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kitty companiona

Friday, December 9, 2011

The Holiday Blaaaahs

Warning!!!  This is a really depressing post!

The Happy Holiday spirit is lacking in our house.
No decorations.  Minimal parties.  Definitely NO shopping!
Is it seasonal depression???

Lately it's been a little scary.  I no longer want to go out of the house.
I Googled agoraphobia, just for my own info.  I don't have any of the symptoms.  I'm not AFRAID to go out, it's just cold and I don't want to bother.  No social anxiety.  No panic attacks.  Just don't feel like being around people right now.

The Wenger Christmas gathering has been cancelled.  I am relieved.
This past week Zip's Mom fell and cracked her hip and needed hip replacement surgery.  She's doing OK for a dear lady in her early nineties.  The family dinner is postponed until she's feeling better.

We planned on having Christmas Day dinner at Mom's.  She gets really stressed out cooking family meals so we were all going to help with the cooking.  Then I find out that she has invited twice as many people as originally intended.  Twice the cooking and ten times the stress and confusion.  She's not happy with me but I had to bow out to save what little sanity I have left.  Zip and I want a quiet, non-stressful day.

Then there's the Blue and Gray rug hooking party on Monday.  I've decided not to go to that either.
One by one I'm eliminating the situations in an attempt to make it through the season intact.

What I really want is to stay home with the kitties and work on my knitting, hooking, etc.
This is my ideal way to spend the time.  Out of the picture is a big mug of hot chocolate!

I didn't get my Santa rug started, but I've been hooking.  These standing rabbits are for a friend.  I told her that they'd be done before Easter (that was back in the summer!).  She probably thought I forgot all about them.  Am I ahead of the game or what???  Oh, they're not done yet...

We haven't taken this loom down yet so the kitties are still having fun.  Can you imagine what they'd do to a Christmas tree???

I hope the rest of you out there are having an ENJOYABLE Holiday Season.
Please don't let the Grinch bite you!!!


  1. Oh Pat, I'm sorry you are having a rough time this Season.
    I would like you to think about this.... If you feel up for it, I would be more than happy to come by and pick you up for the party at Grant Street next week, and then take you home whenever you want to leave. You don't have to stay the whole time. It's a bit of fresh air, you don't have to drive, great food, lots of laughs and then you can leave. I'd be more than happy to do this. Please think about it!

  2. Pat,
    I can certainly identify with all you have going on! I'm sorry to hear about Zip's mother falling and surgery. That is not an easy thing to recover from especially at her age. Will keep her and you folks in my prayers.
    I think it's lovely that you stay at home and enjoy those fur kids and their antics! LOVE your video! I could watch them all day....... they are some beautiful kitties!!
    It's been below zero at night here already and the temp. as I write this is hovering at 0 degrees! Staying in is the only option! We are birds of a feather hooking and keeping our hands to the arts! You enjoy every minute of it and don't let anybody tell you that Christmas is all about the shopping and nonsense!
    Hugs and warm wishes!!!
    p.s. LOVE those hooked rabbits! Are they going to be stuffed when they are done?
    Cathy G

  3. Well my goodness, you have had a difficult time with his mother and all. I'm sorry it is so rough right now. I can relate to cutting out the stress as much as possible, but don't forget to let your heart sing! Create a quiet day and reflect on your many blessings. I hope you rest and enjoy hearth and home, but go to the party with your friend before hand. They need you, and you need them!

  4. Oh, my goodness...the rabbits are too awesome! Let your creative juices flow and perhaps you will feel like being out and about soon. Keep in touch with us. We want to hear from you, depressing or no.

  5. First of all, I hope this comment finds Zip's mom doing better and better. Second, I want to tell you that I love to stay home, warm, and craft. That is my ideal day. I am not one for holiday get togethers either, unless it is with my family and low key. I'm just not a party girl. I love simple things without much fuss. Third, I take alot of Vitamin D and get plenty of sunshine and Vitamin C just so I don't get blue in the winter. Don't be too hard on yourself and enjoy what you love to do!

  6. Love all the hooking projects and the knitted piece is sure a beautiful color!
    Hoping Zip's Mom is doing better with each new day. I sure understand about the holidays...ours always seems so busy and hectic there are days I just want to hide in my craft room.

    Hope your holidays get a little brighter and enjoy those days of hooking and stitching!

  7. Hello Pat, I also have the holiday blahs. I am in no mood to decorate either it is going to be very minimal like you and I decided not to have the Christmas dinner. My sister-in-law will be taken that privilege. I am still having medical problems, which is getting me down. Hopefully also blog about it to let everybody know how I am doing... So take care yourself.

  8. Pat, I am right there with ya sister! If it were not for needing to earn a darn paycheck, I wouldn't leave the house much either. I don't know what it is this year but I couldn't feel more grinchy than if I was colored green!
    I hope Zip's Mom feels better soon with no complications and I hope you get to spend a relaxing holiday however you please!

  9. Pat, you're so not alone!! I don't have any wispy photos of my Christmas decorations...I've bought one gift each for the sons...and the youngest is being a royal pain!! The holidays can be so over the top and frankly stressful!! I don't love shopping, getting into debt, and eating more than my fair share in sugar and sweets! My feeling is it should be a warm comforting holiday. People should take the opportunity to allow folks to do what they love. I think I'll spend my 50th birthday (12/23) hooking, eating nice food, enjoying a warm fire...and then letting that continue to two more days!! Is that Grinch? Or is it sanity? I think you're fab!!! And sane!
    Hope your MIL heals up quickly and feels back to her good self.
    Don't feel guilty...enjoy your time with what feels wonderful...and just let the rest be!!
    Love ya!

  10. Pat, I'm sorry that your mother in law had an accident and broke her hip, especially at this time of year and that you feel the weight of all the demands of the holidays.

    It's natural to want to cocoon by the fire and knit away with the kitties by your side especially at this time of year but I hope that you give Kathy's offer some consideration. She a sweetheart.

    Keeping you all in my prayers. Big hug to you and Zip.


  11. Oh Pat - I know exactly how you are feeling - I get like this often - my thing is mostly disappointment in people so I tend to prefer to do things alone at times! But I do so enjoy coming out your way so as I understand I will sincerely miss you - hope you take Kathy up on her offer and I may have to tag along to meet Deiter and the gang! LOL One of these days I come out we will have to meet up for lunch at least! Take care my friend and if there is anything I can know you can let me know and I can try!

  12. I am sorry you are feeling down. But really are you feeling bad because this is how you want to celebrate the holiday and it is not how other people think it should be. This is the year we have been forced to celebrate diffrent and for some reason we are feeling pretty good and at peace with season. No fuss no muss. No tree no parties no out to eat just us. tonight we went to see the chirstmas lights and really enjoyed it. Wishing you the peace you are searching for.

  13. Pat ~
    Holidays can be so stressful and if you want to spend them with Zip and the furbabies, JUST DO IT! Do what makes you feel good and don't worry about the others.
    I hope Zip's mom is on the mend!
    Love the kitty video.
    Please post again soon and let us know how you are doing. Happy knitting and hooking. Love the rabbits!
    Big hugs :)

  14. Hi...I found you by way of Courney and I am so glad I did.....I love your life style...I am a knitter, spinner, and love love my cat, Simon and my husband is a fly fisherman so we have much in common...I also understand how you are feeling right now...I have many of the same feelings....I have really tried to simplified this year and concentrate on what the season is about not all the material from all the comments on your post you are not alone....Just do what you need to do for yourself....Each one of us may need the same encouragement soon....

    I hope to visit you again soon....

  15. Christmas can be a very difficult time of year with undue expectations and pressures. I think you are very sensible indeed to eliminate everything stressful and just do what makes you and Zip happy.

    Love the video, is that Isabel whapping the cord? What a fabulous big black spot she has on her tummy :-)

    Oh Pat the bunnies are just delightful!!!

  16. I hope your MIL is healing quicker than expected.... that was surely a serious accident!

    I can relate to what you are feeling... there is a tremendous amount of expectations around the holidays... and people pushing themselves to do what they "think" they are "supposed to do"... and what generally happens is that people get grumpy and forget about the meaning of the Holiday itself... So, last year I did what you are doing this year... I stayed home, relaxed with what means the most to me and enjoyed a Peaceful evening at home with my hubby and hobbies... continued it this year with Thanksgiving and will do the same for Christmas! I do go to a couple of gatherings with friends before the Holiday (but, it just a expectation of gifts, etc. it's just enjoying one another's friendship and company)... but the "Day Of" the holiday is so much more enjoyable at home. Follow your heart and you will always be content!

    I LOVE those bunnies! :-)

  17. Pat ~ you're not alone! I'm having a hard time jumping on the bandwagon ~ I need a serious attitude adjustment! Sounds like a lot of our fellow bloggers feel the same way! I actually just planned a lunch get together for 4 friends to help motivate myself to decorate and cheer up!! I, too, hope you'll go to your hooking group ~ and then hibernate after that!! Take care, friend!

  18. Firstly I love the video ....and the rabbits are fantastic fun.
    Secondly I am so sorry to hear about Zip's Mum but I have such admiration for her surviving such an operation and coping with it all at her for your Mum and the extra guests ...I cant blame you saving your sanity.Maybe she invited more because she knew you were comming and would take the strain!!!.

    I can identify with your feeling of not wanting to go out careful its not mild depression ...I have to fight it some times ... make myself go out ...and most times I feel a lot better for doing so...even if I have dreaded it and almost got into a panic.The longer you stay within your four walls the harder it is to leave them. Do not get stressed though, feeling you have to ...just chill and do the things you enjoy ... and then go out with Zip for a stroll. Take care of yourself ...and Zip. xx

  19. Pat, I understand how you are feeling. I have felt that way at Christmas time all of my life (even as a child). I think it is as someone else said Expectations. I was raised an only child and have always felt that Christmas was a lonely time. Thank goodness for our kitty kids. I have one very spoiled pastel calico Daisy
    (12 years old). As soon as the holiday is over, I pop right back to feeling "normal" (whatever that is) :)

  20. Pat, I think many people can empathize with your desire to just stay home and relax. I just try to remember the real reason for Christmas and focus on God's Gift while in the midst of all the hustle and bustle of shopping, decorating, and visiting. Sometimes we make it complicated when it doesn't have to be. I'm with you...relax and do what you feel like doing.

    I'm praying for Zip's mom to mend quickly.

  21. I do have the holiday blues and a touch of agoraphobia. I don't know if I'm scared to go out exactly, but I don't like to go out. I do have social anxiety and with medication its getting better, but heck I'd rather just hibernate, lol. Love your standing rabbits!

  22. I don't think you have any problem - not everyone likes to over work, over spend or over stress - just because it's Christmas.

    I hope Zip's Mom is on the mend!

  23. Hi,
    SO sorry to hear about Zip's mom!
    I so understnad you and wanting to stay home and sorta hide out. It seems there is so much to do and all it can take the fun out of it.Just take time for you Pat and feel better soon...Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  24. I completely understand what you're going through. Sometimes you just need peace and quiet and to hear yourself think for a while. I have a feeling a revelation will hit you soon! That is usually what happens in my case!

    Wishing you a RELAXING holiday season.


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