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kitty companiona

Monday, January 24, 2011

Get out of Jail! Free!!!

Before I get started on my post I want to mention that I've noticed a few new followers have joined my blog recently.  I want to thank all of you who have just joined and those faithful friends who continue to read my posts.  Please know that I do go to your blogs and read your posts though I don't always have time to comment. 

Welcome New Readers!  Dear Old Friends, I'm so happy when you stop in to read and comment!

Aaaaaah, the sweet taste of freedom!

I feel as though I have been handcuffed to the sewing machine for the past week-and-a-half.
Brad and Kami were getting ready for a major WW2 re-enactment and had lots of orders to fill and kept getting more at the last minute.  And of course, many were passed along to me.  Don't get me wrong!  They did their best, working from early morning to late night on this stuff.

In the past two weeks I made three pairs of piped shoulder boards, three bedsacks with pillows, repaired a dirndl top, made two pairs of men's pants and a  child's heavy wool overcoat.  I had to make up the patterns for the pants and overcoat.  Drawing patterns causes severe anxiety! 

I did have the comfort of loving kitties while I was working.  Izzy loves to lounge in fabric.

Deiter joins the confusion and decides that this is the ideal place to give Izzy a bath.
Come on, guys!  The table is getting a little crowded!

Zip usually leaves his guitar case on my loom next to the sewing table.  Penny loves to snuggle down inside and take a nap.

Penny and Reggie are a tangle of kitty body parts on a messy shelf where I keep supplies.

'By the way, Mom!  Your sewing is interfering with my nap!'

Everything is finished and was delivered yesterday afternoon.  The kids are leaving for Fort Indiantown Gap tomorrow.  Then all Zip and I have to do is feed their kitties.

So today I am out of sewing incarceration!  Absolutely FREE to do whatever I wish.
It was a nice change to get up in the morning and do dishes (can't believe I said that!!!).  Yes, they piled up nicely while I was otherwise occupied!

On Thursday, my friend Willa is coming here to make tamales.  I've been researching tamale dough recipes on cooking websites.  I like the milder flavor and fluffier texture of ones that made with a canned hominy base.  After reading quite a few recipes, I formulated my own ideas and wanted to try them out ahead of time.

My tamale dough recipe:

1 can of hominy (a can the size of a regular soup can)
1/2 cup yellow cornmeal
1/2 cup shortening (or lard, the traditional way)
pinch of salt
Chicken broth as needed to make a smooth, soft dough  (less than a cup)

I put all the ingredients into the food processor and blended until the hominy was finely chopped and incorporated into the cornmeal, adding chicken broth a little at a time.  I wanted the dough to be soft enough to easily spread on the cornhusks.

My filling was ground turkey breast, some cumin, taco seasoning and cilantro, with some finely diced white cheddar cheese and some cream cheese.

I will be taking pictures of the whole process when Willa and I make them again on Thursday.

I put the tamales in my bamboo steamer and cooked them for about a half an hour.

The dough turned out perfectly light and fluffy.  I wish I had added some more spicy kick to the filling, maybe adobo sauce, but that's for another day. 

Darn!  I wish I had some guacamole!!!


  1. I think everything goes better when there are cats around! Isabel's black nose is just fantastic :-) Keep us posted on you tamale adventure....I can tell you and Willa are going to have a lot of fun in the kitchen on thursday!!!

  2. Darn those tamales look so good.
    Love the cat tangles.

  3. Oh Pat, we both know the anxiety making up patterns can cause! It's not the sewing, bot the cutting. So glad the kids are getting plenty of orders. Re-enactments can be so stressful getting ready, especially when you are a vendor. I am sure they will have a good time once they get to the Gap. Hope you and Willa have a happy tamale cooking day.

  4. OOOOOOOOOOOOh tamales - I have guac in the freezer! Shame you don't live around the corner - Those pics are priceless of the kids! I just want to snuggle in with them all! Too cute! So happy you have been let go of your chains (A fate worse then death to me to be chained to a monster machine!) Guess if I make it to Grant ST on Thursday you won't be there - you'll be drinking Margarita's and dancing around a mexican hat!

  5. Hi Pat,
    So glad you are out of your sewing prison for a break! That's hard work to be chained to a machine for that long! Goodness, it's a good thing the kids are around to make the time go by quickly! The kitty baths are what I miss not having a cat around!
    The tamale recipe sounds delish! I will have to pick up a bamboo steamer some day to try making them that way!
    Stay warm and cozy there as I hear more deep freeze weather is headed your way!
    Cathy G

  6. Pat, the tamalies look wonderful. So glad you got all of your sewing done. I know it was stressful. Love the kitty antics - they are adorable. Hope to see you soon.

  7. so glad you have some free time. you kitties are so sweet. and ymmmmm enjoy

  8. Happy for the freedom you've gotten Pat! I'm sure the kids really appreciated all your work you helped them with..
    Enjoy your time with Willa, sounds like fun! I'm sure we will see lots of pictures, right? :)

  9. OK. Blogger ate my first comment. GGRRRR!
    I'm glad your sewing is done and now you have time to play.
    Love the furbaby pictures. Just too cute!
    Hugs :)

  10. Love all the kitty pictures! They look soooo comfy!!

  11. Oh those little kitties of yours look so comfortable and happy! What a great life you give them! :-)

  12. I have never tasted tamales but they look so good. Now I'm hungry and its still another hour til lunch. Darn!
    I bet you did the "happy dance" when you finished all your sewing. How do you get any work done with all those cute kitties lounging around you?? They all certainly look comfortable. lol

  13. Hi Pat!... So glad your incarceration is over... Love the pictures of the kiddies. They are so cute... You are one talented lady , you can make your own patterns for clothing, thats awesome.... Have a great time with Willa making your tamales. It looks like great fun.... And if you need guacamole. I have some in the fridge. It is just a 2 1/2 hour drive to fetch it and 2 1/2 hours to return home, no time at all LOL!..... Can't believe you said it was a nice change to get up and do the dishes.... That is one reason I don't like to bake because then I have to do the dishes, it seems I use every mixing bowl I own. I have not come up with a system yet, either the bowl is to big or too small....... well enjoy your freedom and have a nice day!

  14. Pat, The cat photos are too sweet! Aren't they a riot to watch? They are lucky to have you....Stay warm and think spring!

  15. Hi there, it's Cat again. I've given you an award Pat, if you get a chance please pop by my blog and pick up the badge for you sidebar :-)


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