kitty companiona

kitty companiona

Sunday, May 17, 2009

For the Love of Cats

I had been scrolling back through my blog entries and discovered that it's been a long time since I posted any new rughooking patterns. I haven't been working on designs lately and still trying to finish my flower basket rug, plus lots of other stuff that needs to be done.

My cats were the original inspiration for designing rugs. They have such wonderful personalities that I wanted to commemorate in some significant and lasting way. What better to remember them by than making a rug in their honor!

This is Tipper when she was a half-grown kitten (she is now 7 years old). She's sitting in one of the molds that I use in basketmaking.

And this is Tipper's rug. I liked the idea of putting black and white Tipper on a black and white tile floor, with a little red and green thrown in for contrast and to match those amazing emerald green eyes.

Years ago I worked at Chambersburg Hospital as a lab tech.

I found Wizzard walking in the hallway of the hospital one evening when I was leaving work at 11 p.m.! I took her home with me and tried unsuccessfully to find her caretaker. She ended up staying with me, of course. She is now 17 or 18 years old and is totally blind. She spends her time sleeping in the bathroom closet, coming out several times a day for a little walk and a bite to eat.

She's still a sweet and lovable girl.

When she was younger she had a very wise and mysterious quality about her. Since I found her under such unusual circumstances, she seemed kind of magical.

So she became The Cosmic Wizzard in my rug.

My Two Little Cats rug is a small primitive that can be worked in colors to honor the cats of your choice. It measures 18 1/2 x 26 inches.

These patterns, and many more can be ordered through Grant Street Woolworks, 717 860-4628. Or you may contact me.

I hope the next time I post I will have a picture of the completed flower basket rug. It seems as though I have been working on it forever.

Until then, Happy Hooking!


  1. Pat love how you were inspired to hook rugs from your kitties - very nice! One of my favorite subjects! joanne

  2. the kitty rugs were so cool, i luved them!! i need to do one of my cats or at least get a good pic of them and do it someday!!! the first pic was soooo cute..!!!!


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