kitty companiona

kitty companiona

Monday, July 18, 2016

I Think It's Time....

I haven't posted since December of last year.  I think it's time to admit that I am done blogging. 

There seems to be nothing new and exciting to write about.  My handcraft endeavors are few and far between, I've shown and talked about all the major interesting local attractions, my life is so predictable that I hate to even mention it.

I've thought about taking a blog in a different direction.  Maybe fashion ideas for old fat ladies, in a hope to upgrade my style.  But THINK was all I've done about it.  I'm still wearing jeans and t-shirts so that isn't an option.  Ha-ha!

I really regret that I've lost my interest because I have really enjoyed writing over the past years.  I thank all of you who have followed me and taken the time to comment.  I will be keeping my Reading List and continuing to follow many of your blogs.  I may even leave a comment occasionally.  I may decide to come back and write again some day if there is a good reason.  I like to leave the option open.

But for now, I'm just going to leave the blog where it is and move on.
Thanks to all of you for reading.


  1. Hi Pat, I know exactly what you mean, I feel the same but pleased that we can still communicate through fb.
    So hot here today, we've both had it. lol
    HOpe you are all otherwise well.
    I will keep in touch.

  2. Never say never. Hopefully you will feel the urge to post again.

  3. Pat ~
    I miss you. Because of blogging we have actually met!!! It's amazing the friends I have made. Please don't disappear and blog when you get the urge.
    Hugs :)

  4. Thank you for following my blog and always having a thoughtful comment. I wish you the best of luck in your future, Pat, and please give the kitties a hug for me. I think I'll be sticking around for awhile so hopefully I'll hear from you again. Take care, Hugs, Deb

  5. Hi Pat, like I said in my email, I hope that you stay in touch. It always make me feel so good to hear from you. I hope that you will post once in a while. It's so sad when we loose contract of our friends.

    I know I've been very busy till I go to bed and I'm getting more tired ever day but life is worth living and sharing. I may return to occasional blogging when things calm down over here.
    Stay safe and have a happy summer.

  6. I wondered where you had got to! You have to do what's best for you but, shall miss your blog (have done). Wishing you health and happiness,
    Sandie xxx

  7. I will miss reading about your kitties. I love kitties but have just one. Jan

  8. Eh Pat, so nice to read a comment from you on Kim's blog. I've been wondering how you were... I've missed reading your blog even though I haven't blogged much lately myself.
    Just too damed cold. Spring is only about 37 more days away.
    I hope all your whole household is doing well this winter.

    Take care, warm hugs.

  9. Hi pat, I'm thinking about you today. I hope all is well with you and Spring is starting to feel real. It snowed a little bit here today and I saw my first flock of Canada geese yesterday. Some tulips are starting to poke through the snow.
    I miss your blogging.
    Hugs, Julia


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