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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Scent of Apples

Aren't these fall days lovely???

We took a ride down through Adams County, our local orchard country, to view the leaves and pick some apples.  We don't actually go to the trees and pick.  Hollabaugh's Orchard staff has already done that.

But every year they have huge bins of apples from which you can fill a pre-purchased bag as full as you wish with apples of many varieties.  Of course by the time we get home we forget what their names are!

They have their fruit stand decorated with lovely mums in vibrant colors.

Gourds for sale in all shapes and sizes.

Indian corn in a rainbow of colors.

Pumpkins.  Lots of pumpkins!

And best of all, inside is a nice selection of honey, herbs, and yummy baked goods.  All kinds of gift items too.

Unfortunately, through the whole trip, Zip was having an allergy attack.  He had been outdoors helping Brad work on his front porch remodeling all morning.  We no sooner started down the highway to the fruit stand when he started coughing and sneezing.  Our stay at the fruit stand was severely shortened.  I took over the driving and got him in to Shippensburg by the fastest way possible.  We made it to the walk-in clinic just before it closed.  He is now using a once-a-day inhaler and hasn't had an attack since.  He goes for some breathing tests next week.

Here are about half of the apples we brought home.  We will be eating our apple-a-day for the next several weeks.

When we had the Animal Shelter  benefit hook-in at Joan's a while back, one of the ladies brought the most delicious home made caramel popcorn.  I asked her about the recipe and she replied that it was a oven baked recipe.  I have been hungering for more of this delightful treat so I looked up recipes on the net and found many, all basically the same.

So how hard can it be to make oven baked caramel corn???
I made two batches of air popped corn and cooked up the caramel syrup.  After pouring it over the popcorn, I decided it was way too much caramel for the amount of corn so I popped up another batch.  Now all of this is supposed to go on a pan and in the oven and bake for about an hour.  I now had such a huge batch that I didn't have a cookie tray big enough.  I had to dig out a large disposable foil turkey roasting pan and it was filled to the brim.

My stove is an antique gas stove from the early 1940's.  The oven temperature regulator no longer works.  If I want low temps, I have to vent the oven door with a wooden spoon.  Even with this venting system, it got too hot.  Instead of my corn becoming caramelized, I had burnalized corn instead!  But in the end, I discarded the burnalized stuff and the rest turned out delicious.

This bucket is about half of the huge batch.

Zip complained that it got stuck in his teeth.  I did the good deed and gave Brad and Kami a big bag.

Last week I noticed that Penny seemed to have an ear mite problem.  She and Isabel were due to go to the vet for vaccinations anyway, so we made the appointment.

They were such good girls!  No complaining in the carrier on the car ride.  No one seemed intimidated by the vet tech taking temperatures and weighing them.  She even dug in their ears to get samples of the possible mite infestation without a complaint.  They gave Isabel her injections first and left her down on the floor so she could go back in the carrier.  Penny was taken to another room to have her ears cleaned and medicated.

Zip and I heard scratching in the cage and I thought, 'oh no! she's going to the litter box in the carrier!'
Zip went over and looked in and this is what he saw.

Isabel was not going to the bathroom.  The towel had been folded neatly and was lying flat in the bottom of the carrier.  She had torn it all apart, fluffed it up, and constructed a barrier so that no one could get in and find her for more vet torture.  We both laughed and Zip folded the towel and laid it back in place.  Minutes later, more scratching and scraping, and she had re-erected her barrier.  Apparently her good humor and patience had reached it's limit!

This time we left it stand until Penny was ready to get back in and head home.
All done for another year, we hope!


  1. Sorry about the allergies, Zip, I know they can be miserable.

    The apples look so fresh and crisp - oh, yah, could eat some apple crisp with ice cream about now...

    Vet, I have to do that too, soon as I am good enough to drive. Isabel can be quite creative, I must say!

  2. If I had visited that orchard I would have thought I had died and gone to heaven.

    I found that when i gave up smoking I was more sensative to things than before ...hope Zips fine now.

    As for your Cats ...I love them ....we have a couple of burrowers. They dig into throws and disappear ...problem then is that I have sat on them and I am a large lady ...and I am only aware when yelps are heard lol

  3. Funny kitty! That Penny looks just like my Sophie, the wild one. I was just thinking, reading about your trip to the vet, that I rather dread bringing her in for an appt. Hope Zip's allergies are better soon.

  4. I love the idea of a bag of all different kinds of apples.
    Sure hope Zip is feeling better.
    Your kitties are so sweet and so pretty. Love the hiding under the towel. She just had her fill of the vet and if he can't see her than he can't find her. Love it.

  5. Such beautiful apples, there are so many treasures in the autumn! I hope Zip is feeling better and that the cat's ears will be okay. Your caramel corn looks fantastic, you are always cooking something fun Pat :-)

  6. Hi Pat, I have a recipe for caramel corn and made it for my kids when they were young. It was cheaper than those Cracker Jack boxes of popcorn.

    Sorry that your trip to the apple orchard was cut short but glad that you made it to the clinic on time.
    My husband uses a puffer and it makes his heart beat faster. He's not using it often anymore,

    Your kitties sure are keeping you entertained. They are all so cute. I think that I would like some caramel popcorn just about now. JB

  7. Wheww! Zip sure has had a go around the last several months, hope he feels better. Allergies can be very trying, to say the least. Hope he feels better soon. Your trip to the orchard is just great, those apples look delicious, and everything else is so pretty. Guess, it's much better to hide in plain sight! A very wise kitty to make the most of her surroundings!

  8. How funny that Penny did that!!! Love all your fall photos, apples and pumpkins and leaves oh my! I don't get that kind of fall out here in Arizona!

  9. Wow! Zip has some serious allergies! I hope his breathing tests go well... quitting smoking was a very good thing to do! Isabel and Penny sure are cute! The orchard looks like a great place to visit... the inside area where the pie is looks divine!

  10. Isabel, you are smart! I curl up in a ball and try to become invisible when I got to the vet's.

  11. Cat's are pretty darn smart.

    Hope Zip is on the mend.

  12. Glad you were able to make it to the clinic in time for Zip. Sure hope he's breathing easier these days. That can be so scary.
    Too funny with the towel lol. Everyone has their limits :).
    I would guess that popcorn recipe came from Louise Boyer. She makes some awesome caramel popcorn! I have never attempted to make it..

  13. Hi Pat,
    Those apple orchards are great places to spend a beautiful fall day! Great pics of the bounty!
    Tell Zip I know the feeling of the allergy attacks! It's not fun when you cannot breath and the panic sets in with all the other stuff! Glad you got him to the clinic for some relief!
    Those kitties are so smart and cute..... building that barrier was just too funny!
    Keep on poppin' and enjoying the weather because I won't even tell you what is coming your way in the next few days! LOL!
    Cathy G

  14. Beautiful pictures of Adams County apple orchard and market stand. I feel so bad for Zip. Hope he's feeling better!!!

    Carmel corn. Yumm. Think I'll have to follow your lead and make some. Also love carmeled apples which I haven't made in a long time.

    Your cats are a hoot!!

    Annonymous, Barb F.

  15. Oh, well, that all looks so delicious. What a pity that I can't just turn around the corner and pick some of that yammi stuff for myself :o). And yes, you're absolutely right, fall is great!
    Well Penny doesn't looks very delighted about the visit by the vet. Noah sends Zip and Penny his best wishes, he hates the vet too.
    Take care and greetings from Switzerland.

  16. I hate it when people say "dumb animals" because they are so smart it's scary sometimes. Very clever way to hide in a carrier, I say!
    I hope Zip is feeling better now. I bought a big pile of apples last month when I was away. I love the smell of them when you walk in.


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