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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Out and About

Not only can I see again after getting my new glasses, since being on Weight Watchers and losing over 30 lbs., I can walk again.   I had been doing  lot of staying home because moving was such an effort.  It was getting to the point where Zip would pull up in front of the grocery store and leave me out  because walking from the parking lot to the front door tired me out.

Ha!  Now I'm the first one out of the car and flying into the store.  You can't believe the difference that small amount of losing has made in my energy level. I now want to go places.

One of the places I've had in mind for a while that I thought would interest both of us, Zip being a fly fisherman and all, was the Fish Culture Station at Huntsdale. 
When I was in grade school (many, may years ago) we lived in Hanover PA.  One of our field trips was to Huntsdale to see the fish.  It as quite a trip!  My Dad, for the only time in my life, volunteered to be one of the drivers.  He was an avid trout fisherman so it held some interest for him.

At that time the hatchery ponds were long ditches in a grassy area.  Very natural and nice for walking.  There are still a few of the original ditches left, but now you can't easily get into them because of the fencing.

Now the fish are kept in concrete tanks.

Swirling masses of golden fish.  These are golden rainbow trout.  There are also bins of brown trout and brook trout, but they didn't photograph as dramatically.

Aren't they the most lovely color?

Inside the visitor center is information about fish, fishing, and other reptiles and amphibians that are native to our state.

A display fo snake skins.

I don't know what species of creature this is, but it's kinda scary!

We also went to Ashcombe Greenhouse.  Mostly gardening places are a springtime thing, but I also love them in the fall when the autumn plants and decorating are happening.

Do you have an old door just waiting for new life?  I love this idea!

Loads of colorful mums inside.

On the way home we stopped and purchased some of the last-of-the-season tomatoes.
The little green zebra stripe one was especially sweet and delicious.

It is so nice to drive around the countryside at this time of year.  The mountains are coloring nicely.

The farms are peaceful.  A horse enjoying the last of the warmer days.  The sky shows signs of things to come.  The weather report for the next few days is horrible winds and drenching rains.  I hope the worst of it passes on out to sea.  That doesn't seem to be what will happen. 

This little dirt road makes me want to hike right up over that hill to see what's down the other side.  I love fields dotted with cedar trees.

When we finally get home, there's the crab feast.  Brad and Kami have been working at a seafood stand on weekends.  We have been reaping the benefits by having a new kind of fish or shellfish each Saturday.

I haven't cracked, picked and eaten hardshelled crabs since I was a kid. 

They are great for people on a healthy eating plan.  Very low in calories and lots of aerobic activity getting them out of the shell!

The kitties thought they were yummy.  Come on guys, we're picking as fast as we can!

Try to stay safe, warm and dry if you are in the path of the storm.
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  1. Enjoyed your tour. Kitties say, "Get crackin, ma". Your parcel is on it's way. Deb

  2. Pat ~
    As always, so good to hear from you! Love your all your pics, especially the golden trout and the unknown creature! He forgot to say "cheese".
    Big congrats on sticking to WW and your success so far. I'm sure you will stay motivated since you already feel so much better.
    Yum on the crab! Lots of work but so worth it.
    Anything on the frame?
    Pug hugs :)

  3. Pat, I'm so glad you are feeling better. Losing that much weight is a great accomplishment. Be proud! I've never seen golden trout before. They are pretty :)

  4. Hugs to you Pat!!! I'm so happy that you are feeling healthier and enjoying road trips again! I've never seen a golden rainbow trout... Zip looks cute in that pic! :-) Love the pics of the flowers... and that purple door.... mmmmm... has me thinking of next year's garden! Stay safe with this storm! I keep trying to wish it away.... maybe I need red sequin shoes? lol!

  5. What do you mean 'a little' weight ....thats a mega amount ....over 2 stone ...well done you. only wish I could do it ...every time I start to be good I get down about it all ...and I hate the thought of slimming clubs.

    That fisherey looked brilliant ...I have never come across a golden trout.xx

  6. Congratulation Pat on the weight loss, keep going and you'll soon be half the person you were. lol
    Like the look of the crab, haven't had crab for years, the kitties know whats good for them alright.
    I love the colour of the fish but can't help feeling that they shouldn't be in a tank!
    Keep warm and well

  7. Congratulations on all that weight loss that is wonderful I am so glad you are feeling much better. Love all the pictures that you've taken off the fish. Love Nettie

  8. you have done so well, I am very proud of you! you are a great encouragement!
    the ponds look really interesting, and the tomatoes!
    stay safe, bless you both!

  9. Pat, I'm real happy for you that you lost over 30 pounds and happy that you are posting this good news... You sound so cheerful and full of life. Congratulations on loosing all those pounds and sticking to your WW's diet. No small task but you did it and now it has become a way of life for you.

    I bet you that the cats are noticing that you have more pep lately.

    I hope that you are safe from the storm. Keep well and safe.


  10. Pat - so happy for you - glad you found that energy - it is wonderful for you (and us to experience thru your pics) of all you are doing! I bet those kitties were loving that crab - i'd be sitting there drooling too!

  11. 30 pounds. Amazing! I'm so happy for you. I've never seen goldenn rainbow trout. Strange color that's for sure. Tell Zip I love his picture. I've never eaten hard shell crab. Looks great!


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