaport group to my house to hook. starting at 9:30 and my sister and i are preparing lunch. I asked Kathy to come and i want to ask Linda me and let ma


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