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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Rugs and Another Finish

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On Monday I took the scenic drive down through Adams County to Biglerville to the Blue and Gray hook-in.  The weather was delightful, the trees are just starting to show their wonderful colors, and there was the fragrance of ripe apples in the air at the orchards.

We had a small group, everyone must have been out enjoying the weather.

Our featured hooker for the month was Becky M.  She is an expert at choosing colors and textures for the primitive look.  Her rugs look like antiques from the start.

Aren't they great???

Here is another one that impressed me.  I'm not sure now who was working on this.  Aren't the colors lovely.

Hard at work on a big one.

I'm almost finished with my little star runner.  All done but the whipping for which I need to dig out some navy blue yarn.

I finally finished the sweater that I started in January.  The knitting part has been done for months, I was dragging my feet on the blocking.  I decided instead of soaking, spinning dry and pinning it out on a board, I would press it with the steam iron.  It's not a perfect job, but it will have to do.

I don't know why.... well I DO know why I bought such a boring color.  I thought it would be practical and go with anything.  Now I'm contemplating whether or not it will fit in my big dyepot.  Maybe I'll wear it in it's present state for a while before I take drastic action!

I need a new project.


  1. Great looking rugs, her's look like she made them years and years ago. Such beautiful stuff, boggles my mind!

    I like your sweater, it will go with anything. How very nicely done!

  2. They are all beautiful rugs... but my favorite is that single pumpkin! Love it! Your sweater looks fabulous! I can't imagine how difficult all those different stitches are to switch back and forth to. Curios to see what color this turns to be... though I would keep it neutral... ;-)

  3. Pat your sweater is just lovely. The color is fine with me but if you need a splash of color, you can always maybe wear a colorful scarf with it. In any case it will keep you warm and I hope that you had a great time knitting it.

    I'm in a kind of a rut lately and can't seem to accomplish much with either quilting or hooking. I can only work for short periods. I feel like I need to do outdoors chores but haven't felt peppy enough to do that either. Van needs washing and waxing before winter, lawn needs cutting, garden needs weeding and put to rest. Take care, JB

  4. Oops, I even forgot to mention how lovely the prim rugs were and that last rug is a beauty too. Thanks for sharing your fun with us. JB

  5. I love seeing all the hooked projects different from anything I have come across.
    I would keep your knitting the colour it is ...very useful dont need to think about what you wear it with really will go with everything ...great pattern. love to you and Zip he doing? xx

  6. Hi Pat,
    Very nice rugs. They are all beautiful but I really like the hen sitting on the eggs. Cute. The sweater looks wonderful. With a nice neutral color you can jazz it up with different scarfs etc.

  7. Your idea of a small turnout would be a big crowd for us here in Utah! LOL Great photos - thanks for sharing them!

  8. I think your sweater looks great but I'm a big fan of that dove gray colour. I think it's a great neutral and prefer it to black which can sometimes be a little harsh. I think you will look super in it :-) I especially like that last rug, the big one, it looks like crewel work, my mum has some armchairs covered in that fabric and it is so elegant!!!

  9. Those rugs are just fabulous, such great detail in each one! I love your sweater, pair it with a big smile on your face and it will be perfect!

  10. What GORGEOUS rugs!!! The sweater is stunning--i love the cables down the front.

  11. Thanks for sharing all the pic's. Helps inspire me to get hookin.. and your sweater is beautiful and soooo much work. I would be afraid of dying it for fear it would shrink up or something.

  12. Golly, those rugs are amazing! Plus, I love that sweater pattern. I just tried to dye some roving and it felted just enough to make spinning more like the trials of life than the therapy I usually enjoy! LOL Might just go to dyeing the yarn I spin instead. You do such beautiful knitting.

  13. Pat ~
    I don't know if it helped anyone else, but I can leave a comment.
    Pug hugs :)

  14. Hey Pat - thanks for the rug show -you are so lucky to live in your area and all your groups you can go and get inspiration from! Nothing around here - guess that's why I come out and visit you! LOL That sweater is wonderful - i Like it cause it would go perfect with jeans and any color top! (But if you hit the dyepots - red is always a good choice - teehee!)



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