kitty companiona

kitty companiona

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Trip to the Vet

Time for the babies to have their distemper boosters and the first rabies shots.
Oh, drat!  THE CAGE!!!  Cats hate to be confined!


They always seem to know that THE CAGE is bad news!  But they were really good on the 20-minute ride.  No shrieking or screaming or drooling.

They had time to explore the exam room.

Are we becoming the kind of annoying parents who leave their kids run wild???

Check out the cat food and the doggie dentures!

Izzy gets her ears cleaned.

Two hundred beats per minute!  That's normal for a kitten.

I was busy holding the wiggly ones so didn't get any pictures of the injections being given.
Everyone is in good health!
Hugs from the nice young doctor!!!  That wasn't so scary.  Now the kids can go home and take a nap.

I wish my trips to the Doc had such positive outcomes.  I'm dreading the next one.
She's going to tell me I'm TOO FAT!  I KNOW I'M TOO FAT!!!
I'm short of breath every time I do something even mildly strenuous.  I have some major fluid retention in my legs.  The time has come to do it again.  Yes, the weight loss thing!

So yesterday I decided to go back on the Weight Watchers plan.  How many times have I done this before???  Don't even ask!  The good news is that the program really works if you stick to it.  The bad news is that I stick to the plan for a while and lose a nice amount of weight, then get lazy and go back to my old junk-eating ways.  I have this eating-healthy-is-boring mindset that I can't seem to get past.  But what's more boring than a jelly donut every morning for breakfast???

This morning for breakfast I had a bowl of hot and spicy Thai vegetable soup, fresh papaya and a cup of tea.
Papayas were on sale at Weis Market this week.  They are yummy!

We'll see how well having water for breakfast compares with sugar and fat.  LOL!!!

My rughooking endeavors are at a standstill.  I want to make a new hook, hand, heart logo- one that's more primitive and less rigid.  I'm liking the design, but not the colors.  I think I need to outline the hand in something darker.  Why do I have so much trouble with very simple designs when I can make the more complex ones work???  I need Joanne or Lauren to plan this one for me.  They do such an excellent job!!!  So any suggestions are appreciated!


  1. Oh those two kitties are gorgeous! Love the colors and markings on them! I did the weight watchers thingy once or twice and it really does work. My problem is maintaining the weight loss... which is why I need to try it a third time! LOL! Best of health to you!

  2. Yes Pat! You need to keep yourself healthy to keep up with the two young 'uns! I know how it is, I take better care of Smokey and Max's health than I do my own! You know, that soup and papaya didn't look too bad for breakfast! Better than two cookies and tea! LOL I have been trying like mad all summer to lose some weight and it is a struggle. My sister always had good luck with weight watchers. I know you will do good as everything you set your mind too always turns out great! Can't wait to see your new logo rug! Well, I'm off to cook Taco's for supper. I hope they aren't too fattening!
    Hugs and positive energies for good days ahead!
    Cathy g

  3. Pat ~
    Sure it works, but like you, I fall back to my old ways :( Sure do wish they made 0 calorie!
    Your furbabies are just too cute.
    You must be talking about a different Lauren. You CAN'T be talking about me. I am awful and will delay starting a new project for months because I'm stuck on color planning. Another reason my horse rug is going nowhere. Now Joanne, that's another story. She is remarkable. Her post today with all those rugs ~ WOWZA.
    The other Lauren

  4. Lauren doesn't give herself enough credit. Both her and Joanne could do wonders! Imagine them together?? Wow, what a rug that would be!
    Glad the kitties are in good health Pat. And kudo's to you for starting to eat better yourself. You can do it. You've got the determination to get things done! Hope to see you on Thursday. (doggie dentures, now that made me laugh LOL)

  5. Hi Pat~ This weekend, at the show I did, Lauren and I were talking (yes, the Lauren above) about weight (she was taking my picture but the universe was good and deleted it off her camera!) and a customer in the booth said "give up High Fructose Corn Syrup"!! She said she lost over 20#'s doing that! So I've been checking labels ~ it's in lots of things ~ even crackers! I'm giving it a whirl but tonite we're going to a friend's home for dinner for stuffed peppers ~ wonder what else they'll serve ~ I must be polite whatever the cost!!! Good luck to you!! And me, too!!!

  6. Pat your cats are are gorgeous. I have a barn cat and her kittens are a bit timid but they are starting to warm up to the hand that feeds them.

    I always had a bit of a weight problem until my husband and I switched to breakfast plates instead of the larger one and the rule is NO REFILL.

    I was thinking, for your logo, hold a hook in your hand with a strip of wool hooking a heart and have someone take a picture of it. Then enlarge it and hook it into a rug. A picture is worth a thousand word. JB

  7. Glad the kitties were not too traumatized from their trip to the V-E-T. I have to spell that word around Millie - she knows what it means! She is due for needles next week.
    Good luck on Weight Watchers. I have to confess...I had a donut for breakfast! lol seriously!

  8. Oh Pat - your kids are adorable - I just want to give them a hug! Lucky you with your trip to the vet- Riley was the only one that explored like your two! They are too funny when they get there!

    Now I wish you the best of luck with WW - personally I never believed in it because I haven't yet met anyone that it works as a life change for - and for myself I need to loose a lot more myself - but I know for a fact that just doing things like keeping moving is a big factor and do not think of it as a diet - just think of it as a better choice with the foods you choose - eventually it will come - I try to walk when I can - park far away when i can - and just even around the house I try to "move" more - of course my exercise DVD's have dust on them!

  9. IT sounds like everyone of us feels we are over weight and need to take better care of ourselves. hmmm is this a hookers problem !!

    I love what you are doing with your "hand" colorize so far.

  10. Oh Pat - those two little ones are just to cute. I don't know how you get anything done. I would spend all day watching them.


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