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Monday, December 26, 2011

A Tale of Two Feasts

It's over and for that, I am thankful.  All the hoopla can be stashed away for another year
All the obligations and the guilt-laden reprimands for not conforming to the demands of family will now be packed away until the next big holiday.

We (Zip and I and Brad and Kami) had decided to simply visit with Mom on Saturday afternoon so she wouldn't have to cook us dinner.  She called two days beforehand and INSISTED on making dinner.  And if *I* didn't want to eat, that was OK with her.  I am, of course, the Bad Guy here!

So we went.  She had invited my sister, Linda and her SO, which was nice.  I enjoy my sister's company though we don't often get together other than family holidays.

Things went fairly well, with only a few  little negative remarks from Mom.  As usual these revolved around cleaning your plate.  Both my sister and Kami are very thin.  They ALWAYS leave some food on their plates.  So we had the lecture!  Not quite the 'starving people in less fortunate areas of the world' speech but very close to it.  Then we went on to complaints about the price of groceries and the cost of each of the ingredients that made up the meal.  (The rest of us did bring food to add to the table) And last but not least, how some people's eyes are bigger than their stomachs.  Oh, well!  Happens every year!!!

At least Linda's laberdoodle, Simon ate well.  He's watching the table, choosing his favorites and hoping there are lots of leftovers.

Brad didn't have any trouble cleaning his plate.  Here he is having a happy moment contemplating the dessert selection.

Mom is a Christmas collector.  Her favorites are antique ornaments and vintage Santas.  She has about a half dozen feather trees in several rooms of the house, each with a different theme.  She can tell you how much each of the ornaments cost her, too!

The curio cabinet filled with the little stuff.

I was having trouble taking good photos because of the light levels in the house.  Dark inside and bright outside with back lighting from the windows doesn't make good pictures even with a flash.

I finally got one good picture of Mom.

So that is over for another year!

Onward to the FUN feast!
On Christmas day we had dinner at Brad and Kami's.  We each made what we wanted and it all come together harmoniously.  There was no stress, no recriminations, we ate what we wanted in whatever quantities we desired.    Nothing fancy, just delicious food.  There was happy conversation and lots of laughing.

Words can hardly express how much I appreciate our son and Kami.  I could not have gotten a better daughter-in-law if I had chosen her myself.  Brad has turned out to be a good sensitive man.
And they love Cats!!!

Here is their new little rescued kitty Cosmo.  He's laying quietly at the moment, but there were a few wild leaps onto the table.  Their two older cats weren't interested in Christmas dinner.

After dinner we watched 'A Christmas Story', my favorite Christmas movie.  I guess having grown up in the fifties is why I can so relate to it.  I remember my father doing battle with the coal furnace and he probably was using some of the same language!  And the nightmare of being stuffed into the snowsuit!  The minute Mom zipped them up, we had to go to the bathroom!  LOL!!!

Yep, there on my dusty and cluttered mantel is a small leg lamp!

Hope all of you had a Christmas to be remembered!
I still can't help breathing a sigh of relief....


  1. Your Mom sounds like mine. Only with mine, it's politics--believe in her ideals, or else! We had a quiet day, with a trip to Tom's parents for dinner. Then, home to our cozy house with the animals.

  2. Pat, her trees are lovely! So glad the dinner went well with Brad & Kami. All was not a total loss! Smiling your way. I hope you and Zip have a wonderful year, and that all your creative efforts continue to bring you joy!

  3. Wow! We have a lot more in common than I thought! My dh and I stayed home for Christmas this year... long story... nut basically because his family is in NC and my family changed for the worse over the years... I finally just threw my hands in the air and said "life is too short to waste a day being this miserable"... so, we stayed in our warm home, near our Christmas tree and had a couple of great meals and a few too many snacks! lol! Merry Christmas to you, Zip, Brad, Cami and all the fur babies! Now... let's get back to the fun of life! :-)

  4. Pat ~
    I am so happy you survived Christmas with your sanity! One wonders why some people must always be critical. Is it their own insecurities?
    I sure would love to see all your mom's antique Christmas decorations!!! They are truly wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing.
    I hope you relax and enjoy the rest of the holiday season. We should be due for an update on a knitting or hooking project!
    Big hugs, dear friend :)

  5. Oh my goodness Pat! I couldn't help but giggle. Your Mom sounds like my grandmother. I think her goal in life was for people to eat - whether they were hungry or not. Lol. And as a kid I was a picky eater so you can imagine the meals ....
    I'm glad you survived and had Brad and Kami for sanctuary.

  6. Yep Pat I'm relating big time to your problems with your Mom - I'm always the "bad" guy at any situation because I don't "act" like it okay! Oh well - it's a job and someone's got to do it! Anyway glad you had the next day of stress-free fun to enjoy and forget about the prior! Cosmos looks quite content - I'm sure he thought it was okay for himself to take a walk on the table! Have a Happy Day!

  7. Hi Pat
    So it all turns out ok in the end doesn't it?
    After its all over I am always just a little smug that I didn't take a big part in it.
    As you know we went to Penny on Christmas day, just a quiet meal and not home too late for the kitties.
    Today has been lovely with just the two of us.
    I must say your Mum looks very formidable, I wouldn't like to cross her. lol


  8. Hi Pat, I'm so glad that you have survived Christmas 2011. It was nice to read that you enjoyed your meal at your daughter in law.

    Your mother reminds me of Sophie on the Golden Girls.

    We had a bull calf born on Christmas afternoon and I had to drop everything and go to the barn. Had Christmas dinner at my daughter. Had a nice Christmas. Hugs. JB

  9. Your mum looks very like my late MIL ...I was always a little scared of her....and so was my mum lol.
    So glad you had such a relaxed Christmas day ...thats how it should be. Feeling a little down today as son has just phoned to say Ben is ill again and they wont be over ...I was so looking forward to seeing and cuddling the three little men ...and the big one too.
    Take Care to you both xx

  10. Pat,
    Thank goodness it's over until next year!! LOL!!
    What are you doing New Years Eve?!!
    Cathy G

  11. Sounds like you had an interesting Christmas. Love the picture of Simon. Cute dog! Your Mom's collection is amazing. Has she collected these things all her life?

    Merry Christmas to you a Zip,


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