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kitty companiona

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Life Goes On...

It's been quite a while since I've posted.  Seems like nothing exciting has happened lately, at least nothing worth writing about.  First we had the hot weather.  Sitting at home in front of the fans is not news to write home about!  And now we are having a few days of cooler weather, which is a great relief, but still we haven't done anything fun.  It must be the end of the summer rut.

Zip is continuing with his guitar lessons but is now down to only one day per week instead of three.  Maybe that's where so much of our time goes.  He is specializing in bluegrass under a new instructor.  Much of his day is spent sitting on the front porch pickin' and grinnin'.

A lot of my time has been spent sewing uniforms for Brad and Kami.  I'm averaging one tailored wool woman's jacket, skirt and hat per week.  Their business keeps growing.  I thought I was 'retired'!?!?

I have missed several weeks of hook-ins because I was having trouble deciding what pattern to do next.  The Toad rug seemed to have taken up all my creative energy.  But this past week I decided that I must move on, no matter what.  So I've decided to do my Thanksgiving pattern.  Fall is fast approaching!  I think it's possible to get it done before the end of November.

It will be done in  mostly browns, oranges, and terra cotta with some green.  I may not even have to do a lot of dying.  I ran out of printer ink so will have to get to Staples before I can enlarge and put it on backing.  Will have to get it done before Monday so I have a project to work on at the Blue and Gray hook-in.  (Thank you Marian for emailing me and letting me know that the Cumberland Valley hook-in is Monday, not the B and G.  I am so lost sometimes!)

I needed a break from sewing today so I decided to make pizzelles.  They are not something that's common in this area.  They are very popular in western Pa where Linda Keller (Grant Street Woolworks) grew up.  Her Mother, who passed away a few months ago, used to make these.  Linda kindly gave me her recipe.

The batter is made of flour, sugar, eggs, oil and flavoring.  Today I made almond flavored.

We are lucky in Shippensburg to have an old-fashioned hardware store that still sells unusual and hard-to-find items.  Pague and Fegan has been a family-owned store for I think, over a hundred years.  I found my pizzelle iron there.  As you can see, it looks a lot like a waffle iron.

You just spoon the batter in.

And in a few minutes you have thin crispy light golden cookies.

This recipe makes a BIG batch.  So after two hours and over a hundred cookies.....

It's time to rest and have a nice cup of tea.

The kitties continue to grow and provide us with entertainment.  I don't have any good new pictures of the little guys, but the big ones need some attention too.

Tipper and Deiter usually don't spend time close together.  They are usually like two kids in the back seat of the car on a long road trip.  Mom, he touched my tail!  Swat!!!  She's giving me mean looks!  Smack!  Hisssss!!!  Then they both run off to separate areas of the room.  But here they are, tolerating each other fairly well.

Tippy only looks a little bit grumpy!  And half an hour later they are still together, with Deiter's head against Tippy's thigh.  Could they be forming a pact to stick together against the foolishness of little kittens???


  1. Mmmmm... pizzelle's! Just the right amount of sweet for a treat! Zip looks pretty content wit his guitar... bluegrass is good for the soul. Looking forward to seeing how you hook the Thanksgiving rug! It's the nicest Thanksgiving design I've ever seen!

  2. Pat ~
    So good to hear from you. It sounds as if you and Zip are well ~ kitties, too.
    Pizzelles. YUMMO! I think my mom made them with anise flavoring.
    Looking forward to seeing progress on your Thanksgiving rug.
    Pug hugs :)

  3. Oh Pat those cookies look scrumptious. Hope you bring some to the hook-in onf Thursday. I love Dieter. Such a regal fellow. Hope to see you Thursday.

  4. Bluegrass is one of my favorites! Those cookies look divine.

  5. Great shot of Zip! I'm sure the neighbors are enjoying his strumming :).
    I can't wait to see your progress on your Thanksgiving rug, and hope you get lots of orders for it. It's wonderful! Now, what cut are you doing it in? Going down to a #3 :)???
    mmm, I thought I smelled pizzelles all the way here in Ship! Really hope you venture out on Thursday to be with everyone!

  6. I enjoyed reading your post, Pat. That looks like a rather easy cookie recipe, which is what I like. Makes me want to sit on your porch, drink tea, eat cookies and be entertained with bluegrass music - now that sounds like the life! I haven't got to the patterns I got from you yet, hooking takes a long time but I'm making progress. I like the Thanksgiving one too.

  7. Your pizselles look yummy! My friend from PA had brought some to Michigan to me once - won't forget them. Thanks. SUE

  8. Hey Pat - those pizzelles look great - Are you coming on Thursday - hope so - I am planning on it! Pizzelles are big around this area too - i believe my uncle makes them with the anise flavoring.

    Great pic of Zip and his strumming and humming!

    If you can sneak those 4 furbabies in your hooking bag if you come!

  9. Oh geez - i get all excited seeing a pic of the kids and cookies I forgot to mention your rug looks great- can't wait to see what you do with it!

  10. Your pizelles look delicious and I really love your pattern. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays....when I get to the end of my pattern list I'll have to remember to look you up for this pattern, I really love it!

  11. Hi Pat,
    I'd give anything right now to be able to come and sit on your porch and listen to Zip a pickin'! And have a cup of coffee and eat some of those Pizelles! Love your pattern.... it will be gorgeous hooked! I will email you one of these days when things settle down a bit here. We have the memorial services for Dave's brother this weekend. Hopefully I can update my blog next week sometime!
    Cathy G

  12. Hi, just found your blog and found it so interesting, I keep meaning to have a go at rug making but, oh, where does the time go.
    Love the pictures of the frogs, when we had an allotment we had a pond and I always looked forward to watching the tiny frogs clambering out and disappearing into the undergrowth, I also would love a pond again but as you can see from my blog I only have a very small back yard.
    Will certainly pop by your blog plenty in future,
    Briony u.k.


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