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kitty companiona

Friday, October 22, 2010

Lately We've Been....

Under the weather.  Zip and I have had nasty head colds and coughs.  Mine is nearly over, his still persists.
Throughout my days of feeling yucky, Deiter was right by my side.  I could not have asked for a better companion.

Sunday was a lovely fall day.  I finally felt good enough to venture out. 

I had gotten an email from a woman who has a soapmaking business, Handmade Soap by Patsy.  She is from Halifax, PA and was going to be in my area for a craft show at Pine Grove Furnace State Park.  I agreed to meet her and spend the afternoon.

Riding down the road I was fortunate to go past an Amish home where they were having their Sunday meeting.  The Amish do not have church buildings.  They meet in members' homes for their spiritual message, food and social interaction.   There were many more buggies than I could get into the picture.

I didn't do a lot of walking around at the craft show since I was still recovering.  I know there must have been a lot of other interesting things to see, but I went directly to Patsy's stand where we  had a nice afternoon of conversation in a beautiful mountain setting.

I like her nice, tasteful display in subdued colors.  Aaaaah!  The fragrances are wonderful and some of the soap names are quite colorful!   She also has her own formula lip balm and healing salve.  All of the soap is made by hand using a variety of vegetable based oils. 

Notice that I got one called 'Witches Brew'!  Hehehe!   Or maybe cackle, cackle!
And the bundle includes five different soaps so that you can sample.  My kitties received a nice bag of dried catnip as a gift from Patsy. 

I've been using her soap for the past few days.  It makes excellent lather, doesn't dry my skin, and smells delightful.  If you are interested in purchasing some of her soap the email address is

Yesterday I attended the hook-in at Grant Street Woolworks.  There wasn't a big crowd there during the day, just enough people to have a good conversation.  Joanne and Nettie came from way out in eastern PA.
As usual Joanne was 'finishing'.  She always seems to save her whipping for these occasions!

Aren't her little chairpads cute?

Kathy is working on her bird rug that she designed herself.

Nettie's rug looks like an antique.  She's planning to do the border in a lovely dark red.
I haven't had a chance to talk to her for a long time.  It was so nice that she could come and join the group.

Jill is working on a rug for her son.  It's a cute rug with little sailboats on it.

Linda is showing off her new earrings and eating crackers.  She had been working on her rug, but stopped for a much needed snack.  Rug hooking is hard work!  It makes you hungry!  That's why there is always food at hook-ins.
Here's her partridge in a pear tree rug.

The shop is looking good!  :Linda and Kathy have made up lots of nice seasonal kits.
A nice gift to encourage a new hooker or a small easy project for a more experienced one.  We all need 'easy' once in a while!

I've finished the hooking on my little logo rug.  It's going to need some major blocking!  Somehow when I was doing all that 'hit or miss' on the corners I didn't realize that doing it on the bias might be cause for concern.  Plus all around the edges of the heart my background is hooked on the bias.  The whole thing has become slightly distorted from the stretching of the burlap. 
I sure hope steaming will do the trick.  I may have to pin it to a board until it's thoroughly dry.

This time of year with the cool breezy days and the chilly nights makes me want to cook comfort food.  Must be my PA German ancestry, that farmer influence!
It's time to fire up the woodstove and cook one-pot meals.  I dig in the fridge and bring out things that need to be used.

I had two smoked turkey sausages
Some turkey bacon
1/2 head of cabbage
A large onion
and lots of little red potatoes from the garden that were too small to peel.
Season with salt, pepper and paprika.

I sprayed the pan with cooking spray and added the meat, browned it and added the cabbage and potatoes.  Put the onions in after that had cooked for a while.  Then just saute until the veggies are tender, making sure it doesn't stick, adding water as necessary.

Very hearty and satisfying with some crusty bread.  And so easy!

Until next time , enjoy this wonderful fall weather!


  1. Hi Pat,
    I feel full, satisfied, squeaky clean, and most certainly inspired after reading your wonderful post today! It's such a joy to see all those rugs and their makers! I do think your rug will go back into shape nicely with some steaming and perhaps you will have to pin it down some. It's a very antique look and such wonderful colors! I need you to come cook some of that Pa. German food for us! We both are of German decent but goofy Dave doesn't like cabbage! But he likes cole slaw! Go figure?!! I don't think he knows it's cabbage :LOL Thank-you for the great nice email.....I'm going back to read it again!
    Cathy G

  2. Greetings dear Pat,

    Here I am ready to comment with daddy's help of course, we hear a voice calling us. It looks like mum is ready for dad to take her to the bus station since she is leaving on a trip but dad is staying home with me. So we will return later to finish what was on our minds.

    Miss Kitty and Egmont (dad)

  3. Pat , I enjoyed reading your post today and any day for that matter. I enjoy going on your trip with you via your blog and seeing all the interesting things you blog about. I love home made soap especially lavender soaps. We can get it at the Farmers Market in the city every Saturday morning year round.

    That German cabbage stir fry looks delicious. I should have been a German because I just love cabbage cooked in any fashion or raw in cole slaw or salad.

    I hope that your cold will soon be a thing of the past, mine is slowly getting better but I still cough and blow my nose often. I love fall but every year cold virus seems to resurface each time.
    Have a great weekend and thanks for your comment on my blog. Hugs, JB

  4. Pat it was wonderful seeing you yesterday and sharing our kitty stories (They never get old do they - Okay I know some people are choking here! LOL) Anyway so happy you are feeling better and hope Zip is too. Your rug looks great - I see you finished it! I'm sure a good steam will do the job! I do hope you guys will change your mind and come out to Brandywine - will be fun to have a couple of tables full of friends!

  5. Your logo is wonderful!!

    I can't agree more. Patsy has is an amazing soap maker among other things. She's one of my special friends. I'm glad you two got to meet I know she enjoys reading your blog.

  6. Pat.. Icant believe you were at pine grove furnace!! My son was doing the blacksmithing demonstration their!!! I wish you could have seen him... he did great and even sold a few things!! I was there on sunday and I didnt see you .. but I did see the handmade soap.. it was a rather small craft show.. but such a beautiful place!! Hope to see you at brandywine!

  7. Greetings Pat,

    Now that we have returned, we can share with you our other thought after seeing you photographs and accompanying text, is that seeing the pace of life in this area of yours appears much slower. It makes us want to move. So glad you posted this.

    Wishing you all the best,
    Miss Kitty and Egmont

  8. Pat, you certainly have kept busy. Hopefully that nasty cold bug will soon be gone from your home. Love the photos, especially the Amish buggies.
    That soap looks wonderful. Whenever I see anything like that at a craft show I grab lots. Love all the fancy scents.
    Not so sure about your supper though. I'm like Cathy G's husband - I say I don't like cabbage but I eat coleslaw! lol

  9. Pat ~
    Add me to the list that eats coleslaw but not cooked cabbage :)
    Thanks for sharing all the wonderful rugs. I love the hit and miss border of your logo mat. Very clever.
    What beautiful fall colors in your area. So far ours are disappointing. I'm wondering if it's because it was so dry for so long???
    I hope you and Zip are finally rid of your nasty bug.
    Pug hugs :)

  10. Hope you are 100% soon.. and Zip too. It is way too tiring not to feel good.

    Thanks for sharing your pic's..


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