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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Blogger Blues!

This is my 200th post and I'm celebrating with WHINE!

A while back when Blogger changed over to the 'new and improved' format, some parts of the features no longer worked right on my computer.  I switched my browser to Google Chrome even though I was perfectly happy with Internet Explorer.  But the switch solved most of the problems with Blogger.

Then recently the picture loading feature went wonky.  I would load my pictures in preparation for inserting them at the appropriate spot, and when I clicked back to the picture loading box, they had all disappeared.  In the past week, this was miraculously fixed.

Now, the worst torture yet!
I tried to leave comments on several blogs (notably crafty-cats-corner and Orange Sink) and wasn't able to do the word verification entry necessary for submitting a comment.
My comment comes up in a preview box and I can just see the very tops of the word verification letters, but can not scroll down far enough to see the whole thing and type in the letters.

I know my puter is getting old, as in every year of a human life is like 25 years in computer life.  Mine is now about 250 years old.  So the problem may be my outdated equipment.
But still, I'm frustrated!!!

So if I haven't left a comment lately, it's not because I don't want to!
Please know that I am reading your blogs and thinking of you.
And wondering if a new computer would really fix the problem our would I get the whole thing set up and encounter the same darned thing!?

Julia (Of Petals and Wool) directed me to the slider bar that's farther to the right that brings the word verification up where it can be seen.  Sometimes my impatience with things technoligical gives me tunnel vision and this seems to be the case here!
Maybe I'm getting too old for this!!!


  1. Hi Pat
    I have jiggled about behind the scenes and I hope it is now okay for comments, I didn't know there was anything wrong until my friend in Wales said she could not comment.

    Glad you are feeling less dumpsy now, I know how you feel, I go there often. lol


  2. Oh I get it completely! Last week I could not browse my picture files thru blogger at all. now it's fine again! And I have a hard time commenting on some ~ it makes me sign in to my google account (even though I already am) and then tells me that's not the correct account. So I give up! There are some I really want to comment on and compliment but can't if they don't use the Name/URL as an option! Good luck, Pat!

  3. Pat ~
    DON'T GIVE UP!!! We'd miss you. I know it does get frustrating and if they'd just leave well enough alone...sigh!
    Hugs :)

  4. The comment issue isn't your computer... Blogger has recently changed it's comment system. I tried the new comment, and I got zero comments one day, so I figured it was not working and went back to the old way.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. I'm trying different comment methods here, so please disregard the deletes.

  7. I'm having issues too! I recently tried to update the look of my blog and had all sorts of trouble. Finally got some of them fixed except the new header picture I tried to load is teeny tiny and I keep getting a message that I'm out of space and need to buy more? I've NEVER had to buy anything before! Hoping the problems will clear up with time.

  8. Like you system is ancient in computer terms and yes a new one would help with speed but I feel that it is the servers that are having problems ...too many using the WWW and not prepared for the load maybe?

  9. Pat, I had the same thing happen to me , that is only seeing the top part of the verification word on Orange Sink and then I looked on the right and there's a blue bar that you can scroll down on the word verification. Just give ir another try. This is what I see on your own blog too.
    Hope that you can upload photos soon. Hugs, for you and all your kitties and Zip too. JB

  10. Thanks, Julia!!!
    Duuuuuh! I found the slider bar over there on the right!
    I was able to leave a comment for Cathy (Orange Sink)

  11. Pat, blogger is as temperamental as an old codger somedays. It seems every week there is a new glitch or "challenge". But don't give up. We would miss you so much!

  12. NEVER too old!!!

    A problem I have been having lately is that when I click on "comment" no box appears for me to type in and I have to hit the refresh/reload button. Have you encountered that one?


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