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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Old Dog...No New Tricks!

The rug is progressing nicely when all of a sudden I run out of navy wool.  I start digging through the stash.
My wool stash is now a large plastic storage bin with a messy wad of small pieces.

Isn't that PATHETIC for a rughooker???
I do, every once in a while, take it all out and make an attempt at organizing by color, but within a few weeks, it's back to chaos.

After digging through the whole conglomeration of pieces, there is not one scrap of navy!  I will also add that there are less than half a dozen nice intact quarters in the whole mess.  I keep trying to get it whittled down to where I can feel not-so-guilty about buying some new wools, but no matter how much I take out and use, the bin always seems to be full.  It's some kind of wicked magic!

I picked out handfulls of little narrow junky pieces and proceeded to the dyepot.
This is the kind of stuff I try to use up when dying  any DARK backgrounds, borders and other large areas.

All dyed, dried and ready to hook.  The navy really is darker than it looks in the picture.

As I'm pulling my first loops in the border, I think OH NO!!!  I could have dyed my yarn for the whipping!!!  Where is my brain??? 
I do this EVERY TIME!!!  The Old Dog just cannot learn even one new trick.

Do you think this will help???

Tipper just sits quietly and looks at me as if to say, 'the Old Woman is just plain crazy'!

While I am dealing with my rughooking, Zip has been at a harvesting demonstration being done by Amish farmers at our local Rural Life Festival.  They were cutting grain, thrashing, and digging potatoes with horse drawn machinery.  When he got home, his allergies were going strong.  Runny nose, couldn't stop coughing, his face beet red, he was in misery.

We had plans to go out for dinner with Willa and Chuck, but Zip took some medication and decided to go to bed.  Chuck was golfing with friends and we were to meet him at the restaurant, so Willa and I drove to Mechanicsburg to the Bombay Junction.

I'm so glad we went!   
Of course we wanted to try everything on the menu!

These are the appetizers.  The long tube is a dosa.  It is a crispy crepe that comes with several side items of lentils and vegetables, spicy ginger mustard, extra spicy cooked potatoes and onions and a coconut sauce.  Totally funky!
The little fried things are vegetable fritters called pakara.  The small dish cntains a cilantro dipping sauce.

My entree was lamb in a mild mango curry sauce.  It was delicious.  I didn't take a picture because by that time we were so involved in talking and eating that the camera was forgotten.  The rice pudding for dessert had to come home with me.

This is a delightful restaurant located on the Carlisle Pike in Mechanicsburg near the junction of route 114.  They have a buffet lunch Tuesday through Sunday (closed Monday).  The buffet is a great way to sample a variety of interesting dishes. 

I can't wait to go back!

Hope all of you are having a great weekend!


  1. Can you share your recipe for the navy wool? What a great way to use up little bits of odd colors!

  2. Gayle, I'm not a very scientific dyer. I just used Cushings dye with 1/2 tsp. navy and 1/4 tsp. royal blue to lighten and brighten it a bit. I cooked it on a simmer for about 5 minutes, added a nice glug of vinegar and then let it sit until the water was clear.
    I had to add dye twice (another 1/2 tsp. navy - no royal) because the first time it didn't get intense enough. It seemed to need a lot of dye for what I think was probably 3/4 pound of wool.

  3. Wow, the wool you dyed turned out so vibrant and beautiful! I have never had any success dying anything. I love Indian food, you dinner sounds really yummy :-)

  4. Nice to see Tipper again - Glad she's "helping you" Great looking wool -hope Zip is feeling better - Dinner looks yummy!

  5. Pat, Your new rug is so cute! I know how you feel about dying. I couldn't get the same results twice if my life depended on it. The color depends on so much including the fabric you're dying and even the water you have to dye it in.
    Hope Zip is feeling better and you're having a nice weekend.

  6. Hi Pat
    Your post has been most helpful. I am reading a book at the moment called 'The Sari Shop' and it keeps mentioning dosa and pakara, I could have looked it up but no need now.
    Looks scrummy. (but what about the

  7. Do you have a sock knitting machine? I've always wanted to see one in use.

  8. Yes, Barb, I have a sock knitting machine. I sent you an email about the blasted thing!

  9. Ok, the food is to die for, but the wool gives me dyeing hope. I know you have a well and you are continuing to dye wonderful colors...even if you forget the whip yarn! LOL I love dyeing, but I was worried about the change in water sources from city to well. My well is really high in iron right now...but we plan to get a good filtration system. I hope it helps...we smell like rusty nails after a shower currently!

  10. Pat ~
    Love the picture of Tipper!
    Sure wish I could join you for a dye session. I've not yet tried it.
    You go to the neatest restaurants!!!
    Hope Zip is feeling better.
    Pug hugs :)

  11. Hi Pat, I would love to go with you to this restaurant to sample some of the food. All looks so delicious.

    Seeing your dyeing session makes me want to leave my gardens for the dye pot. Gorgeous navy blue.

    Pat it's hard to think about dyeing yarn for whipping when you have yummy food on the mind that you could be whipping up, lol.... I think that you will remember next time. It's fail proof. Hugs. JB

  12. Hi Pat,

    Maybe one of these days I will get brave and try and dye my own wool! You make it sound so easy! Yummy looking food by the way..Gosh is there really anything better than eating? ha!
    You had asked about the photos on my blog and yes it is Shaker Village in Ky...I LOVE the place! How smart but simple the shakers were.... Have a wonderful evening...

  13. That food looked so amazing ..I love indian food as long as its not hot ...the flavours are what excites my palate ...I have even atempted to cook the odd dish. Poor Zip ...pollen for an allergy sufferer is such torture.
    You really are a master of your craft btw.
    I spent most of yesterday growling at the internet ...what is up with blogger at the moment????.

  14. So, you're having trouble as well, thought it was just me.
    Gave up trying to leave comments the other night !

  15. I'm crackin' up here! I've got notes all over the house too! And I still forget a lot! Can hardly wait to see your progress on the rug! Poor Zip with the allergies... seems they come in waves.... Have a great week and stay cool!

  16. What a palette you have for different foods Pat! I am so boring when it comes to food and flavor. Hope Zip is feeling better. Love the note you left for yourself for next time :)

  17. Pat,
    I'm laughing at the BIG note you left yourself! I have notes all over the place and still doesn't seem to help matters! LOL
    I hope Zip is feeling better. I used to suffer so terribly from allergies and the farm dust esp. grain harvesting was especially murderous! I didn't marry a farmer for that reason LOL!
    I like your dye results and think Navy is one of the hardest to get consistent results!
    I am in awe of that Dosa! I've never seen or heard of them but can imagine the tastes are divine! It's a good thing we don't have all the variety of foods around here as I would just give up on losing the #'s! LOL!
    Take care and share the rug progress!
    Cathy G


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