kitty companiona

kitty companiona

Sunday, April 5, 2009

What a Lovely Day!

The rain is over (for now), the sun is shining, forsythia and
daffodils are blooming!
And it's WARM outside this morning!

What more could a person ask for?!!!
This has been a slow week. After the excitement of Monday's rughooking gathering, the rest of the week was rather uneventful. I haven't made any significant progress on my rug, probably because I went to the library and came home with books. Not just books on CD, books that I have to sit and read! Can't hook and turn pages at the same time! LOL!!

Yesterday we went to Camp Hill to the PA Fabric Outlet. We stopped at a little German grocery store, bought some sausages and cheese, and had an enjoyable conversation with the delightful lady who owns the store. Then we went on to Ashcombe to check out the greenhouses full of flower and veggie plants. Not many veggies yet, but flowers galore. The place is so cheerful at this time of year! I had my camera along, but forgot to take pictures while I was there.

I bought a little basket of herbs to keep on the windowsill until it's warm enough to set on the front porch. That's hardly enough parsley for one recipe! LOL!! But it will GROW!

We don't do a lot of flower planting. What has been planted for years and still comes up in spring is enough for us. We have too much yard to mow, garden to tend to, and fruit trees to keep trimmed, so flowers are more work than we can handle. Look how green the grass is in the front yard! It will soon be time for the first mowing!

I guess I better get ready to make my day productive.

Don't forget!!! HOOK-IN at Grant Street Woolworks on Thursday evening!
Hope to see you then!


  1. I almost bought one of those herb baskets when I was at Ashcombes!

    I'm coming to Hook In Thursday, unless my new job has wiped me out.

    Please visit my fiber blog- There's not much there now, but I am slowly adding to it.

  2. Your pictures are have a beautiful home.


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