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Monday, July 28, 2014

Amazing What Can Be Done In A Week

It's 6:45 a.m. on Monday morning.  The construction crew just arrived for another week of work.

They really worked hard this past week.
We now have a structure that looks like a house, complete with roof and siding.

This is the side that faces the street.  The double windows are in Zip's bedroom and the small window is the bathroom window.  Kinda looks like a mobile home with the roofing trailer sitting there in front. The Addition on Wheels!

The mud room/laundry attaches the two sections to each other.  We'll be able to back the car up to the door to unload groceries and take them right into the kitchen.  I can't wait till I can plant  something in that area. Seeing that little area looking so bare makes me want to put in a trellis for a vine and lots of ferns and hostas.

This is the back side of the house.  The kitchen is to the left and is the width of the main house.

You may ask why we put our entry door and porch on the side away from the street.
The large open space under the porch roof is where my French doors will be.  I've always wanted French doors somewhere in my house but in the old part of the house there was nowhere that they would fit in.  In the new part, they are perfect.
And when Zip is sitting on the porch and I am sitting inside looking out (while weaving, etc.!) I want to be able to gaze on this instead of the neighbors across the street.

We had the guys put siding on the kitchen area so we don't ever have to scrape and paint the wooden siding again.  They made nice new doors to replace the old uninsulated wooden ones.

The scaffolding they use is amazing.  Just two tall aluminum posts.  You can see the bottom of one end in the above picture.  Between the posts there are two levels of narrow aluminum stages that they walk on and put their supplies on.

And what holds this up with only two aluminum posts on the ground???

These two little antennas at either end.  Nailed to the roof.  In this case these are not even nailed to the new roof.  They are nailed down at the other end only where they are still working on the old roof.  It looks scary to me!

No kitty pictures this time.  They spend a lot of the day under furniture trying to avoid the blasting of the nail guns and the whine of the saws.
Reggie is the only one who seems interested in watching while they work.  He wants in the new area in the worst way.  He goes from the nearest window to the door, tries the doorknob and ruminates about ways to get out there.  Once the French doors are in place, I will be able to let them explore under supervision.

They know the instant the guys take their breaks or go to lunch or leave for the day.  They everyone comes out and goes to the windows to view the progress.  They are much less intimidated than we expected.

Guess I better get out there and start supervising the work.  Ha-ha!


  1. Hi Pat, how exciting to see the progress on your new home. It will be wonderful to have this dream come true.I can't wait to see the inside and outside when it's ready to move in. I bet that the cats are anxious too.

    When I had some new flooring going in the kitchen, the guys nailed some underlay to the floor and one of my cats got so upset that she started to pee on a corner of my large area rug in the livingroom. I never noticed until one day I noticed a smell. Fortunately there was no pattern to this rug and I just cut out about a fool wide strip off. She never peed on the rug after that. I washed the area with water and vinegar to neutralize the smell. I was fortunate that it didn't damaged the wood floor under the rug.

    I love the smell of new inside a new house.

    Thanks for sharing the progress with us.
    Hope you have a great week.

  2. Hi Pat
    I can't believe how quickly this has all happened, it looks really lovely.
    I did wonder about the kitties being afraid of the noise. The house next door to us has just been sold so we are expecting a lot of noise and mess, I know they will all hide like yours until the noise stops. We've just had a 3 hour thunderstorm here, the longest I can recall and they all went into hiding. lol


  3. Wow! This is looking awesome! And they are working so quick! Love the french door and yes, it's always important to take into consideration the view once it's put in! ;-)

  4. That is incredible how much they have done already!! And it looks absolutely wonderful!!! You are going to love those french doors! They let in so much light! No wonder the kids want to get out there so bad! LOL!! I think you planned things out perfectly and will certainly enjoy that view!!
    We have noise here too this week Pat.. they are resurfacing the street and the beep beep beep sound is already giving me a headache! LOL!!
    Cathy G

  5. This is looking lovely, not long now?.

  6. Pat,
    It sure is going up fast and looks wonderful. Love the pic with the roofing!
    Poor furbabies.
    Hugs :)

  7. Visiting you from the crackercrumble blog. Your addition looks really interesting and your cats are adorable. I don't rug hook but I admire those who do. I'm trying the zuchinni pancakes tomorrow.

  8. I can't wait to see the finished project. Looks like it matches your house just right.

  9. wow, love what they have done!
    your view is amazing, forget the neighbors! grin!
    I would love to have those fellows working here,
    goo for you, so very happy for you, Zip, and the furries!


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