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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Grant Street Woolworks, home of the Charbroiled Wool...

Hope you all had an enjoyable Thanksgiving! We did! It was small, only six people, but the food was good and the talk was non-stop. I went through the whole day of eating and gabbing and forgot to take pictures! Duhhhh!!!

Aren't these apples lovely? They are the last of a bushel that I got in Biglerville a few weeks ago. They have them in the large orchard bins, they give you a bag and you can choose your own. And they have so many varieties! I picked some from each bin and ended up with a lovely mixture that made excellent applesauce.

On to the hook-in!

Marion had asked me to draw some small mats using the three dimensional looking barn stars that she is going to hook up for Christmas gifts. Thank goodness, she's a pretty fast hooker, because there's not much time left! Here Marion Joan and Kathy are color planning the mats.

With so many colors and textures to choose from, it's a major decision! I think they've finally decided on some browns and golden browns for the stars. And one is going to have a deep blue background.

Joan has finished the hooking on this delightful winter scene.

Barb is working on her quilt blocks.

This woman is also named Linda and she's working on a large latch hooked piece.

And here is my dear husband, Zip, who's looking kind of overwhelmed there behind the Townsend cutter.

Linda Keller was working on her 'the Stockings Were Hung' piece which I forgot to upload the picture. She was starting on the red background when.....
The red just wasn't the right red!
OH NO!!! Deja red! Linda has a major problem with getting the RIGHT RED! I keep telling her that the elusive 'right red' is a figment of her imagination, but she just keeps trying....and dying....
So while the rest of us here hooking and talking, Linda is all by herself at the stove with the dyepot. She's dumping in the color, mixing and stirring the dye. Hmmmm, maybe a little more black....
She has a piece of wool that she's going to compare with what she dyes. She lays it on the stove beside the dyepot....
Do we smell burning hair??? Oh No! The wool is now branded! Charbroiled!!! LOL!!!
Did Linda ever achieve the Right Red??? Will she finish her piece before Christmas???
Stay tuned for the next episode!

Happy hooking! And Dying!


  1. Pat - thanks for the pics - it's almost like being there - LOL - Only Linda! Too funny about the wool!

  2. Thank God it was not my hair! It's so dry it would of gone up faster than you could say "happy holidays".

  3. LOL, good shot Pat! Sure was a day of laughing. And laughing hard! I think I need waterproof mascara lol.


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