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kitty companiona

Monday, November 10, 2014

It's All Finished!...exept for organizing...

The addition is officially finished!

Thanks to our wonderful contractor, Paul of Z and E Construction, the project was completed three weeks ahead of the proposed date.  We are so pleased with the work he did!  He gave us estimates and did not go over budget.  How great is that?!
There is still a lot of work on our part that needs to be done, like organizing the combining of two households.  Two households of hoarders, that is.
The kids have moved in with all their stuff.  Lots of stuff.

I haven't included any interior shots yet because we are still arranging furniture and trying to decorate.  The pale green cupboard has just been painted and will go in the bathroom.  When I took this picture, the Hoosier style cupboard was awaiting it's coat of olive green paint.  I've since finished it and put it in the laundry room/pantry.

Zip's room is mostly finished except for the hanging of pictures and his mounted fish.  Mine still needs work, especially curtains.

The kitties are adjusting well to all the extra family members.  Though this past week we thought we were going to lose our dear older girl, Tipper.  She got some kind of horrible intestinal illness and was unable to eat or drink.  I couldn't even get her to take water by giving it in a syringe.  Thankfully the vet gave her medication, first something to settle her stomach and then an antibiotic and an appetite stimulant.  She made an amazing recovery.  We are so happy she is still with us.

Deiter has been a source of comfort through all the stress of building and moving.  He is such a wonderful even-tempered guy.  He brings me joy every single day.

Though he did say that if things didn't soon settle down he might be tempted so crawl into a priority
mail box and get sent off to where there's peace and quiet.

I just love his furry little white face!  I don't know what I would do without this darling boy.
Is there anything more amazingly beautiful than a cat's eye?

 Isabel is muttering to herself, 'oh Mom, give it a break!  I can't take much more of this!'

A few weeks ago we were driving in to Shippensburg and passed by this lovely log house that is being moved to another site.  Is this not amazing???  Last week there was an article in the paper about this house moving and it said that no truck pulled the bed that the house was resting on.  There was a motor that moved it that was remotely controlled.  Totally unbelievable! 

My new header picture was taken this past Sunday morning.  I want to get back to this church another Sunday and take better pictures.  There must have been at least fifty buggies parked around this small white church.  What a great congregation!  Seeing this makes me happy to live in rural PA.

Thanks for stopping by!
Hope to have some pictures of the insde of our addition next time.


  1. Sending good thoughts for Tipper, Pat. Glad to hear she is on the mend. Enjoyed all your kitty pictures tonight. :) Hugs, Debl

  2. so happy to see a blogger from my neck of the woods, your cats are so beautiful! your addition looks lovely,Phyllis

  3. Pat ~
    SO GOOD to hear from you and that all is well. Thank goodness the vet was able to help sweet Tipper!
    That pic you took of Deiter's eye is phenomenal!!!
    Isn't it incredible how they moved that house? WOW!
    Hugs :)

  4. Looking good! So glad it's all done but, for the completion of moving in .xxx

  5. It's so nice reading an update from you Pat. I'm happy Tipper is feeling better. It's so stressful having a very sick pet.
    What a great shot of Deiter's eye. He looks so healthy.
    Nice seeing that you are all done with the construction and have moved into your new addition.
    Now the kitties can adjust to the new arrangement.
    We had our house moved when I was young by a big truck on a flat bed but I've never seen anything like this. Just amazing.
    Stay warm and happy.

  6. Wow, that is wonderful. Ahead of schedule and on budget!! You found a gem of a contractor. I can't wait to see more. I love those cupboards. Poor kitties. It must be so stressful for them with all the activity for so long. Soon they will all feel better and settled.

  7. Hi Pat,
    I can hardly wait to see the inside of your new addition! I can see by the cupboards it will be a wonderful cozy home for you!!
    So glad that tipper is feeling better.... it's such a worry when they are sick! You folks hang in there and get settled before the weather turns... it is full blown winter here now! YUK!
    Cathy G

  8. So very happy for you!
    The house is wonderful, and I'm very thankful Tipper rallied!
    That's amazing moving a house by remote.
    I didn't know it was possible!
    Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  9. I also wanted to say, the header photo is just amazing!
    I loved it!

  10. So good to see a post from you Pat. I am also a kitty lover and really enjoy your writings and photos of them.


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