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kitty companiona

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Color Planning Chaos

Disorderly Conduct.
Yep, guilty as charged!

As usual I changed my mind about which project to work on next.  I had planned to take the 'spaghetti and meatballs' rug to Zip's bluegrass workshop, but when I got up Saturday morning I realized that I didn't have adequate amounts of many colors to even begin a larger rug.  So I decided instead to take my small 'Amish couple' mat.  Surely in my messy stash of wool I would have some suitable colors.

The problem with having hooked for twenty years is that you end up with a lot of small leftover pieces from every project you ever hooked.  Mine are all jumbled together in a plastic bin, with hardly a piece larger than 1/4 yard. 

I don't usually buy wool ahead of time just because it's a pretty piece.  It's NEVER what I need at the moment!  I have a good stash of light neutrals that I dye as necessary.

So I dig through the mess and pull out the possibilities and lay them around me on the table.

Then they become piles of Not Right, Maybe, and It's a Keeper.
Meanwhile the 'hooker's little helpers' move in.

Izzy is lounging and daydreaming in wooly splendour.

Deiter sits on Mommy's hoop because the nice round shape conveniently fits his body.

Mom will just have to sit and drink coffee and watch the snow fall.
I was able to make a little progress.  I'm still not sure of the background.  It may be a little too dark.

Yesterday I ventured out of the house to go to the Blue and Gray hooking meeting.  A lot of people showed up.  Everyone must be getting cabin fever and needed a day out in spite of the frigid weather.

I took some pictures but they aren't the best.  The sooner I got finished with the photos, the sooner I could TALK!

Our featured hooker for this month was Peg V.  This is only a small sampling of her many lovely hooked projects.

And this is her first rug.  She was good right from the start!

There were many other people's rugs on display.  Our meeting last month was cancelled due to the weather, so there were lots of new rugs being finished.

Here is Marion's completed peacock rug.

Doris is working on her Adam and Eve rug.  She usually hooks pictorials in a fine cut, but this is proof of her versatility.  Here she is using a wide cut to create this delightful primitive.

Isn't Adam cute!

It was an enjoyable meeting, with lots of conversation, sharing of ideas, and wonderful rugs on display.
I'm glad I decided to go.

Several of you asked about Zip's bluegrass workshop on Saturday.
There was a good turnout in spite of the fact that the morning started out with snow coming down.  The activities got started a little late, but everyone made up for it with their enthusiasm.

Most of the class.

I sat in the back and hooked on my mat and talked with a few other 'bluegrass widows'.  The music was enjoyable.  The lectures were interesting even though I don't know beans about music.

Here's Zip!

Almost ready for Nashville, do you think???


  1. Hi Pat,
    I see the fur brigade is loving the selecting of wool as much as you do! LOL! It's amazing how they are drawn to it!
    Thanks for taking all the amazing photos of the rugs! Such talented hookers each and every one! Hope you aren't getting snowed in out there!
    Staying by the home fires and hookin' and listening to Zip pickin' sounds like a wonderful way to pass the frigid weather!
    Keep us posted on your rugs progress!
    Cathy G

  2. Pat, you lucky girl to have your hubby play guitar to entertain you and your feline friends. I bet he serenaded you at one point. The rugs are all beautiful and I love Doris' Adam and Eve rug. It's the best one I've seen yet.

    About having only small pieces of wool could be a blessing in disguise if you married some of those colors or add some dye to change their colors..

    When I married mine, I used a small piece of darker wool with some neutrals and white and even plaids and got some colors that all went well together. You could marry your worms too. I handle them very gently however and dry them with a big towel and then drape them on a plastic coat hanger to dry by the stove.

    I hope that your furry helpers will give you a paw with your hooking. JB

  3. Your Izzy is so cute. I love the tri colored cats. Thanks so much for the rug show there are some really pretty rugs. and it is ok to be a bluegrass widow if you can hook.

  4. Pat ~
    I was trying to figure out what the spagetti and meatballs rug reference was. I then looked at your previous post and duh! I guess I just glanced at the picture and thought it was a pie.
    Thanks for showing all the amazing rugs ~ especially Doris'. It is absolutely wonderful.
    I hope you are staying warm. We are getting some snow here on Ohio's north coast.
    Hugs :)

  5. Hi Pat, Zip really looks the part. Tom has tried guitar but his finger were never the most dexterous and although he still plinks about he has never really taken it up properly.
    I just love the Amish couple and if you don't mind me poking my nose in, yes maybe the background is a little dark but don't let me sway you, I know nothing about hooking.
    You are really troupers going a distance in the snow, here in the u.k. we only have to have an inch and we think we are snowed in. lol

  6. Good morning Pat,
    The Amish is coming along nicely. Background seems a bit dark to me but maybe not enough done yet to tell. Love the picture of Zip. He looks so intent - Nashville? - I don't think so!

  7. Pat! I do the same thing with wool. I dont buy unless i akready have a project in mind. The few pieces I bought just because i liked it...I never seem to use! Were alot of like Pat, except my house is full of kids and your is full of cats! SO I see by your pictures Penny isn't keeping you company...Her sister Meoshka is the same way...She is always around but never lovin on me...not as much as Prince Weezy. But she is my mouser!!! I think the house Alyssia brought those kitties from smoked alot of Pot!! LOL!!I love how Zip is learning to pick! Danny always says he would like to learn!! I do think he would look GREAT in Nashville!! With the denim, banjo...he kinda has the older Alan Jackson look!! now dont tell him that or it will go to his head and you know whatthat will lead too....

  8. Looked like a great day at Blue and Gray. So happy for everyone that it was a good turnout! Great rugs. the Santa and sleigh is one of my favorites of Peg's. I remember when she was doing that one. Thanks for sharing!
    And your amish rug looks like it's going to be great.. I see a highlight in the background between the two. I think you will be alright. Keep hooking.
    Happy for Zip and his "picking"... A room full of guitars is no different that a room full of rugs... glad he found something he truly enjoys and kudos to you for supporting him and being there with him.
    Hope to see you on Thursday!!

  9. Hi Pat - I had to pop over and see you after seeing your comment on Pamela's site because my blog is called weaverofgrass and my name is Pat and I thought it was such a coincidence! Enjoyed looking at your lovely work. Do call and visit me sometime.

  10. Very pretty rug photos you have shared here of Marion's rugs. Looks like the Amish rug is a fun project. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Your amish people look your choice of colors.

    All the group mats are wonderful, as well.

  12. Beautiful rugs!!! Love your kitties!

  13. Hi Pat,
    I think it is wonderful that you went with your hubby at his class! AND you could hook and chat with friends.....I love the amish couple you are doing...Too cute..Isn't it wonderful to have the cats to help? I to have "worms" everywhere and are trying to build up a stash where I have a few different colors....Have a great weekend and stay warm....

  14. Thanks Pat for leaving a comment on my blog. I pictured myself jumping in the dye pot with both feet and had to laugh. I'm looking forward to starting dyeing with April DeConick 's 8 value color palette when I get back from Ottawa and I'm looking forward to seeing your Amish rug finished. I hope that the sun was shining in your part of your world today. JB

  15. Hi! Pat this is Nettie (Joanne's friend) I met you at Grant Street Wool works. Your Amish rug is coming along great! But then, everything I ever saw you make is absolutely wonderful. Hope to see you sometime again at the hook in Joanne and I miss you, you sat next to me the last time you were there, hope you remember me, wishing you the best and I also think that Zip is ready for Nashville!!!

  16. Hello from England!
    I found you via crazy cats blog, and so loved looking at the photos of all the fabulous rugs. Even though we don't 'do' Christmas any more, I think my favourites were the Christmassy ones, and that peacock rug! Wow... the work that went into it is incredible.
    I get lots of bits of left over tapestry yarns in the same way you probably get wool leftovers. I use them to design my own patchwork or other designed needlepoint cushions, so they never go to waste.
    I love the way you describe yourself. Me? I'm plain ditzy!!


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