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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hey, I Can See!

For quite a while now I've been noticing that my eyesight seems to be getting worse. 

I've worn glasses or contacts ever since I've been sixteen.  I went to take my driver's test and couldn't read the eye chart.  Guess what, I didn't pass!  Off to the eye doctor.  Second time I made it!

Seven years ago I had what I thought was a spider bite at the inside corner of my left eyebrow.  It started with three little itchy blisters.  VERY itchy blisters!  And then it spread up my forehead to my hairline with many tiny red blisters that looked like poison ivy.  I went to the walk-in clinic and they gave me some anti-itch medication and steroids.  The painful rash spread to the outer left forehead and all around my eye and on my eyelid.  I really looked like H---!  And it hurt and itched!  It finally settled down about six weeks later.

I was left with three small black places in the sight in my left eye and general blurriness.

After doing more research on the Internet, I now believe I had shingles.  I've since taken the precaution of getting a shingles shot.  I NEVER want to go through that again!

It's been six years since I've been to the eye doctor.  My contact prescription had long since expired.  I've been bungling through by just using 'cheaters' from the drugstore.  When I drive I don't feel like I can see traffic signs until I'm right on top of them.

So I made my appointment.  Nothing can be done about the damage to my left eye.  Came home with a prescription for my new glasses.  After calling around to the local optical stores, I'm in shock.  $250 to $300 for a pair of glasses.  I kinda figured, but was hoping for better.

Then someone on the Weight Watchers message board suggested getting my glasses on-line.  I checked out two sources, Eyebuy Direct and Zenni.

What fun!!!  I spend hours picking out my glasses.  They have this nifty feature where you can upload your picture and try on the frames and then line up four pictures with different pairs and compare which looks best. You just type in your prescription details and they tell you which glasses would be suitable.   And best of all, I could get a pair of glasses for about $50!  Too good to be true???

I got three pairs for half of what I would have paid locally. 
And they seem to be good quality!  I am happy, happy, happy!!!

 I can see!!!

Just in time for the lovely fall colors.  The leaves are slowly starting to change.

Just a touch of color here and there on the maples.

During the summer, this is just an ordinary-looking tree.  In the fall, it becomes one of the most spectacular trees along the main street in Shippensburg.

I'll post a picture again as the colors intensify.

Thanks for stopping by.
Enjoy the season!


  1. Hooray for you saving all that money and you are satisfied. Amazing what a new pair of glasses can do to make life a bit better. I need a new prescription and I hate to think what I'll have to pay for them.

    I have a real hard time fitting glasses so I can properly see with trifocal because my eyes are close set. I know that they are cheaper on line but wouldn't chance it.

    Great fall pictures, now you can take in all that colorful foliage on your way to somewhere.


  2. Oh My Pat! It's so wonderful to be able to see!!!! I LOVE that photo of you!!! Your new specs are awesome! Thank-you so much for the info. on that site..... I think it's outrageous the price of glasses at the eye Dr.s Did the 50.00 include the lenses also? That is a great price!! I'm glad you are enjoying the fall colors and now everything will be intensified with your new found vision!
    I wanted to comment on your last post too to say how much I enjoyed it....... things have been and will be quite crazy for me here for awhile..... a good crazy though!!
    Happy Autumn and say Hi to Zip( does he feel safer riding with you now that you can see stop signs? LOL!!
    Cathy G

  3. You look very stern in your glasses the follage colours ...take care.xx

    1. Geez, I was trying for 'studious'! LOL!!!

  4. I love tortoiseshell glasses - those are pretty!

  5. Pat ~
    Seeing is good! Glad the glasses worked to your advantage!
    Shingles are no fun and I just had a mild case on my back. The pain took forever to go away and I even went to the doctor ~ not something I often do!
    Happy to hear that all is well with you and Zip.
    Hugs :)

  6. Hi Pat
    Your online glasses should be fine. I got a pair several years ago online for £35 complete with lense and they are still going strong.
    It's a rip off buying them in the optitions.
    You look very academic in the photo, lol
    I remember my Grandad and also my Mum had shingles on the forehead and it was very, very painful for them. I'm surprised they didn't realise that was what you had.
    Will email soon with all the news.

  7. Whoooooops Correction
    I thought it didn't look right, it's opticians, not optitions. lol

  8. Fall is definitely in the air, I'm glad you got your new glasses in time to see the show!!!


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