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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Are We There Yet???

The journey toward Spring seems to be a long one.
At least we did not get quite the mess that was predicted-  snow, freezing rain, sleet and dire road conditions-  until lunch time today.

By the time I got up at 7 a.m. it was all over but the gray look.

Yesterday I had a routine doctor visit.  I talked to her about the fact that I have No Energy.  We discussed seasonal depression and history of depression and decided that medication was probably not the way to go.  She said that my thyroid is 'sluggish' and recommended medication for that in hopes that it will perk me up a bit.  There was the mild lecture about Losing Weight.  Now that's depressing!!!
On the whole, I'm doing pretty good for an old fat lady.

The week ahead is going to be filled with sewing for Brad and Kami.  They are going to a large WW2 event at Fort Indiantown Gap next week and there are lots of orders that need to be finished.  After that I have been promised a vacation so I can do some fun crafty things.

Meanwhile, the cats entertain (pester) me by hanging about on the sewing table.  Izzy sits on top of my embroidery machine, looks out onto the front porch and issues verbal threats to the stray kitties who gather to eat.

Oh, she now sees a more reachable victim.
Yeek!  Look at the CAT HAIR on the dust cover of the machine!

Is that a raccoon in the trash can???
Only Reggie innocently playing in the papers, threads and fabric scraps.

The fun is over, Reggie!
Hehehe!  Don't I look like the Evil Big Sister???

 Oh to have the life of a young cat!  THEY are not lacking energy!

Recently some of the rugs that I had loaned to Linda at Grant Street to hang on the walls of the shop have returned home.  This the first rug I ever hooked.

My sister and I first became interested in rughooking after seeing an exhibit at the Washington County Art Museum in Hagerstown, MD.  They were featuring rug artists Mary Ann Storm, her mother and grandmother.  We contacted Mary Ann and found that she gave lessons.  We were ready!!!

I wanted a rug that was dark and primitive.  I had collected a small stash of recycled wool, a limited palette.  With help from my teacher, I dyed the greens for leaves and grass.  I hate to admit how long it took me to hook this rug!

My Amish couple rug is progressing onward.  You will notice that the man's hair kind of blends into the background.

I yanked out the plaid that I used for the outline and put in black instead.  A small change, but I think for the better.  I'm not sure yet if I like that sawtooth border.  I may have to give that some more thought.  But is it worth the effort for such a silly piece???

Well, that's it.  Hasn't been a very exciting week.  LOL!
Hope at least some of you are having a much more active life!


  1. Hi Pat,

    Yep a snow day out of this one... and I'm trying to catch up on some quilt projects. have a good day!

  2. My first visit to your blog, but not my last! I just love this Amish rug, the pattern and the colors are wonderful. You are very talented!

    Wooly hugs,

  3. Hi Pat - We are still getting the sleet and freezing rain over top the snow last night! Only a few inches but it just makes it for yuk and muck and icy slush - so ugly out there! I think the seasons do affect people - the other day in Costco I saw a light to use for SAD - Wonder if they work? I need to find some motivation myself - I know I could get a lot more done!

    Your kitties are certainly a reason to smile - They seem to into everything - I can well image where you find them and what laughs you have!

  4. I love your Amish couple Pat; she has a pie and he has a chicken...too cute!

    I think we are all suffering from the January blahs...but I find kitty therapy helps a lot :-)

  5. Hi Pat,
    Great to see a lovely post! Always enjoy seeing the youngsters and how much they've grown!! I know they are keeping you and Zip entertained to the max!!!
    Oh the dreaded Dr. visits. But it's time to get feeling better. An excellent book on thyroid I found is The Menopause Thyroid Solution by Mary J. Shomon. I found it very informative. Hope you get on the right track to feeling better soon Pat.
    The Amish couple rug is looking really nice. I like your colors and I think that border is going to be great!
    Your first rug is wonderful! It is amazing looking back on our first rugs that we could even make something like that. I'm not surprised at all at your results because you have so many talents! You can do anything you set your mind to!
    Stay safe and warm......
    Cathy G

  6. Hi Pat,

    Love your cats photos!! Wouldn't it be wonderful
    if we had their energy? I am like you sometimes as far as being tired..My mom says I never rest but I do...tee-hee...Your rug is looking wonderful! Have a great day and stay warm!

  7. Pat! This time of year is soooo hard to get through!! Now that I am not working I get kinda bummed out periodically through the week! I cant imagine if i didnt have the kids to distract me, but they wont always be here, they do grow up!! And when I think that I get depressed all over again!! UGH! Danny informed in bed last night that he was going to take Banjo lessons( he already told me this before)...Where did ZIP go to learn?? By the way, please make a Facebook page, all of us are on there and we can discuss things more privately and back and forth!! There!! something for you to do new and different LOL LOL

  8. Hi Pat, I like the way your rug is coming. You and I both know that a border can make or break a rug. Worth giving it some thought. Rugs coming home?? Surprise, surprise. I vote no on facebook. To many people air their dirty linen on facebook just my take on it. Talk to you tomorrow.

  9. Hi Pat! I know exactly what you mean about being sluggish. I have seasonal depression which is why I LOVE spending the winters in Arizona! Love your rugs and your kitties!!!

  10. A small change but it made a lot of difference!! Aren't cats the craziest things? Mine sits in the bathroom sink waiting for the water to run ~ one of many weird things he does!!

  11. January seems to be extra long for everyone this year. I have bouts with thyroid every once in awhile. Hope yours perks up quickly. It can drag you down.
    Nice to see your rugs. I think the Amish couple are very cute.

  12. Hi Pat! Hope you are feeling better real soon!!! I love your rug! It is so pretty! Your cats are soooo cute! I love the color markings on the calico one!

    I made it to Grant Street last Thursday and hope to return this Thursday! I'm just about done with my first rug... and I won't tell you how long it has taken me!!! LOL Another year has past and I really don't remember when I started it!

  13. Hey Pat, I sure hope the thyroid medicine brings you some more energy in a few weeks. I can relate.... And I hope you really do take that vacation after the orders are finished with Brad and Kami !
    I think the amish rug is turning out great. would love to see more of that border. I like the pop that the colors give it. You'll know if you like it when you hook more.
    I have to say that your rugs in Linda's shop sure did get tons of compliments :)!!

  14. Hey Pat, I told Jill that you wouldn't mind if Danny and Alan (I mean Zip) practiced in the evenings at your house! Poor Jill, we remember Zip practicing.(lol) I bet he's pretty good by now. Love your Amish people! Good idea and good pattern. I think I have a customer interested in your Checkerboard Rug. I have one in stock. Hope you start feeling better. I told Rick, this is my worst winter yet and he said you say that every year! It's true too, every year as I get older it gets worse. What you need is a good dose of the G Street hook-in.

  15. The amish rug is gorgeous!! I love your cats--I'm sure they add just the right amount of "texture" (cat hair) to your projects!

  16. Pat... force yourself to come out to grant street once you get there you will LOOOVE it!! I always feel better when I go!! I say yes to facebook cause its a cool way to keep semi connected to people you have not seen in awhile.. some ppl do air their dirty laundry, but you dont have to... you could send private messagaes back and forth! I like the amish rug and I think the border really adds to it (maybe they are slightly rebellious amish and kinda like the bold colors (for them) around their rug!! LOL!!! by the way the cats are to adorable...

  17. I love the chicken.. your detail is amazing. And the colors of wool are gorgeous.

    Thanks for sharing.

  18. Hi Pat.... Hope you are feeling better. I know how feels to be down and out.... I am on depression medicine and sometimes I wonder if it is really working. Love the pictures of your kitties. They are so adorable. When you feel better,I hope you come to the hook in ,it is always nice to see you. Joanne and I decided not to come today because of the snow warning but hope to be there on another Thursday, hopefully you decide to come too. Take care, get better, breathe deep, take a hot bath or shower, put your feet up, get a cup of coffee or tea or a glass of wine (thats for me) and read a good book, it usually works to get my mind off my worries.

  19. Winter always makes me feel sluggish and depressed even if I'm working. I have so many half finished projects and ever night I swear I'm going to finish them "tomorrow". Right!!!

    There aren't to many place to go around here or people to meet up with for a day. I was at the new yarn shop in Millersburg this morning but the only one in so I hope she gets more customers in so she can stay in business.

    We're suppose to have more nastly weather tonight so you and Zip stay safe and warm.

  20. Dear Pat,

    Thank you for your honesty in regards to depression. Having gone through open heart surgery five years ago, I have had my bouts with depression many time since then. This is very common among patients who have undergone heart surgery.

    However mine also has been combined with my not having an income since I have been out of work since 2003 and since then have battled cancer and recovering from a surgery that took a little over four years.

    With that said, medical doctors are usually quick to prescribe medications, all of which I have rejected and I am glad that you were not given the easy road of treatment.

    I have always believed that an artist should be able to treat their depression by creating art, even though most artist suffer from depression in the first place, making it a true challenge.

    I wish you all the very best and know that you are not alone.

    Warmest regards,


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