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Friday, January 27, 2012

A Little Bit of Winter

On Saturday when I got up about 6 a.m., this was the scene outside my kitchen window.
Finally some snow!

When it got to be daylight, we had several inches of white.  Enough to make it feel like we were really in the midst of winter.

But now, a week later, the snow is all gone and it has been raining for the past two days.  I guess we can be thankful for the mild temperatures since we have gone through most of the winter so far only having to use our wood stove.  A good thing because the price of heating oil is outrageous.

In the morning when I wake up I head first to the kitchen for coffee and then sit down at the computer.  Yesterday I had dire error messages on the screen about failed attempts to download upgrades and that I was unable to connect to the internet.  The little box that houses the electronics to my high-speed connecting had all four of it's little lights on (good sign) so I think, 'Oh no! My crappy old puter is going to die!!!'

How did I ever get so attached to this darned machine???
I remember the first one I bought, way back about 20 years ago.  It was a black and white screen and worked on the dreaded MSDOS.  I took computer programming courses at our local college to learn to use the thing.  I wanted it as a supposedly quicker and more professional way to print up charts for the needlework samplers I was selling at the time.  I could have done it faster by hand!

I don't know if there was such a thing as the Internet then.  Mine certainly didn't have it!  It was mostly used by business people for spreadsheets and word processing and a few puny games.  But somehow, I haven't been without one since those times.  I can't even imagine not having this interactive connection to the rest of the world.  I could do without a TV,  but not a computer.

Anyhow, I found out later in the day that it was my service provider that was on the blink, so no new computer yet.  Thank goodness!

I've been having a little vacation from sewing.  Brad and Kami are off at a week-long re-enactment, so I have been goofing off.  Zip and I have been feeding their cats, but are otherwise unencumbered.

The knitting is progressing on the test knitting of Julie Matthews (Knitting at Large) Carnation vest.  Since I took this picture, I've gotten twice this much done.

With the heavier bulky yarn, its harder on my hands and shoulders.  It does knit up quickly.  I will definitely have it done to wear this spring.

My doll is also coming along nicely (I told you I have been playing!)
(copyrighted by Dixie Redmond, Izannah Walker inspired doll)
She is looking like a very proper 19th century little miss, which is the whole idea.  Somehow when I sculpted her head i have her looking slightly to the side.  I'm telling myself that this is not a mistake, it just adds to her demure look!

I didn't get to finish her hair because I didn't have the right paint color.  It's hard to choose from the acrylic paints based on those little color circles on top of the bottle.  She will be given an 'antique' finish and then a sealer of some kind to be determined later.

I love the way the boots turned out.

These are the fabrics that I plan to use for her dresses.

The light one with the tan stripes will be her dress for good and the other will be the everyday dress.
I think they would be most authentic looking sewn by hand.  Can I still do that adequately?  The old fingers aren't as nimble as they once were.

Hope all of you are having a great week.
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Yes... it was nice to have a snow... but Winter can leave now, thank you... lol! Your doll is looking fabulous!

  2. Everything always looks so pretty with a dusting of snow :-) I love the yarn you are using for the sweater, that raspberry/cranberry colour is very cheery! It amazes me that you have crafted this doll, she is fantastic already and not even finished! I can hardly wait to see what her dresses will look like :-)

  3. I love that first picture taken out your kitchen window, with the footprints in the snow too...maybe one of your kitties?

    Your little doll does have and Antique look about her, coming on well. Looking forward to seeing the completed doll.
    Have a great weekend,

    Sandie xx

  4. Your snow is very pretty! We have plenty here but I wish it would disappear soon! Chances of that are slim to 0! LOL!
    Pat your doll is absolutely fabulous! She looks like you have been making dolls forever! Those fabrics will be perfect for her clothes!
    Love the raspberry yarn in your new knitting piece! I am in awe of how you can do so many things and they all look awesome!!!
    Stay warm and cozy!!
    Cathy G

  5. Hi Pat
    Your dolls face is amazing, one thing I'm no good at is faces, I've tried but they all turn out looking 'tuppence short of a shilling' lol

    I was only mentioning to Tom the other day about the fingers not working I have a tendency to drop things a lot more.
    Still we mustn't give in, I know of some that say, 'Oh, I cant sew anymore' I intend to keep going as long as possible.

    Love the cable.

  6. Hello Pat... I agree it was nice to see some snow but I am ready for the warm weather... I was so lucky. The whole month of January. I did not have to miss any of my radiation due to weather.

    The doll you are working on is awesome. You are so talented. I am jealous.... And the sweater. Such a pretty color....

    take care Pat have a great weekend.
    Love Nettie

  7. I love your pictures!
    My little computer is about to fizzle too, No fun that's for sure!
    I love the color on the knit.
    Your doll is beautiful, I could never get the eyes right when I tried, I love her little shoes. Hope to see it when everything comes together, I like the fabrics for her clothing.

  8. Pat ~
    I'm happy to hear your 'puter didn't go belly up!
    I'm lovin' your doll. Your talents never cease to amaze me.
    Beautiful knitting, too.
    Pug hugs :)

  9. Great the snow shots ... What do you mean 'up at 6'...I just turn over and wait 'til 8 lol.

    Great knitting ...cant wait to see the finished article.That doll is going to look amazing too ...the boots are so well done.

    As for computers ....I cant get to grips with how short a life they have nowadays. This one is needing replacement soon so since 2003 I have had a laptop and 2 computer systems. Money is tighter so I really have to work out my next move....but I cant live without one. xx

  10. I love the picture of the snow and the tree! Pat, your a talented woman! Your doll is amazing and i love her boots!

  11. Your doll is amazing. You are very good at it!! I can't wait to see her the fabric!
    The snow is pretty.

  12. Pat, your doll is perfect. You are so gifted in many ways. I am adding your Blog to mine as I will want to follow you and your many talents .
    Love the snow too as I live in the Mojave Desert where snow is welcome but rare.


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