kitty companiona

kitty companiona

Friday, October 14, 2011

Battle for the Box

This week I worked on and finished a uniform for Brad and Kami.  The bolt of wool fabric comes from Woolrich in a nice handy box that is great for keeping the fabric from getting messy during storage.

But the minute I open the box and start unrolling fabric to cut, I have COMPANY!

Hey, Mom!  I love this box!!!

Wool is nice to snuggle in.

I can hide under the flap.

 And act a little silly!

Oh no!  I think I see trouble coming!!!

She is not welcome here!

HA!!!  Look who's in the box now!

She's a feisty little thing!  Look at those angry eyes!

Best to casually back off.

The box is MINE!  (it takes a while to settle down, my tail is still whippy!)

I'll take a victory nap to calm my nerves.

And through it all, Isabel crouches on the back of a chair and watches with great interest.

Life settles quietly back to normal.


  1. Sophie needs to come over and be put in her place by your kitty crew! She terrorizes Gus, who, luckily is too old to really notice he's being victimized! Funny box pics!!

  2. Pat ~
    Great pictures!
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Pug hugs :)

  3. when ever I take wool out or put my rug on the floor to admire it Miss sadie has to sit her kitty butt on everything.

  4. Oh Pat, your kitties are so photogenic. I just love your side of the story. Just too cute. JB

  5. LOL! Love the drama, Tee Hee!!! Cats can be so entertaining.

  6. Back to "normal" What's that? LOL Such characters!

  7. Ok, that was so sweet it almost gave me a toothache! They are just too funny. Endless entertainment!

  8. Well the truth is out, kitties rule!
    Their expressions are priceless! Loved the bylines, you make me smile! Hope all of you have a terrific weekend!

  9. Poor Reggie, ousted from his comfy box but frankly, Penny looked a little scary, I'd vacate too - LOL!!!

  10. Love your kitties!! Looks like they are really enjoying that box of wool!!

  11. Wow, that is an awesome box! I only ever get empty boxes.

  12. Poor Reggie ...he was so enjoying the box. Great story board of photos ...they say it all. xx

  13. Cute pics! Why can't they share nicely? lol! Poor Reggie... he really looked like he was having a fun time in there...

  14. The simplest things bring such fun to the kitties. Too cute!

  15. Pat, I just had to come back like The Cat in The Hat to take another look.. lol

    I guess that you'll just have to buy another box of wool to solve the problem cause Penny won't give an inch of space to poor Reggie. Aww those sibling rivalries... JB

  16. I just love cats. They are so entertaining. Awwwwww to darn cute.


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