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kitty companiona

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Quiet Hero

Last week, I was finishing up a uniform for Brad and Kami that had to be shipped the next day.  Only four buttonholes to go and it would be finished.  That's when my dear old Necchi Supernova sewing machine started to go into a seizure.  Oh gosh, I've had this machine for over 40 years.  I bought it when I made my wedding gown and attendant's dresses.  We've been together longer than Zip and I have been married!

There have been many others since.  Uuuuuh, sewing machines, not MEN!  LOL!!!
But it's still my favorite.

Since this machine has no zig-zag function, I still use the 'clacker' to maker buttonholes.  The buttonholes are always the same size and perfect every time.  I just love this machine!  That is, if it's sewing properly.

When my machine is not working properly, I can go into a mental meltdown!  Why does it always happen at the most inopportune time???
Zip knows not to say ANYTHING!!!  Otherwise he is in danger of being snarled at and bitten!  A mad dog is kinder than I am when my machine is taking a fit!

So I unplug it and drag it to the car and off we go to the one place that I can find peace and comfort.  And expert help.

My local Bernina dealership and Mr. Earl Martin.  THE BEST sewing machine repairman in the area.
Just entering the door makes me feel calmer. 

The shop is bright, clean and very organized.  Look at that wonderful selection of machines set up and ready for a demo run. 

The machine in the foreground is an embroidery machine that can do beautiful large pieces.  I love the official Bernina chair!

These lovely sewing cabinets are handcrafted by Mr. Martin's brother-in-law and can be custom ordered in several choices of wood.  The machine in the background is a mini-verson of a long armed quilter that is used for demo.

Mr. Martin may be a Bernina dealer, but he has parts and accessories for many other brands of machines.  His service and repair work includes all brands of sewing machines and sergers.  He had just recently reconditioned a heavy-duty industrial machine for Brad and Kami.

Here is the thread selection, both regular sewing thread and a huge selection of machine embroidery thread. 
There are needles available for practically any machine you can think of, scissors, pins, measuring devices,  embroidery stabalizer and patterns. 

But look at the repair area!  Clean, neat, perfectly organized!!! 
I took my machine in and right away he looked it over, and fixed the problem.  That of course, doesn't always happen,  Sometimes I have to leave it there for a few days.  But service is usually pretty speedy and his prices are reasonable.

Now I can relax!  My machine is in good hands!  That's why Mr. Martin is my quiet hero!

His shop is located at 11 Fairview Road, Newville, PA which is between Newville and Newburg and just a short drive from Shippensburg.  He's open 8 to 5 on Mon. and Wed., 8 to 7 on Tues. and Fri., 8 to 3 on Sat. and closed Thursday and Sunday.  Phone 717 423-5533.

Lately the kitties have been thinking that not enough attention has been paid to them.  Here they are!

So what's with the not enough attention???  Tipper is sitting right in front of the computer screen.  Maybe I was typing and not petting?  Such neglect!

I had been working on my rug, but very quickly it has been taken over as the best place to give kitty baths. 

Mommy won't be knitting either!  We'll make sure of that!!!  In our house it is impolite to disturb kitties while they're sleeping.

Penny is trying for the innocent look.  With a face like that how could she possibly be naughty? 

 Mom is not convinced, but Dad will believe her!

It's taken me an age to finish this post because this new picture loading device is a pain in the behind!  Are any of the rest of you having difficulties with it???  Or is it just me?

Oh well, what else do I have to do with my day?

Until next time, enjoy the fine fall weather!


  1. I'm happy you got your favorite machine fixed so quickly. Mr. Martin sounds like a gem. It is often hard to find a reliable repair guy for anything these days. (And one so tidy....Wow)
    Nice to see the kitties too. Yeah, Penny looks like she has just been naughty to me too. LOL

    PS - I did resist the evening snack, but I have been making up for it all day!

  2. I can see why stepping into that marvelous shop calms your nerves! I'd want to LIVE there! Glad your Necchi was able to be repaired! Being together that long would be hard to part ways!! Hope the antibiotics are taking hold for Zip! We want you both in good health to start out the long winter! Kitties are looking healthy and smart!
    Cathy G

  3. Sounds like we all need a Mr. Martin in our neighborhood. When our favorite "toys" break it sends us into a funk. Hope you are OK now. Zip and Penny look like they are having a love in. She is so cute!

  4. Mr. Martin is lucky to have such a happy customer as you!! You're a great advertisement for him and that shop is s orderly!! Love your comment about having a lot of them - sewing machines, that is!! Pretty funny! Now it's your turn to have a picture of man and cat!! Have a good windy day!!

  5. I get the same way when my machine acts up!! GRRRRR! Penny is so beautiful..I love her face!! She has ZIP soooooo fooled!

  6. Glad it's all fixed for you Pat. As for the blogger with the pictures, I actually like it a little better. I've learned to load all the pic's in the order that I want them on here, click install or whatever the button says and boom, they are all on here. Then I just go back and type in what I want to say around each one.

  7. Greetings Pat,

    So nice of you to give the munchkins some equal space on your blog and we are delighted to know your favorite machine has been in great hands and is back to working normal.

    We hope to see much more of your felines in the coming weeks so that we can get to know them better.

    Wishing you all the best,
    Miss Kitty and Egmont (dad)

  8. Pat ~
    I'm so glad you and your Necchi are purring together again!
    Speaking of purring, your kitty pictures are wonderful. What a great picture of Penny and Zip.
    Hugs :)

  9. Wow! What a great store to have so near to you! Thanks for the pics of the kitties! They are all so dang cute! I haven't updated my blog in a couple of weeks, so haven't had the opportunity to experience the new picture loader... though folks who have are cussing about it...

  10. Pat, so glad that you got your Necchi sewing machine working again so soon. What a nice sewing and repair shop and so organized.
    I'm so in love with your kitties... They are so adorable and Zip seem like a gentle soul too and I can't imagine you being snarly at him... lol. JB


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