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kitty companiona

Friday, December 18, 2009

And a Good Time was had by All!

Last evening was the Christmas party at Grant Street Woolworks. What a time we had! If you follow my blog, you know that this is the 'rowdy' group of hookers! LOL!!!

It started out fairly quiet with our hostess, Linda, arranging the tables and the rest of us sitting around catching up on the news.

It wasn't easy finding room for all the food. There were only fifteen of us, but somehow there was enough to feed a small army.

There was a little bit of 'show and tell'

May we eat yet???

There are some excellent cooks in this group!

Doris even stopped by earlier in the day and dropped off that lovely chocolate cake. She couldn't stay because she no longer drives after dark. Thank you, Doris for your generosity!!!

A little more show and tell....

OK, we're eating! And a wonderful dinner it is!

We could have our own cookbook with all the tasty recipes. It was above and beyond good! Thanks to everyone for bringing such a wonderful meal to share!

After the meal we played games.
How many Christmas songs can you name? Several rounds of Christmas Bingo....
Sherry's mom is receiving her prize.

Then we proceeded on to the secret gift exchange.
All the gifts had to be somehow fiber related, no mater how far fetched! Like cookies to eat while hooking, candles for aroma therapy while hooking, hand lotion for soft hands while get the picture! And of course, there were some nice pieces of wool!

As you can see, the party is getting a livelier! Lots of laughing and talking! Gift wrap flying around! What on earth is it????

Now that everyone is all excited, there is yet another game! Kathy is explaining the rules...

I decided not to embarrass anyone by showing the 'action' part of the game on the blog. Or offend my more delicate readers! Those of you who wish to may use your imagination...
This is the winning team. They look ready to take on the national competition.

I will be printing out the rest of the pictures. For those who are foolish enough to want to view them, you will have to come in to the shop. Just ask to see the Plain Brown Envelope kept under the counter.
At this point in the evening, Zip and I had to head home to give medication to our kitty, Sophie. I know the party continued on for hours after we were gone. And probably got even crazier!
I hope Kathy has gotten some pictures!
Not much hooking went on, but Hey! we can do that another day!
Thank you, Linda! And Kathy and Barb who helped set it up!


  1. Pat sounds like a wonderful evening - I'm reading between the lines with all those smiles! Merry Christmas!

  2. So sorry I coouldn't stay for the fun - that's what happens when you get on in years - I refuse to be elderly! Glad everyone had a great time. My best wishes to you and Zip for a wonderful holiday season and the best of New Year's. Love to both of you.

  3. The party looks like a blast. You seem to be surrounded by a great bunch of gals. The food is making my mouth water. Luckily its almost lunch time!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours

  4. Thank-you for letting us all in on the fun! The TP game must have been a blast! Would love to know the rules and regs. Maybe I could use it at a family gathering! You'd have to know my family(laugh) Merry Christmas Pat! Cathy G

  5. Hey, Cathy, my email address is up there on the left with my profile. I can tell you about it! LOL!

  6. Last night was sooo much fun! I think Alyssia was surprised us old ladies could be so much fun!!! I am really looking forward to the Secret Pal Society (SPS)!!! Hey i must have missed the kitty quilt....i want that pattern!

  7. Oh Pat, you are too kind for not showing the pictures LOL. That was such a hoot! I'm still giggling. Actually after you left, it pretty much winded down. People started leaving. I was so happy that so many came out to have a good time.
    If I don't see you anytime soon, just wanted to wish you and Zip a very Merry Christmas! Will look forward to seeing you in the New Year at a hook in. I'm itching to hook again!


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