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kitty companiona

Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Long Cold Winter

Please, please make it go away!

It was pretty for a while.  That first snowfall is always magical.

It has gotten OLD!  and COLD!  Not just cold but FRIGID!
And it doesn't seem to let up.  I know here in PA it is not nearly as bad as other parts of the country, but it's still horrible.
The furnace is running full blast, slurping fuel oil like a thirsty racehorse, and it;s still cold in here.  This has become my best friend lately.

Seriously, this is the worst winter I can remember, not only for extremely cold weather, but for depression.  I feel like my life is at a standstill until I get warm again. Sometimes I don't go out of the house for four or five days in a row.  Zip has been going for groceries.  I just can't face it.
All I've been doing is sit around wrapped in a blanket, reading, eating and drinking hot coffee.  I've gained back weight that I fought so hard to lose.  Can't think, can't focus.
The creativity has been frozen out of me.

Brad and Kami brought my loom downstairs.  It needs threaded, but I can't decide on a pattern.  So there it sits.  Haven't even dusted it off.

The old computer that I use to run the loom is ready to be set up.  But not yet.  More dusting.

Brad and Kami have been helping me to clean the upstairs.  We found tons (not quite TONS, but...) of spinning fiber, more than enough for three lifetimes of yarn.  So I got the bright idea that I would spin yarn for another Fairisle sweater.  Remember that really cool Fairisle vest I knit last summer.  Well it no longer fits because of all the sitting around feeling sorry for myself and taking consolation in eating.  I had such a great time making it that I thought I'd do it again only this time instead of spending money on more yarn (since I already have several tubs of it, just not the right kind) I would spin enough yarn to do another vest and maybe a sweater.  Ha!  There sits the spinning wheel.  And more dust.

But instead of pursuing anything constructive or creative, I'm battling the kitties for the comfy recliner that's right there near my dear friend the woodstove.  And I'm losing.

Sometimes one.  But more often two....

And even the triple whammy.

Isabel, you know you don't want to hear that weather report!

Oh, yuck!  It's snowing AGAIN!

Dang it! I was all ready to go shopping!

I just can't face another cold snowy day.

Mom, Deiter took my chair!  He's such a lump.

Guess I'll have to sit with Daddy instead.


Try to stay warm, friends.
Think thoughts of Spring.  It will eventually get here if we don't all freeze solid in the meantime.

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  1. It has been very cold here in NH and the snow just piles up and then comes the ice. I forced my self to get back to hooking I said 1/2 hour at a time of course once you get going time just flies.
    so say you will start a project even if it is for 15 minutes maybe that will get the creative juices running again.

  2. It's been quite a winter for sure! So glad to hear from you, Pat, and know that you're okay! I haven't hooked a loop in two months ~ have about 6" of border to finish on my Ned rug but there it sits!!! Some of my blog friends and Facebook friends are hooking up a storm!! Wish I would!! Stay warm ~ spring is on it's way!!!

  3. This winter has sucked. I know that if I didn't have to go to work I probably wouldn't leave the house for days. It's hard to get your mojo back but just grab a set of knitting needles or a rug hook and just see where it takes you.
    I really do hope you are feeling better soon.
    Hugs, Kim and Millie

  4. Hi Pat! I was thinking about you the other day... good to hear from you! This snow and cold is making anything outdoors so difficult. Thank goodness we get sunshine every once in awhile... Some days it takes an effort, but once I get sorting through all the colorful fabrics and wool, I get inspired to be creative! Some times it just takes that one huge step forward to get started... keeps my mind off winter... even if only for a few hours... love the pics of the kitties!

  5. Welcome back. Your blogging has been missed. Hang in there Spring has to come eventually. But we too here in No. Ohio are getting buried again in snow and cold doesn't begin to describe our temps.

  6. Hi there Pat! I love your post! It's been the same here.... really a tough winter! Maybe we should pack up the kitties and doggies and head south! Where would you like to go? Key West? We'd need one huge trailer for all your knitting and yarn and my rug hooking stuff..... oh well... just a thought!
    Hang tough my friend and know you're in fine company!!!
    Warm hugs!!
    Cathy G. in frigid northern WI

  7. Pat,
    Good to hear from you. I hope the weather breaks soon and you start feeling better and get a little mojo back. I'm sorry this winter is so hard on you. I'm sure the depression makes it even worse. It has been a tough one and I'm like Kim. If I didn't have to go to work, I'd hibernate, too.
    Great kitty pics (as always!), but I especially love the one of Deiter on the chair.
    Sending lots of hugs :)

  8. Oh what a winter of discontentment. So much snow, ice and rain and cold. Take heart, December is gone, January is almost gone. I'll be looking to see if the groundhog will see his shadow comes Groundhog Day. Maybe February has only got 28 days to make the winter go away faster.

    I've missed your blogging dear friend. I like to stay cocooned by my Fisher stove too and can't seem to warm up. That little sucker can really warm a room up.

    I used to have A large Papa Bear Fisher stove in the basement too years ago but had to remove it when I had my ceramics shop down there because it was too hot with low ceilings. I would like to have another Fisher Stove put in some day but I need my chimney fixed first to make it safe.

    I have no choice , I have to go out to the cold barn twice a day and feed my calves and care for them. Winter is so hard on us old folks. My hands pains when it cold.

    I'm glad Brad and Kami are there for you. I hope that your depression will soon be gone and the weather warms up. I wish I lived closer. I would get you to show me how to knit Fairisle. It's so pretty.

    I love the captions under the cat pictures. It's been a long winter for them too poor things. I don't know how people get through the long winters in the North.
    Get that loom going. My daughter weaves on a computerized loom where she teaches weaving. It's a complicated machine. She weaves some amazing designs on it.
    Stay warm,
    Big hugs,

  9. We missed you at knitting and were wondering how you were doing. I hope you get your creative mojo back soon, and that we get to see you and Zip. I am still working on my sewing skills (sleeves for my big arm are driving me batty, but I plan to persevere!). I got a cat last weekend, but she is still hiding, poor thing. Stay warm, my friend.

  10. Missed seeing your posts.
    Thought of you last week!
    Sorry the winter has gotten to you too.
    Here there were at least 75 robins together out on the lawn 2 weeks ago.
    They stuffed themselves silly, and have hidden out since then.
    Another blast of single digit temps headed here for the next 3 days.
    Our hilly driveway is 6" thick in ice, the sun never shines on it,
    So we can't drive up it, we have to carry everything up hill.
    When we can bring ourselves to try and walk down it!

    But dear sweet creative Pat, the spring will come, and
    by goodness you will get through it.! I admire you very much
    You worked so hard to lose the weight, and you will again.
    Suceed! Praying for Zip, You and all!

    I can't help it, that one picture you posted of the cat in the window.
    It looks like it is wearing polka dots!
    You made me smile, and it's going on 2:00 am,
    And i have to get up in less than 3 hrs.
    And I want to roll on the floor laughing over that cat coat.
    You are a precious woman, more even than you know.
    Bless you! Press on!!!
    Let's just kill the groundhog , we don't even need him on Feb.2!
    We know what we want and need!
    An early spring!

  11. I'm in Michigan and yes, this winter does suck! We got tons of snow again last night. The good thing about it, is I'm getting alot of UFOs done since I'm unable to run the roads and shop! But I too have ate too much and gained some weight back:-(

  12. Its beem miserable here i minnesota too.. I hate it and find myself in the same rut as you.. Cant wait to feel the summer sun

  13. Oh my goodness, Pat I am just catching up with you today. I loved this post with all your kitties. Looks like they are staying warm just like our lot here. Today we had a nicer day with higher temps and no cold wind. We are all so tired of winter. It is literally wearing us out. Stay warm and hope it is getting nicer there, too. Hugs, Deb

  14. Hi Pat. I've missed your posts and was hoping you weren't ill. Just hibernating like the rest of us. I live in Minnesota and it has been miserably cold here too. Really windy today although we are finally above zero. Getting close to half way through February so hopefully will see grass by April. :) Wish I had a cozy fireplace like yours. Sitting here at my computer I can feel the cold wind from the window. I live in an apartment now and even they can be drafty. Jan in MN


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