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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Just Peachy

This past weekend Hollabaugh's Orchard near Biglerville PA held their annual Peach Fest.

They featured alive band each day, lots of good food made with peaches, and a lovely selection of fruit and veggies for sale.

We went on Sunday to see a band called The Willys who were supposed to be bluegrass and classic rock.  They were heavier on the classic rock which was OK with me.  Zip kept mumbling that he thought he was going to be listening to bluegrass.

We had yummy fresh peach sundaes for lunch.  Somehow it got eaten before I even thought of taking a picture.

There were dozens of varieties of peaches to choose from.  These are the best of the crop.

And then here are the bargain bins where I usually get my peaches.  There were so many people gathered around filling their bags that I had no desire to fight for my fruit.  Zip and I decided to go back another day through the week to make our purchases.

The baked goods made with fresh peaches really looked yummy.  There again, we decided to wait because the checkout lines were a mile long.  I really hated to pass up the kettle corn.

I don't know how I managed to get a shot of some produce bins without people in the way.  They had some lovely yellow watermelons.

A visit to the orchard isn't complete without a view of the trees from which all these delicious peaches are harvested.   The trees in the foreground are apple and the ones up farther on the hill are the peaches.

On the home front, work has slowed down on the addition.  Or maybe the changes just aren't as dramatic.  The basic wiring and plumbing is done.

The drywall being unloaded.

 The French doors are installed.

 I don't know where along the walls we are going to have room for cupboards and dressers, there are so many electrical boxes all over the place.  Switch plates, thermostats, receptacles every six feet and the electric baseboard heat.  This is Zip's bedroom.

 This is the laundry/storage area.  We are keeping the original outside wall with the wood siding and painting it to match.

The drywall is now hung but still needs finishing.  The crew was supposed to come yesterday but didn't show up.  No sign of them today either.  Where are you, guys???

We are finally getting some much-needed rain.  It will be nice to see green grass instead of brown.
That's all for now.  Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Looking good. Renovations are a pain in the butt yet exciting at the same time. I hope your contractors show up tomorrow. Seems that trade is notorious for disappearing mid job.
    Now I need to do a google search for a peach pie recipe. You made me hungry

  2. OHmy Gosh Pat! Those peaches look so delicious! And over ice cream... swoon....! I hope you get back there to purchase some!
    I love how the addition is looking! I think the original siding you are leaving looks fantastic! It will make you feel right at home & give the new construction a feel of the historic home you have!
    I hope the workers will show up soon... I bet you're anxious for more progress ( me too!)
    Hang in there! And long live classic rock! LOL!
    Cathy G

  3. Mmmmm... Nothing says Summer like fresh peaches! They must taste heavenly! I love their aroma too! I'm guessing the workers must have taken a rain break... not wanting to keep tracking mud into the new addition. I've had work done at my home and know the feeling of "when will it get back to normal"? All in good time...

  4. Nothing like fresh ripe peaches from the trees. My mouth is watering for peach pie too.

    I hope the crew will show up to finish the job. It will be so nice to have your new home finished before the cold comes.

    You didn't get peaches but I bet the music was good.

    Hang in there, they'll be back.


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