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kitty companiona

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Stress and Changes

Here is Deiter happily laying on Mom's rug.  He doesn't realize that within minutes he will be on his way to the vet's.  He's had some mild 'intestinal issues' lately and is due for vaccinations.  Usually the big guy is very calm and laid back.

Not when you put him in a cage!  Shriek!!!  Whine!!!  And the stress level goes up for Deiter, Mom and Dad....all six miles of it till we get to the vets.  We have to drag him out of the carrier.

And here he is until the Doc arrives.  He was a basket case!  He squirmed and would NOT hold still.  He didn't bite or scratch.  But a wiggly 18-pound cat is not easy to work with.  The tech and I both had to hold him while the vet did her exam.

He doesn't seem to have a hairball.  Maybe changes in his life (like having two new little sisters???) or the fact that we changed from all dry cat food to feeding canned twice a day.

Anyhow he's now on an antibiotic just in case.  And they did not want to give him the vaccinations until this issue was resolved.  So...back to the vet again in two weeks.  More stress.

The little guys are growing fast!  At about four months old cats get their permanent teeth.  Penny already has hers.  I looked one day a week ago and they were suddenly there.  This is a picture of Izzy's upper fang last week.

This week the new tooth is coming in.  The amazing thing about cats is that they are never without their fangs.  Unlike humans, whose teeth fall out and then new ones grow in, cats new fangs grow in front of the baby ones.  A very logical biological necessity since those teeth are their defense and means of attaining their food.

The beautiful Isabell!  Penny was too busy climbing the walls and jumping on furniture to sit still for a picture.  Miss Izzy loves photo shoots.

Progress is being made on  my logo rug.  This was the idea that I started out with for the border.  I measured out large tongues, hooked one and didn't like it.  Then I made small tongues, planning to use a light background.  Didn't like that idea either.  The small tongues seemed to fussy and delicate for the large chunky heart and hand.  This is beginning to make me cranky!!!

After lying in bed and thinking (and giving myself a headache!) I decided to just do straight hit or miss rows for the border.  Then I got a bright idea for doing the corners.  And here it is.

I think I can live with this.  I told you it could all change in a minute!

I've been working on this all evening.  I will have to dye more wool for the background.  I know I'll run out!  But I like the dark background so much better than the light.

In my spare time today I made some awesome Thai-style spring rolls.  The next time I make them I will take pictures and give the recipe.  Zip said they were better than the ones we get at the Chinese restaurant.


  1. Pat ~
    I just love all the kitty pictures. Those spots on Deiter are just too cool! That first picture could be an award winner! I'm sorry his trip to the vet was stressful for all involved and the fact that you have to repeat in a couple of weeks is a real bummer.
    Your rug is wonderful. I think you've come up with the perfect border.
    Pug hugs :)

  2. Greetings everyone,

    Going to the vet is certainly stressful but so far I have been lucky since I cannot remember what happened when I went a few times during my youth. Of course two years ago when attacked by a dog, dad wrapped me in towels and big brother held me close while big sister calmed me.

    I was not sure what to expect when we all arrived, but some how I knew they all meant well and only wanted to help.

    Even though dad is an artist, he knows nothing about the kind of art you create and how one goes about making it. As for either a dark or light background depends what one is trying to achieve visually and dad would like to suggest that making tonal sketches might help in the future with any possible design obstacles.

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend,
    Miss Kitty and Egmont (dad)

  3. Your rug is progressing well and I like how you solved your problem with the border. It's going to look great. Can you give something to calm the cat down before a visit to the vet? I used to give something to calm my little dog because she would get sick in the car when traveling even short distances. JB

  4. Ah Pat - I totally know exactly what you were saying about your vet visit - Give that big boy Deiter hugs from me and the boys please! I wish they could understand it's for their own good! I'm sorry he isn't feeling well - i hope it resolves itself.

    The other kids are adorable! great pics!

    Love the hit and miss (you know me and hit and miss!)

  5. Hi Pat,
    I feel your frustration when something on a rug just isn't working. I like your solution with the hit and miss. I feel so badly for poor Dieter! I wish I could take something myself before going to Dentist or Dr. to calm me down! LOL. I hope he is feeling better soon. Miss Izzy has the most wonderful eyes. I'll bet she is super intelligent!
    Cathy G

  6. Hi Pat, I,too, know the stresses of taking a cat to the vet. Cuddle all you will, but they think something 'evil' is about to happen to them. poor dears. All of your cats have beautiful your rug.

  7. Pat I love what you have done with the corner of your rug. Very nice. Poor Dieter - the vet is a very stressful time. Eloise just shakes and shakes so we know how Dieter feels. Hug him for us.

  8. Poor Deiter! I'm thinking it may be the change in food? Good fangs on the youngsters! That little Izzy is a sweetie pie! Love the final decision on the border for your rug! Looks perfect! Gotta say... that is the cleanest vet floor I have EVER seen!

  9. I agree with Moosecraft. Changing from a dry to wet food can cause that type of thing. I have had cats all my life and we've experienced just about all of it. The last strange episode was when we moved and Daisy had to have shots(she hadn't had them since kitten shots). 10 days after the shots she came down with pancreatitis. Vet says she is vaccine sensitive. She was in a great deal of pain and very sick. Took much medication and time to get her back on the road to recovery. Fine now, but no more shots for my baby.

  10. I really like what you chose to do for the background and borders of your rug.
    Love the cats they are all so pretty.
    My daughter had a cat that when it went to the vet,the vet would put on welding gloves in order to manage it.
    Sweet things, they do love home best don't they.

  11. your rug is looking great - it might be a struggle but you are getting there.


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