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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Big Scare

On Sunday evening Zip went fishing.  Because he usually fishes till dark, he came home about 10 p.m.
We were sitting around talking and I noticed him looking at the inside of his elbow.  I asked what he was doing and he said 'I never saw it do this before'.  He has thin arms with very big veins and you can see his pulse in one of the vessels.  The pulse was beating
    *** *** ** *** ******** *** ***!
Lots of skipped heartbeats.  I checked his pulse and it was the same thing.  I mentally go into panic mode but try not to show it.

I check the internet and don't like what I see. Too much caffeine or nicotine (guilty as sin!), heart disease, congestive heart failure, heart attack.  NOT GOOD!

So I ask if he wants to go to the ER and he says let's wait till morning and call the doctor's office.  We go to bed and I cannot sleep.  I keep checking to see of he's OK.

In the morning he is still sleeping and I call the doc.  The nurse consults and comes back with 'the doctor says go to the ER'.  I call Brad and Kami and they are spazzed too.

Zip gets up, pulse is the same, and showers, shaves and gets dressed.  He says that he isn't in any kind of distress, no weakness, dizziness, or chest pain.  I am WORRIED SICK!

After having done an EKG, bloodwork including cardiac enzymes and electrolytes, and a chest xray, the doctor says he's OK to go but mentions that he should switch to decaf coffee and try to quit smoking.
We stopped on the way home and got a big can of decaf.  The quitting smoking is going to be the rough one.

Brad and Kami now are on a campaign to keep us on the straight and narrow healthwise.  They also decided to come down once a week and do some of the chores around the house so us old folks don't get so stressed and tired.
They bought us a cell phone.  I've been thinking that it would be a good idea, but hadn't wanted to make that technological next step.  I'm glad they did it!
They win the award for being The Most Caring Kids of the Year!  Thank you guys!!!  We love you!!!

                                                    Brad and Kami - Christmas two years ago
Today Zip seems fine.  He's drinking the decaf and I don't think he's had a smoke.  This evening his pulse is steadier. 

Tomorrow we both have doctor's appointments.  His is a follow up from the ER visit.  I have some questions for sure, like how can such an irregular heartbeat be 'OK' and healthy?  But what do I know???
I'm having a sebaceous cyst removed from my scalp.  Good grief!  I have fatty things growing on my scalp.  I just can't seem to escape the fat!

We are just very thankful that the Old Guy is going to be OK!  We want our dear husband and dad to be around for many more years.

 We love you!!!


  1. Glad it wasn't atrial fibrillation. I'm surprised they didn't put him on a portable heart monitor. Be sure to ask questions!! Good luck with the lifestyle changes. It will be hard to kick caffeine and smoking at the same time...take it slow! Gotta love the caring kids!!!

  2. What a scare. Watch out for withdrawl from caffine if he drank a lot ...headaches are for smoking is hard to give up but with a reason it is easier. I did it after 46 years of smoking ... with a little help from a pretend one that gave a puff of nicotine when you needed the edge removed...helped to stop me giving up when stressed during the first couple of months...Good Luck Zip. xx

  3. It's so darn scary as we get older!! Good for Zip in ditching the caffeine ~ I did that years ago and the cigarettes ~ but I'd still love one if it didn't make me sick!!!!! Hang in there and soon he'll be good as new!!!!

  4. Right now during the weaning period we are mixing the coffee by using hald decaf and half regular. I really don't want to like with a bear going through withdrawl.

    During the winter Zip had a really bad upper respiratory flu and gave up cigarettes for over a month. Gradually he started again and was soon back to the pack a day thing. I'm hoping he will discuss quitting strategies with the doctor tomorrow.

  5. Pat, I'm so glad that you called the doctor and that Zip is off caffine and God love him, off cigarettes. Now that's one hell of a challenge.

    An hypnotist may help him quit as it did my neighbors. They put suggestion that can help quit bad habits painlessly.

    We only have one life to live and when we're gone others will miss us like crazy but it will be too late. Take care of yourselves. Your kids are top.
    Blessings and thank God Zip is OK. Hugs. JB

  6. I know how you feel but the news was good. It is good you are doing the half and half and then gradulally go to all decafe. I never smoked but I know it is hard. Good luck and good health to you both.

  7. Pat ~
    Glad to hear that Zip is doing better and he is going to try to change his bad habits. As Mark Twain said "Quittin's easy. I've done it a hundred times" or something to that effect. I've quit smoking a couple of times, but I'm like an alcoholic ~ I know I can't even have one. Now the caffeine ~ I seriously doubt I could quit my diet Cokes!!!
    Take care of yourself, too!!!
    Big hugs :)

  8. Hi Pat and Zip,
    I will be thinking of you both while you adjust to these new life style changes. Oh ya, it's heck to get old and they say it "aint for sissies"! I hate Dr.s appointments, tests, etc. but then again I would also like to add a few years to life I guess! When Zip had the bad allergy attack a few days ago do you think this could have brought on some added stress to cause the irregular heartbeat? It's always good to ask the Dr.s questions if you can think of them.
    I'm glad you got a cell phone. You will find it very handy while traveling. Somehow they have become almost a necessity in the world we live in. I am fighting against doing the texting thing though. People look at me strange when they find out I don't text. LOL! I keep fighting against change as long as I can LOL!!
    You both take care of yourself! Hopefully things will get better soon!
    Cathy G

  9. Glad Zip is feeling better! Good for the follow-up visits too! Hope your "surgery" goes well tomorrow! Good luck! Oh and for the quitting smoking - hardest thing I ever done to date but get him a big bag of lollipops (tootsie pops are good) It helps replicate the "in and out motion" of holding a cigarette! Helped me!

  10. Whew! Glad this was only a scare and nothing more. Take care of yourselves! And yes, you have GREAT kids! Good idea with the mixing coffee before going totally decaf. Quitting smoking? I think it's an individual thing... i took deep breaths, sipped ice water... and then treated myself to one extra helping of everything that tasted good! lol! My dh and I have been smoke free for 14 months! It's a long process... take it one day at a time! Hugs to you both!

  11. Oh Pat that was scary indeed!!! I'm so glad to hear that the doctors didn't think it was anything life threatening. Coffee and cigs just aren't worth it, I hope Zip is able to chuck them both!!!

    Good to have a cell phone, your kids are brilliant to get one for you. Now just don't forget to take it with you like my parents do :-)

  12. Sorry to hear about this scare. I'm glad the doctors feel things will be fine. Good luck to Zip with kicking the cigarette habit. My husband is an ex-smoker and he still struggles. My poor brother quit and is now back at it.

    The half and half with the coffee sounds like a good plan. Some of the good coffee house coffees have great water filtered decafs...tastes like the real thing.

    I'm thinking of you both and sending well wishes!

  13. Oh my--I'm so glad Zip is ok!!! I'm sure all of the furry children are taking good care of him!

  14. Pat, how scary for you both. I'm glad Zip wasn't extra stubborn and went to the ER to get checked out. I hope he continues to improve and can kick the 2 habits without too much stress. Good plan with the caffeine - the headaches are brutal by going cold turkey.
    I'll be thinking of you both.

  15. Glad Zip is doing better. Hoping each day gets better and better. So glad you have kiddo's nearby that are ready to help :)

  16. So thankful Zip is better & getting the help he needs. God bless you both!

  17. Pat...thank God Zip is ok...tell him to take care and listen to the Doc take care too ...God bless you both!...miss you!

  18. I am glad he is ok. Don't wait to go to the ER.
    Go right away! Peace of mind is worth everything!

    Decaf is not so bad. I switched to decaf cold turkey about a year ago with no problem. I've never smoked but I know it is a hard thing to give up. He's lucky to have a supportive family.

  19. Not sure where I have been Pat. I missed your post about this!! Praying Zip is feeling better as each day goes by. And also praying that your surgery is quick and painless. Happy to hear that Brad and Kami are pitching in and helping you both out. Terrific!


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