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kitty companiona

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Dying the background

It's been a nice weekend. Yesterday we went to Fayetteville/Chambersburg to feed and spend some time with Brad and Kamie's kitties. B and K were at a WW2 event so we were the kitty sitters.

Afterward we spent some time with my Mom. She was going through her extensive collection of Christmas things, trying to decide which to keep and what to give away. I came home with a painted and stuffed canvas Santa. Should have taken a picture, he's cute!

Then we spent the evening at a bluegrass and gospel concert in Newville. The band consisted of six young men who were very good musicians with lots of spunk and energy. It was a great show!

Today was an at home day so I decided it was time to dye the background for my rug. I had gone to Lowe's a few days ago to get paint chips. Wanted something between a dark cream and a light tan with a hint of gold. The colors don't show up very well, but I picked the one on the bottom right side. It's darker than shows up in the picture.

I had two nice pieces I planned to overdye- some heavily tea dyed natural and some taupe. Both seemed to be too gray for what I was envisioning, so I thought an overdye with some gold would do the trick. NOT!!! I seem to have a penchant for making nasty bright golds!

Sooooo...I decided some silver gray wound mute it. NOT!!! It turned a creepy hornworm green! Well, those two pieces will now be a future overdye with antique black or brown.

Got out the dye books, but the right color just wasn't there. Made the smart decision not to use any formula with GOLD in it!. Got a clean piece of natural and started with old ivory. Too light, so got out the tea bags and added a few of them. Still not quite deep enough. I liked the toasted tan in the Woolyn Willow book and thought it would mottle nicely over what I already had done. Turned out a tad darker than I wanted, but it will be fine. Besides, I'm going to need at least another half yard so I can dye it a little lighter and blend them together.

The mottled wool and the paint chip look pretty much the same.

And here's what it looks like in the rug.

I think I can live with that! Am deciding if I like the line of gold on the inside edge of the border. But that can be reverse hooked if necessary.
Hope all of you have had a good weekend.
Happy Hooking!


  1. What a great idea to use paint chips for color inspiration on your rugs! I'm going to try that too!

  2. Oh Pat, I think you got just the right color! I love it. And if that is the same gold you used in the center of the flower, I would leave it! Looks good on my monitor. Can't wait to see it in person... My goodness, now there will be no stopping you. You'll have that done in no time. Got your next project lined up yet LOL???

  3. Perfecto! I love it! I also like the darker strip of gold in there... I think it adds a contrast transition into the background. Beautiful piece!

  4. Pat - wow - those golds you did first - wowzer - well at least they fit in with the spook season! I have a few of those disasters myself.

    Love what you came up with and looks great in your rug! The rug I'm doing now i'm going for a lighter background than my norm - so we shall see if i get thru it!

    I bet next time I see you in person that rug will be done!

  5. Pat love the background. It looks just right. Leave the darker gold line it sets off the inner background. Hope to see you in chambersburg.

  6. Pat, good color for the background!!! I knew you would come up with the right shade. This is going to be a beauty. Hope it's as nice as my "checkerboard rug". Are you sure you trust me with that rug??? Tell Zip I need those checkers asap! He can fish this Jan. and


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