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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Military Heritage Day

I am a peace-loving person. In fact, PEACE and QUIET are two of my favorite things! But since I work for Great War Militaria as well as the Grant Street Woolworks, and my son and daughter-in-law are a re-enactors, war is a part of my life.

The Army Heritage Museum in Carlisle, PA had it's military heritage day today and Brad and Kami were part of the program.
Here is Nurse Kami looking lovely in her uniform and overcoat. The surgical instruments and supplies are original from WW2. They are from the collection of a man in their unit.

Brad (on the right) and Ollie are standing in front of a large artillery piece that is on permanent display at the museum

These men are in Brad's unit. The motorcycle looks like fun, but I'm not so sure about that deadly looking weapon the one guy is holding.

Below is Frank sitting in front of his tent. Yes, they actually slept in those things last night! Check out the laundry on the line!!!

The heritage day represented every war from French and Indian (1700's) until the present day. Each group is expected to provide a learning experience for the public. Unfortunately we spent so much time talking to Brad's unit that we didn't have time to take pictures of the other displays. It was a lovely day and lots of spectators came out for an opportunity to view the uniforms and equipment from the many different time periods.

Like I stated earlier, war isn't something I advocate. But it was an interesting and enjoyable day.

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  1. wow how cool is that!! everything looks so authentic! Kami is so pretty!!!


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