kitty companiona

kitty companiona

Thursday, July 8, 2010

It's All About Kittens...

A Wonderful Gift from Aunt Joanne
Last Thursday Mom went to the hook-in and brought home a gift for us kitties.  Aunt Joanne (Snippets and Scraps of My Mind) has kitties too and knows how much we appreciate fun toys.
Deiter was inside before Mom could even get out her camera!  Look at that fat behind!!!

Deet and I had lots of fun jumping in and out and on top of the tent.  We rolled it over a few times too!

Tippy got inside while Deiter and I were taking a rest.  She's wondering why we had so much fun and she's just sitting in there by herself.  Tipper is not as friendly as Deiter.  She hisses at me!!!  I don't think I'm ready to play with her!

We love our tent!  Thank You, Aunt Joanne!!!

What I do all Day
There are so many things for a kitten to get into!  I'm never bored!
Today Mom was doing some sewing.  That was fun!  I like the way the needle goes up and down real fast.  I'm hiding back here so I can pounce on it.

Mom says, NO!  NO! that can hurt you!!!  Rats, I thought it looked like fun!
I can play with the scissors instead.

Mom put me down on the floor to play with mousie-on-a-string instead.  Mousie is more fun if you can tangle him around some chair legs.

Once in a while I lay still for a few minutes in Mom's favorite chair.

But not for long!  More string to play with!  Oh, I'm so darn cute!  hehe!

Dad likes to hold me, but I'm awfully wiggly because I have places to go and things to do.

And finally I have to recharge my kitty batteries with a little nap.  I thought I heard Mom say something about 'leaving sleeping kittens lie'...

A Baby Sister
Mom and Dad decided I need a companion to grow up with.  They went to Mom's friend Diane's and brought home Isabell. 

Izzy is two weeks younger than I am and was kind of shy at first.  She likes to play with Mom's shoes.

Yesterday we both had a trip to the vet.  Both of us have had our FeLuke tests so we are free to play together.  Are we ever going to have fun!

We have been chasing each other all over the downstairs of our new home. 
Oh NO!  Here we are on Mom's computer desk!

We were pretty good to begin with, but we can't resist batting at each other.  Biting tails is fair game too!

And here we are having a snack together.  We have to eat to keep our energy!!!

So long for now, Penny ...and Izzy!


  1. Oh WOW, Pat!!!! Izzy too? No wonder it's been such a loooooong time since we seen kitty pics! ;-) Soooooo CUTE! And, that Aunt Joanne always knows just the right gift at just the right time! That kitty hut is too dang fun!

  2. Oh Dear Pat!
    You wouldn't be able to tell them apart if it weren't for the black on Izzy's face! Way Cute!! So much Calico! Sure you don't need a gingham dog to add to the mix?!! LOL The pics are adorable! Tell Zip to plant some catnip in the garden!

    Cathy G

  3. Oh my .. how cute are they!! they could pass for sisters for sure!! so much fun!! cant wait till i can get kitties again..!!

  4. The pics are great! Love the kitties and was wondering when yu were going to show us. Looks like there is lots of fun at your house.

  5. We also got a new puppy for Daisy, our two year old, to play with a year plus ago. They have such a good time together, and we are so glad we did it even though traveling with 3 dogs can be difficult.

    Ginger, our 14 year old, would not/does not play with them and merely hisses. She was bitterly lonely with her two friends died, and now she has a wonderful time hissing at them.

  6. Dear Penny,
    What a good big sis you are to Izzy :-) Make sure you show her all the things that drive Mommy Pat bonkers.
    Aunt Joanne sure got you a cool tent. You are one lucky kitty to have a family that loves you so much.
    Tell Mommy I said hi.
    Pug hugs :)
    Loocie's Mommy

  7. Ohhhh Penny - How did I miss this post yesterday - OHHHHHHHHHH you all are just too cute ! I loved each and every pic - Love the "fat butt" - So happy you love the tent - My boys play "earthquake" all the time in theirs - rolling it all over the place and shaking things up. You certainly have a wonderful family and a wonderful Mom and Dad - Can't wait to hear about more adventures and maybe some day I can come and meet you in person!

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  9. Cute!!!! Aren't kittens the cuties things? Great phots.

  10. I cannot believe how cute they are together!! Penelope has really grown!!

  11. Pat, your kitties are adorable. My Daisy is a calico too but a dilute calico (pale shades). Cats are so wonderful. Jan (from TWM and RHD)

  12. Oh how I love Calico cats. We had cats when the kids were growing up. This husband is not fond of cat so guess who can't have one. But yours are darling and reminded me of the one I had. Have fun with them.


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