kitty companiona

kitty companiona

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

This lovely patriotic display was in Linda's shop, Grant Street Woolworks, on Thursday when we arrived for the hook-in.

What a day we had! 
I'm sure you've read Kathy's, Joanne's and Doris's blogs and already have heard the news that we had visitors from afar.  Lauren who writes the Rugs and Pugs blog and her friend Mary came from northern Ohio on an antiquing trip and stopped at the wool shop.

I'm just going to add a few more pictures.
Not much hooking was being done, but plenty of talking.  Meeting blogging buddies is like a reunion with old friends, we seem to know each other right away.

Joanne and Lauren sharing a laugh.

Mary is a coverlet collector.  She's contemplating Linda's collection.

There was a lot of shopping going on.  Everyone was stocking up on much-needed supplies.  I think there are going to be some new rugs in the near future.

Lauren kindly brought us gifts, which included treats for the dogs and kitties she sees on our blogs.
My guys were digging in the bag the minute I put in on the kitchen table.

I am so impressed with the 'rug hooker' spoon pendant that Lauren made herself.  Isn't it beautiful.  The hammered silver almost has a mother-of-pearl look.  Thank you so much, Lauren!

Speaking of kitties, this little guy is one of the wild outside babies.  We call him/her the 'baby bat', because he's the runt of the litter and has these big ears and such a tiny face with beady little dark eyes.

The tiny one is not afraid of heights!!!
No, he did not jump off the roof, he's just looking from the high vantage point.  He comes back across the roof and jumps onto the front porch.  The outdoor cats also climb two stories up in our huge maple trees.  So far the fire company hasn't had to come to get anyone down.

Whenever I pay bills and have my papers strewn all over the table, I always have help from the big guy.
He seems to think it is his special obligation to help Mom keep her papers from blowing away in a stray breeze. 

Doesn't he make a great paperweight???

Cats can do so much more than just keep mice out of the house.  They can be useful to Mom in so many ways.  Don't forget to mail these envelopes, Mom!

And when I've been working long enough, there's the gentle paw to remind me that I should stop, take a sip of coffee, and pet the cat.  Deiter, you're my Hero!!!

Hope all of you have a wonderful July 4th!
Ours is going to be corn on the cob and steaks on the grill for two.
Quiet, relaxing, just the way we like it.


  1. Dearest Pat ~
    It was so nice to meet you! You are such a sweetheart and so very gracious! What a wonderful place to hook. I truly understand why Joanne drives hours to spend time there!!! Great friends and good wool ~ what more could a hooker ask for?
    "Baby cat" looks like he/she has radar! And that Deiter. What a handsome fellow and what great pictures.
    Have a Happy 4th. Your quiet day sounds like the perfect day to me.
    Pug hugs :)

  2. Your "hook-in" looks like a lot of fun, it's nice that it is both a creative and social occasion. Baby-bat is just adorable, so nimble and brave for one so young! I have a special fondness for all black cats :-)

    Hope you have a wonderful 4th of July !!!

  3. Happy 4th of July Pat. Thanks for posting some great photos from Linda's shop. I love that great patriotic display and what a huge collection of coverlets.

    That Lauren is a very thoughtful person to bring everyone appropriate gifts and those spoon necklace are so awesome and very special because she made it herself. It is such a wonderful gift of meeting each other and it has bonded you even tighter.

    That black kitten looks real smart and intelligent.

    What a faithful companion that Deiter. I think that he a purr-fect bill paying companion and that last photo is so sweet. JB

  4. Great pics of Grant Street! The little bat cat is so dang cute! And Deiter... he is the King! :-) Happy 4th to you!

  5. I'm so glad you hookers all got together and met sweet Lauren. I looked at all the pics with a teeny bit of envy :)
    Deiter's nickname should be Postmaster. He looks so helpful!
    I have a Lauren "spoon" necklace too.

  6. As always - Deiter is so cool - Sid used to lick my envelopes for me - he loved doing that Baby Bat - too funny! Have a wonderful relaxing day and your dinner for two sounds wonderful

  7. Hi Pat
    I so love Deiter, he is such a beautiful cat and he knows it. lol
    As for the outside kitties, how adorable, I would want them all inside with me, what happens to them in the winter?
    Enjoy your 4th July.

  8. The outdoor kitties are the result of neighbors who do not neuter and spay. The tortie mom (who won't come within reach of me) came here and had her babies. We put out food for any strays who need it, which I know encourages more to come.
    If I could get the mom, we'd have her spayed but she is VERY suspicious. And now we have all the young ones to deal with. I wish they all could come inside! We are at our limit.

  9. Oh, I didn't answer the question of winter. We leave a shed door open so they can go inside and also have two cat beds in crates on the front porch for overnight guests.

  10. Oh Pat that is one of the most exciting things when you get to meet blogger friends.
    What a great collection of coverlets, I love those things.
    The rug hooker spoon necklace is wonderful, especially since you know the maker.
    Little black kittie is a cutie, But Deiter is handsome.
    Enjoy your dinner for two, that is just what hubby and I have done these last couple day.

  11. Love the kitty pics!! Deiter looks like such a sweetheart and that baby, oh my!! I'd be trying to catch and bring him inside!!

  12. I have just come across your blog through crafty cat corner ....I can so identify with you ....your love of cats ...and retirement inactivity ...and weight gain ...mine was made even worse after giving up smoking after 46 years. I love food ...I eat healthy and then give in to my cake and chocolate adiction lol. We have 18 cats ....over half were rescued ...and we keep an eye on a elderly wild one we have called Marvin. Yes we are mad we cant afford them really but we love them ...well most of them lol ...we have one identical to Bat Baby ...she is the size of a kitten yet nearly 4 and not very loving...and then there is Toto who is a Main Coon and was going to be micro waved before we cat-napped him ... he thinks every receptical, except a litter tray, is his own personal loo but we have to keep him in as he is not the brightest ...infact we only allow 5 out so we dont upset the neighbours.
    Love your posts I shall follow you ...and I promise not to do such a long comment again.


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