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kitty companiona

Friday, December 25, 2009

The Celebrations are Finally Over

All our Christmas socializing is over. We are home with the woodstove warming our weary bones, enjoying the peace and solitude.

Christmas Even was spent with Brad and Kami and grand-daughter Emily. We had a lovely meal featuring snow crab legs and beef tips. Brad and Kami are both excellent cooks! We opened a few gifts, talked, ate, talked, petted the kitties, talked...

This is their big boy, Ernie checking the dessert selection set up in the sewing area.

The lovely and sophisticated Whisker Woman prefers a soft seat near the fireplace.

Today we went to Mom's for a Christmas lunch. A few days ago Mom was cleaning and arranging the top shelves of her kitchen cabinets...standing on a chair. She admits this was not one of her brightest moments! When she tried to step down, her knee didn't bend properly and she fell to the floor, causing a major scrape along her right shin. She drove herself to the ER where they bandaged her up and told her to keep her leg elevated as much as possible.
She had planned to make a shrimp feast for all of us, but we talked her into postponing it until a later date. Brad, Kami, and I cooked up a big pot of spaghetti, made some garlic bread, and dinner was ready in a jiffy. Zip entertained Mom.
Kami and I did a cleanup and then we all gathered in the living room to sing carols accompanied by Zip on the guitar. Here are Brad, Kami, Emily and Mom.

Mom is a Christmas nut! She has a huge collection, from antique to newer handmade decorations and old postcards. She only put out a small sampling of her ornaments this year. She usually has a huge tree in the living room, but this year she settled for a few favorite feather trees.
This display cabinet is filled with small santas, cotton batting sheep, and reindeer sleighs.

I love this Santa dressed in white cotton batting.

This is the 'bird tree', with old celluloid parrots and a few glass clip on birds.

Here is her collection of Old World and Radcoe santas. I see an angel in there too!

Here's a tree with some of her antique Santas. These are her favorites.

I just had to stick this in. It's a paper cutting, scherenschnitte, that I made for her and Dad's 50th wedding anniversary. I don't often do paper cuttings, but I'm very pleased with this one.
The three eggs in the nest are synbolic of their three daughters.

And here we are at the end of the celebration. You can tell it's time to go home.

Hope you all had a great Christmas!


  1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! Love the kitties and the antiques collections .. how awesome!! Hope your mom gets to feeling better soon! Oh by the way I love the smiley balloon!! :D

  2. Pat - I love the antique ornaments - what a treasure trove! Now that the celebrating is over I am looking forward to a day of relaxing - no cooking. Looks as tho you had a wonderful Christmas - love to you both.

  3. Oh Pat - looks like you had a wonderful day - Mmmm crab legs - one of my favorites! the kitties are adorable! I didn't know you had a granddaughter! Sorry about your Mom's fall - her decorations are great- my Mom collects Santas too. Time to relax!

  4. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas for everyone. Hope your mom feels better real soon. I'm sure she enjoyed being pampered for the day. Love her decorations, and absolutely love your paper cutting. It is beautiful!

  5. Pat ~
    I do hope your Mom will mend quickly. I had to call 911 Christmas morn for my mom. They did not transport her to the ER so that was good. She is doing as good as can be expected :(
    You are absolutely correct. Your Mom and I are kindred Santa spirits! Give her a pug hug from me :)
    Oh, and your paper cutting is fabulous!!!

  6. Your ornament collections are amazing. Wonderful displays. Thanks for sharing.


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