kitty companiona

kitty companiona

Saturday, May 9, 2009

I Hope the Rainy Season is Over!

First off! A reminder that the monthly hook-in at Grant Street Woolworks will be on Thursday evening from 6 p.m. till ???
All are welcome, whether you are a rughooker or not. Just bring the project of your choice and enjoy the evening out.
As you can see, Deiter often 'helps' me with my computer endeavors! He has just celebrated his second birthday. I think he needs to cut back on the tuna cake! Eighteen pounds and maybe done growing?

Now that the rain seems to be over (for the moment!) I think I can function again. All the wetness had me VERY depressed! Gray is NOT my favorite sky color! We are hoping that the seeds and plants in the garden survive being waterlogged.
Thought I'd add a few extra pictures of the 'stitches' class taught by Doris last Saturday. Especially since there were no pictures of her doing the instructing!

So here she is, explaining a technique to several of our guests from Pittsburg.

Here is a closeup of the project after we had made a small sample of seven different techniques. The finishing touches are being done on the sculpted sheep.
Rick and the two dogs joined us for lunch. Here he is chatting with Linda and Jill.
Doris created this lovely rug and brought it along as an example of how sculpting can be used to enhance a design. The sculpted apples look so real you want to pluck them from the tree and take a bite!
We send our thanks to Doris for sharing her expertise with us! It was a wonderful apportunity to learn some new tricks, share the joy of hooking, and chat while eating a lovely lunch. Thank you Linda for providing the yummies!
Now all we have to do is finish our projects!
Until next time, happy hooking!

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  1. hope to be at the hook in on thursday!! Love deiters pose he looks so thoughtful!!!


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