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kitty companiona

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cumberland Valley Rug Hookers

Yesterday was the monthly meeting of the Cumberland Valley Rug Hookers at the Falling Spring Church in Chambersburg.  What a great group we had!  The tables were full.  Lots of lovely rugs both finished and being worked on.  Plenty of chatter, fueled by chocolate cake and other goodies.

Marian, Joan and Bonnie all came up from Maryland.
This is Joan't big primitive rug that's almost finished.  She's doing it in an 8.5 cut, I think.

Marian and Bonnie were both working on acorn mats and coasters.  These are cute and hook up quickly.  They are hooked directly onto a piece of wool.

Marjorie is just beginning work on a large pictorial.

Peg was putting the finishing edge on her chairpad.

This is Ann's beautiful large rug.  It reminds me of PA German fraktur.  It's all finished except for the whipping.

Naomi was working on her mom and piglet rug.  I just love this one!

Ruth has been busy.  She is working on the patriotic rug and also finished her Christmas one, too.

I just love the red white and blue geometrical that Carin is working on.  Look how she's shading the red!

This lady must be new to our group, and I did not get her name.  Joyce was helping her get started on the chicken rug.

And here is Joyce's chicken rug, with some of the fabrics she used.  Good choices for feathers!  The braiding around the edge is so perfect that you can not see where it is joined together.  Marian and I both examined it and were unable to find the ends!  Great job, Joyce!  She was also working on a rabbit mat, but I didn't get a picture.

And being a cat lover, this is a favorite of mine.  Thelma has the kitty face in the center done on this large rug.  She has been dying the background and colors for the roses that around the edge.  She used a ProChem formula book with great results.

Closeup of the kitty face.  Didn't she do a great job?

And last of all, a few for-real kitty faces.

No one but a cat could sleep like this!  Was she taking a bath???  What were you thinking???

Oh, Isabell!!!


  1. Thanks so much for sharing your pictures.. Love seeing the different rugs .

  2. Wonderful things being hooked at Cumberland Valley group. Thanks for sharing them with us. I love Izzy and her antics. Where are pictures of the rug you are hooking???

  3. A great bunch of rugs being hooked. I love the acorn mats,fraktur style, chicken and cat. Actually I love them all. The cat is excellent. I love the live kitty too.

  4. Wow - you have a nice sized group that you meet with! I love that first rug that you shared! Thanks for all the pictures!

  5. WOW!!! Lots of beautiful rugs here Pat!!! I'm looking forward to craft show season being over so I can come to the hook-ins! I still haven't finished mine!!!

  6. What a talented group! I love the rooster (all of them actually) but using plaid is a great idea for feathers. SUE

  7. Oh Isabelle!!! LOL! Because she can... that's what she was thinking! :-) Anyways.... great pics of some gorgeous rugs in progress! I really can admire the smaller cuts used on the kitty's face! That first prim one is something I could really hang on a wall in my house! Really! LOL! ;-)

  8. Wonderful Eye candy Pat, thanks for sharing! They all looked great! Looked like a huge crowd, fantastic! Hope to see you Thursday.

  9. Thanks for the wonderful pictures Pat. My favorite rugs are the cat face and the rooster because i'm a sucker for both. Your hooking group are so fortunate to be able to share such great time together. Such wonderful memories. JB

  10. Pat ~
    What a great post and what wonderful rugs ~ ALL of them. So much talent in one room. Thank you so much for sharing.
    Pug hugs :)

  11. Silly kitties - Riley sleeps in weird positions like that that you wonder "what where they thinking!" Your topper photo - are you teaching your babies to hook!

    Thanks for sharing all the wonderful rugs - love seeing them - some day I'll get back to hooking something other than these small scrappy mats!

  12. Wow, what wonderful works of art. I've never hooked anything. I crochet, knit and hand embroider using thread and beads. I found your blog through Morning's Minion's blog.



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